Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans and Aug Tellez – Temporal Perception : Navigating Our Own Consciousness

A chat with Emily Moyer and Randy Maugans

Not sure how to describe this other than the experience itself. The recent posts are connected. This universe is centralized around awareness and consciousness is the lower dimensional reflection of higher dimensional awareness. Time is required for the biological consciousness but this is a mechanism of a series of perceptual systems that operate like a functional illusion.

Consciousness and awareness can ‘flip inside out’ and the perception of time is then reversed from having an infinitesimally small moment with a vast backdrop to having a vast present with a small backdrop.

There were experiments and research done to gauge the ability of individuals to project their consciousness in this realm and utilize the electromagnetic contours to orient in a variety of ways. This extends from the physical layout to internal environments all through frequency.

Essentially, while we’re here having this human experience, the entire universe is passing us by, it’s all perspective. When we attain access to the higher levels or a widened perceptual limit we also have access to every moment in time that is restricted through linearity to us now.

The conversation goes on and beyond.

For anyone who isn’t aware, the information in this discussion is related to extensive training, conditioning and operations within the unacknowledged special access programs that deal with the technological manipulation of biological consciousness, consciousness transfer, soul-activation, trans-temporal travel, extra-dimensional awareness, the nature of time and space as a holographic projection system, interdimensional travel and advanced technology, and much more. One will likely want to check out some earlier videos on either channels in order to more easily acquaint themselves with this knowledge.

This is a brief outline by Randy:

Navigation of the fractal fabricated holographic construct: the navigation of physical space, temporal space and how programs utilize a matrix system.

internal navigation/alignment via “sacred geometry”: “outer space = hyper-extended “inner space”
Coordinated within Cartesian space with magnetic overlays.
Navigation within the biopic visual space.
Frontal vision vs. non-frontal, i.e.-peripheral vision which utilizes the optical nerves in the cornea connected to the pineal gland; i.e.-“third vision” called the third eye. “de-focusing” the frontal vision to enable peripheral visual processing.

How humans are trained to used frontal vision dominant modes.
Connection to consciousness via the linear accessed visual field.
Widening the visual acuity to process wider scope fields in both visual and consciousness perceptions.
~Human de-volution limited capacities for cognitive navigation in space and time.
~Biological reality vs. the the true construct.
~The limited biological capacities result of ages-old reduction of perception.

The original organic “version” of yourself has total recall: the mobius strip loop of the conscious mind; the larger construct as a hypercube.

Transformers: re connection to “higher self” as a tether to a true construct vs. detachment into the the fractured matrix reality. Who you are is not space and time.
You are NOT the body: the force of the higher being is not destroyed. All aspects of ourselves are available via the expression of self-awareness.

Recapturing/maintaining “hull (or whole) integrity”; the core referentials that define our “GPS map” navigation system of the greater whole. The coordinate supersystem that prevents a singularity-type event and absorption of the individuated consciousness.

Drones, clones and background radiation, parasitic entities attempt to relegate the living souls to “failure”. Synthetic entites, the gnostic archons, A.I. all conspire to simulate a “higher” realm through deception. The primacy of the Living Soul. “Thery need US…” to continue harvesting. Not the other way around.

A “Trap System” that uses relgion as a placebo to loosh harvest, and to insinuate themslves into the time line. Fear-based programming: Trauma-based mind control and Victim Roles.

How the collective of operatives is working to re-assemble to knowledge that has been obscured by the A.I. system; an ongoing background processing that is building the narrative of where we are NOW. Working through synchronicities like various articles, insights, and downloads: Navigating Our Own Consciousness.

How to connect the micro to the macro; dream states and time dilation; collapsing the seemingly infinite spaces of information and experience into managable memory segmnets; possible/probable time lines into tangible “real time” (temporal collapse).

The virtual “consensus reality” that we all co-inhabit, and the individuated reality that is our own universe; how this amalgamated “reality” is a control mechanism of the false self and the true self which has cognition of the environment; how to connect to the “real” transcendent/non-dual/non-local construct. How we generate reality and constructs “on-the-fly”.

Using “what if” scenarios to effectively generate alternat outcomes that can then arc back into the past/present time lines. A cone or vortex that generates interplay between probable realities. Emily discusses EMDR (Eye Movement Desentisization Reprocessing) Therapy as a mean to heal traumatic stress.

Spiritual practices as a means to access higher states. the need to move beyond rituals. Rituals are are means to access, not the state itself.

The acceleration process to escape: rebalancing the egoic parts to harmonize, not dominate the personality and consciousness.
i. Non-Linear, Cyclic, Knowing Over Trying
ii. Creating the Path
iii. Self-Control over Chaos
iv. Peace of Mind and Centeredness over Outward Inhibition
v. Inner Pathway

Selective use of consciousness and hypnotism vs. focus.
Observation and the centerpoint: harmonization pulls all the data patterns into unity. Admin access to the wider scope of data. System collapse and the exiting of souls; short term memory of the omniverse; Organic perception vs. AI-generated matrix.

The Celestial Family: Those who lose everything else to move into the eternal construct; programs creators vs. soul progenitor. Time loop programs, null points, and ever shortening time lines. Before and after singularity; memory wipes vs. total recall. The preparation for the great “shift”.

The ancestor simulation; life review, waking up to the real reality; the dream world reflects our true values; harmonization of the holographic realm and our own perception—the Mandala Effect (NOT Mandela). To be free of attachments, and connected to the true center of being. Call it: The Knowing.


One thought on “Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans and Aug Tellez – Temporal Perception : Navigating Our Own Consciousness

  1. If you look into the night sky you’ll see a cluster of stars in your peripheral vision but if you look directly at the cluster it’s gone. The rods are built for night vision and are at the extremity of the retina, cones gather in the middle, macula. How many things do we see out of the corner of our eyes and when we look straight at it it’s not there?


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