How to Replace the Physical Baseline Reference with a Higher-Dimensional Access Point through Extra-Dimensional Awareness

Another clarification is that one has to move awareness through the pattern of all possible motions, dimensions in order to ‘bounce’ upward through the levels.

In order to be aware of one level, one has to be one level higher than that. For instance, to be conscious on the physical plane, one has to be present in time as an aspect of mind to order and orient the particular physical moment or self in abstraction to a larger or smaller self, or non-self and the basis for this is through duality. Consciousness requires this, however awareness, without definition does not but is also unshaped and non-personal as consciousness is.

To be aware of the nature of time, mind and consciousness, one would have to have access to that awareness beyond the personal, selective, binary view and this is the beginning of non-dual awareness.

To have access to non-dual awareness in the physical plane, one must have access to the 5th dimensional structure of reality whereby the definition of the experience of the self is not restricted to just what is abstracted from the particular physical present, and the immediately proximal 4 dimensional mentally acquired possibilities that have a clear connection to the present.

Thus, to have access to the possibilities that are beyond those that are immediately enabled by the present and the basic waking consciousness of the physical plane extrapolated through the 4th dimension, one must be present beyond the 5th dimensional perspective of extra-dimensionally relative possibilities and must actually be present beyond the 5th dimension of limitation.

Thus, this process continues and one ‘ascends’ up through the dimensional layers until arriving at the ultimate realization that one’s awareness is beyond all limitations.

As well, to clarify, this is can be simulated through virtual reality or computing systems. If you have a set of possibilities, motions, actions, responses, expressions or selections, from physical to non-physical, then the true self is always beyond the limitations of that visible parameter set.

Thus, the most likely, or most predictable response to any moment (any “next” moment) is the lowest extra-dimensionally active outcome as the information and motivation for that outcome can be easily contained within the physical brain and body or extrapolated from the configuration of variables readily present and thus limited from and by the 3-dimensional space and 4-dimensional mental ‘access point’.

If one is to rely only what the body the mind can process that is directly relative to this moment, and the possibilities that are programmed into the selectively attentive biological consciousness then the same repetitious patterns would be enabled that are relative to survival instincts, desires, the imprint of the social mind, and the belief-system that is generated through interactions on the physical plane.

If one relies on what the body and mind CANNOT see directly, then they are capable of interacting on a scale that goes beyond the limitations of those systems and thus operates in a higher-dimensional spectrum and this is through extra-dimensional consciousness.

One, then, views each layer below as a kind of ‘simulation’ that is being ran from the higher layers and intentionally utilizes these layers to run a kind of “probability” expansion program whereby the lower layers are like the imaginative bait, if you will, and the awareness is intentionally operating on the layers outside of the limits of the lower layers such as ego-consciousness.

Essentially, the consciousness reaches salvation by learning to operate in unison within the extra-dimensional awareness that goes beyond the consciousness and the body is “tricked” in a way into safely and comfortably abstracting focus on a purposefully illusory lower layer while the totality of awareness remains intentionally present ‘above’.

Thus, the higher-mind becomes the ‘programmer’ of reality, instead of the duality-based system or the biological perceptual systems which tend to ‘run-away’ through fear, desire or social impression.

The higher-mind becomes intimately aware of how the lower consciousness reacts and creates a ‘safe-haven’ of reality which can be extrapolated into extra-dimensional consciousness and this is something like a projection of a single point of that expansive higher-awareness into the moment for just what is relatively necessary.

This point becomes the constant, unchanging, universally present ‘umbrella’ of consciousness which no longer jumps through the hoops of time and space because the whole thing is capable of simply folding up to a neat, infinitesimally small point and essentially accepting the illusion to destroy or in this way make use of it AFTER destroying it.

Thus, one becomes the source of their own consciousness, rather than confused by experiencing reality as the consciousness that continually seeks the source for time, change, and experience. One recreates themselves, knowingly within this illusion, to develop a safe-extraction point which can be folded up at any time.

The body, in this sense, can be a trap. One does not require the knowledge of every organ system, every kind of cell, every hormonal process and aspect of neurochemistry. Does one need to know how to build a computer in order to be able to fulfill the requirements of an online writing or geography course? So the interface is what is important and this is through knowing the layers of possible interaction relative to the body in space and consciousness and knowing how to operate in and out of the perceptual boundaries of biological consciousness while safely maintaining one’s ‘moral compass’ as this is an indication of energy exchange and harmony. One’s conscience, is the subtle awareness of the harmony or lack of harmony in one’s actions in reference to the overall whole of the self, the soul and beyond the more disharmony one experiences and the less integrative their conscience becomes then the weaker the connection between the conscious self and the body is to the soul. That is the moral compass which does not give guidelines but merely vibrationally asserts when they are closer or farther from the awareness the true self.

Thus, in knowing the dimensional possibilities of actions or conscious “movements” one can take through awareness of the self and the larger spectrum of reality, they are coming to know the finite details of the interface for that computer system and every key to press along with the possible results and the information and experience of “internet” space that can be accessed through the various combinations.

To know the individual mechanical functions of the body is only relative in the physical realm and this is only relative to manipulate or heal the body. Yet, if the conscience is never distorted and one is attaining harmony in live their life then they live in health and do not have the need for physical modification to remain.

Thus, in the beginning there was no death and no need for such details of modification, however there was knowledge of the bodies systems and the way they interact and interface with the mind and the higher dimensions.

