Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12539756


Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12935756

  • In this universe, civilization moves from a high level of complexity to a low level.

  • All is created out of a ‘nova-point’ singularity.

    • Only the supreme creator has unrestricted access to this singularity.

    • Groups have been fighting for the control of technology which yields limited access to this singularity and thus control over the realm and sub-realities.

    • Mind is the creative force in this universe, and this is a derivative of the totality of cosmic awareness.

    • The mind is electromagnetic ‘light’ based technology and essentially the natural interface with the universe. This is beyond organic or inorganic technology as then organic or inorganic technology is used to carry that mind such as a human body or a cybernetic system.

      • This is part of the idea of this realm being a ‘fallen’ environment. Mind does not equate to true-awareness which is beyond thought processes and programs whether biological or cybernetic.

    • Those who control the minds of the population control the overmind and those who control the overmind have more access to the nova-singularity.

  • Ideas are the fuel for this reality generating bio-technical machine organism.

  • The ‘operating system’ of this realm runs on ideas and creativity. The more intent and focus one applies to their creative ideas the more ‘weight’ this then carries into the realm.

  • The most creative ideas are that of the creator who initiates this realm from beyond the nova-point. The nova is the constant from which all variation extends into this universe.

  • Joy is the mark of the creator.

  • The key to joy is the ending of suffering.
    • The key to ending suffering is the experiencing of joy.
      • The key to experiencing joy is to experience the suffering which brings about the contrast of sensation.
      • Thus, the key to joy is to experience enough suffering to no longer live through the programmed experience of a duality based consciousness and this is by overcoming the ultimate suffering by overcoming the acceptance of the mindset of suffering itself.
      • This is the awakening of the control of one’s will-power and focus over their experience.
        • One can make a choice to see the duality program for what it is and to overcome the illusion and thereby choose to experience ultimate self-control.
        • Regardless of how one sensory system is manipulated, the individual has control over their inner experience.
        • This is the key to joy and the ending of suffering not by ending suffering, but by experiencing enough to make the choice to never again allow external perceptions to manipulate the way one feels within.
        • Thus, loss of self-control over how one feels within is the greatest suffering.
        • Knowledge of the self and the universe through harmony, compassion, free-will and self-control is the greatest joy.
        • When one achieves the end of suffering, the only loss of control then is the lack of control others feel who haven’t achieved this joy.
        • Thus, the only joy and purpose in life is to liberate the self and others from the mind-cage of duality-consciousness, the illusion of the loss of self-control and the proliferation of suffering.

5 thoughts on “Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12539756

  1. Wow Aug. I’ve read every word of every post and watched every video, and none have hit me to the core quite as deeply as this one. To the point on the suffering!! So timely for me personally as I have been struggling to help a loved one who is deeply mired in their suffering and unable to free themselves, and such a bright loving soul. It’s been frustrating and painful, and I have searched for the right words and tried various approaches unsuccessfully. This post has really spelled it out and boiled it down in such simple terms, it struck me profoundly, and I thank you, it’s immensely helpful. I will be sharing it. Much love, and gratitude.

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