Kindness is Harmonious, Truth is Transcendent, The Cosmic Plan of Self-Awareness

The kinder we are, the more helpful and protective we are of innocent life the better we will feel and the more harmonious our existence will be. This is pretty much the basis for all guidelines and truths. Everything is also a test for that. When people are not harmonious and are not protective, that is a test for you to find a way to continue on that cosmic plan with such a stark contrast in view.

Ultimately then there is a cosmic view of the most harmonious and assisting and the most chaotic and devious kind of being, these are simply facts of a duality based universe. However, this is far from the totality of all that is.

The overall truth is neither one nor the other, but a transcendence of either. Here, since we are physical, there is a polarized flow of energy. Food goes in, waste comes out, experience goes in, words of knowledge comes out.

The transcendence takes place to orient and localize who we are outside of this physical and temporal reference while having a backdrop of eternity or non-locality to reference that larger awareness within. Transcendence, then, is the way that the true self-awareness orients and integrates into the polarized physical body and biological consciousness. That polarization of body consciousness is temporary, just an identity that is referenced by this particular moment in time and space. Thus, that is not the true self.

The true self doesn’t change and this is the self-awareness that is present regardless of the face, the attitude, the day, the time, the situation, the individual, the dream. That self-awareness is transcendent of any polarized occurrence or definition, it simply *is* and this is a self of complete observance.

That, is the self that is neither polarized towards one or the other outcome, however when we align the consciousness with that transcendence then the movement of the body and mind begins to shift into an outcome that frees one’s behavior and emotional entanglement from all the elements of existence that intend to project onto the person in order to impress upon them who they are to reflect outward as their own persona, like a cookie cutter.

Thus, the polarization that is helpful, is the alignment with what heals us and assists in our coming to know the true self, and this is actually paradoxically a transcendence of the polarity that is experienced on the physical level.

That “polarity” of knowing the self, is not actually a polarity of knowing the “biological self” of the body as that is just an image of the true self. To elaborate, the knowing of the true, non-physical self which is beyond the body, does is not defined by the shaping of the personality and the personal or physical limitations but instead, is shaped by how we respond to those limitations and choose to over grow them as someone larger than them.

That is the transcendence of the personal, physical, biological self that is relative to the cookie cutter effect of being only conscious of that which our brains can cut out of reality into a small, narrow slice of experience which is a fraction of the whole of pure awareness.

Thus the polarization is not, on this level, of light or dark, chaos or harmony, one could say there is always only harmony and light, or that dark is merely the abstract absence and is just as necessary. The polarization and transcendence then, the true harmony, chaos, light and dark, is knowing the self as the personal, physical, limited being and reacting, entangling, attaching to the limitations that we are confronted by when feeling free and open in the face of obstruction, oppression, or a person who is closed and entangled with their own illusion. Whether we transcend their own illusion and the activation of our illusion through theirs, and whether we react with our own illusion and thus become entangled within that larger illusion, or whether we respond with more awareness, knowing the self, the true self as a being beyond these issues of personal identity cues and projected definitions from others or ideas spawned out of disharmony, and whether we align with the self that is aware of what conscious is being focused on in the moment and allow the self to move on without impingement.

That is polarization and transcendence. These are two differing ideas in two different perspectives.

One may likely polarize towards assisting in the protection of the innocent, the adherence to kindness and the knowledge of truth, harmony and self-awareness. In that polarization, one must seek transcendence of the illusions which also present themselves as the polarization of such values, through the illusion of self, through the damage to the ego and the imitation of the requirements of self-protection which are actually projections from false realities, illusion, into a false-sense of self that is activated through that sense of polarization of consciousness.

Such is the labyrinth of the self, the invariance of the true non-physical self and the ever changing cacophony of stimuli and engagements which seek to program consciousness into reacting and enabling the false-belief of the self as just the physical body or social identity.

Thus the cosmic plan is to awaken from the slumber of the body consciousness like the difference between an animal merely following desires and a person having access to the energies required to question and organize their behavior in a harmonious way

When the entire civilization undergoes this, we have a shift in consciousness that alters every facet of existence in this place. People question what they’re told and observe their body and mind for the reactions and effects of those commands.

What is happening now is literally a plan to awaken the masses. What better way to get them to realize that they’re not the body consciousness and that they must question who they are and what they are told…than lying to them and leading them further into body consciousness in such an obvious manner that all one has to do is turn off the TV and look around them to finally begin the awakening, the disconnection of the false-reality with just a simple choice?

So people need a boost, but the layout is set, that all they have to do is desire awakening and BAM, all around them, the illusion is so thick, the lies are so obvious that this is literally an elementary school version of an interplay that could be much more difficult to observe.


One thought on “Kindness is Harmonious, Truth is Transcendent, The Cosmic Plan of Self-Awareness

  1. Wonderful .. ! :) A post i was some much looking forward to read from you over last 6 months. Everyday I would skim through your post and tell myself. One day you will write a post that will sum it all up in the most uplifting way. And today you finally did it.
    Thanks Aug Tez :)

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