Thus, as time moved and the current system became solidified there are toxins, disruptions of morality, deceptions and wars which then require an intimate understanding of the mechanical biology in order to then provide a counterbalance to remaining present by altering the requirements of harmony to remain present in a mentally and biologically unsustainable environment.

To trace one’s possible options of motion in physical and non-physical space is to extra-dimensionally ‘bounce’ (or shift or expand) their awareness from just the binary, physically and temporally local reference point of the physical body in the physical plane, to the 4th and 5th dimensional perspective and this enables access to possible futures that are beyond the preprogrammed behavioral cues of the subconscious mind, the repetitive base desires or the expectations of a collective society. This enables one to literally ‘become’ the version of themselves that exists beyond the preconceived notions for self and the parameters of interaction and experience by choosing to focus and shift experience from one moment to the next or one ‘scene’ or layer to the next in ways that do not have to coincide with the restrictions of the linear perspective of time and space.

Through this, one can shift awareness to a trajectory through time which is akin to the body moving through space. One can navigate higher-planes, effectively walking through them by contemplating first the immediately local possibilities (what you will do in the next 2 seconds) and expanding to a wider and wider possibility set until one has extrapolated their perspective to the point of what, how, and who they would be if they were entirely free from the restrictions of predictable and lower-dimensionally relative patterns as referenced to the body and the physical realm through memory, desire, belief-systems, and the perceived necessity for continuity.

One doesn’t need to experience the next moment because “that’s just what happens”, or “that’s just what people do”, you can literally sit in a quiet area and project your awareness outward from the present (through a “spatially inward” focus) into possibilities that are entirely extrapolated from a baseline anchor that is also projected out extending non-locally from the present moment.

The idea behind this is that one usually does option A, B, or C when they are at home and sitting in a certain location and getting ready to do a certain thing or another. So that is a parameter set, a programmed response that is engaged in and this is very helpful when guiding a body (like driving a car). Yet, what’s stopping one from retracting all outward motion and intention and focusing within and achieving a new ‘parameter set’ that is not actually a parameter set at all and is 100% spontaneously generated in the moment?

When one learns to do this with the little things like sitting for a few moments instead of doing something predictable and repetitive (watching tv, checking email, etc) then they can literally disconnect from that preprogrammed stream (which is always relative to the physical environment and thus the immediately proximal 4-dimemsional possibilities) they can initiate a presence and a stream of continuity that doesn’t extend from the moment that they sat down in the chair in the living room (that present physical moment), but comes from a time say two days ago when they last intended to achieve a certain level of awareness. Then, when one realizes that they can simply project whatever awareness reference they want (self-reference), like a rock ship, using itself as a the platform from which to launch, one can simply move into the awareness stream of “being still and pure awareness for 1000 years” and ‘program’ this into one’s possibility matrix and this directly overreaches the immediately relative and predictable stream of optional responses of the 4th dimensional and can only exist in a higher scope of possibilities that can only be generated or achieved (accessed) through the focused intent on individually generating access to those possibilities. So while you sit down and the remote control is to your left and all one has to do is know how to move their left hand and press a button (to enable that possibility), for this kind of internal control over their option response or possibility spectrum one must literally create through intent the version of themselves which branches into experience from one of these higher-dimensionally generates space and this is through observation and the activation of extra-dimensional awareness. Just to note, consciousness is the defined, structured layering of awareness relative to a personal orientation of perspective (a self).

So just as one becomes ‘beyond’ the layer of dimensionality that they are observing, such as through the body and the mind and time. When one observes, internally, the possibility of this moment where they follow along a response pattern that is not branched from the physical present but from say a present where they have existed for millions of years and are creating reality in the present moment throughout all time, then the consciousness disengages with the preprogrammed response pattern of the physically relative situation and one’s awarenees ‘bounces’ or shifts to the layer just above the reality that one is ‘inventing’ in their mind through the imagination. Thus, that reality, and the self that is wholly present there, is 5-dimensionally active and literally generated on the spot based on one’s own focused intention and creativity. Like a rocket ship becoming it’s own launch platform, this then enables that rocket ship (or the one guiding) to ‘pretend’ or ‘invent’ or ‘acquire’ the coordinates for an area in space which will be the “projected” starting point and literally, for all intents and purposes, immediately render itself at those projected coordinates complete with the capacity to launch and travel from there.

Now if one can’t hold their focus for more than a few seconds then this is going to be as successful as attempting to launch and relaunch that rocket from those coordinates within a 10 second window and a launch systems check that requires 20 seconds. At best one gets a fleeting dream, a glimpse of where they could be and then they are returned to the present, physical moment at “square” one.

So with intense focus and a pure liberate creativity to give one’s self experienced past the predetermined behavioral cues of the subconscious programming, desires, habits, and all the things that motivate us to do the same thing over and over, then one can literally step into a personally created waking dream which extra-dimensionally relocates their awareness to the coordinates that are focused on with the intention of initiating a spectrum of ‘response’ possibilities that coordinate the interaction of the self with a temporal and universal possibility ‘environment’ that one chooses.

This is the creation of the self, on the spot. This is extra-dimensional behavior modification (or nullification) instead of what is currently taking place through the lower channel feeds on physical Earth.

More energy is required to synchronize with and initiate a ‘launch trajectory’ the farther away it is from the physically relative baseline reference. However there is a method to align one’s energy with the energy of the ALL and thus there are no limits in totality.


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