Immunity is Offered

Everyone involved is offered immunity as long as they come forward now. This is not a problem, the problem is the mass abuse of people and mind-control for ‘sleepers’. The sleepers can awaken and this can be safe and productive for all. The immunity is not a free-ride out of here or an assurance of easy life, this is a protection from the persecution of the dark-faction as long as the person comes forward. If a person does not work for the light faction and the protection of innocent life, children, humanity, truth, self-awareness, compassion, then there can be nothing done. If the person is aligned with the release of the truth in a safe manner and the protection of the human race then that same protection is offered to them.


4 thoughts on “Immunity is Offered

  1. Just Love this Immunity Offer… feels very freeing (for all). My Spirit is soaring. Thank you Aug 💜


    1. Relatives of mine have been subjacted to abuse what does this mean exactly. How can I help them?


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