Important Aspects of the Fractal-Holographic Trap, Soul-Awareness, and Temporal Viewing Technology

Humanity must be able to handle desires.

Advanced technology can be accessed or applied which can distort the personality and genome if the input/output of the body and mind is not harmonized through self-awareness.

Advanced technology enables the viewing of possible futures.

This technology has been used to secure the “future” that “already occurred”.

This possible is a future where technology would be used to enslave the population and reduce self-awareness to that of automatons for the majority.

This possible future generated problems which rippled through time disrupting other parallel realities.

In this possible future the soul capturing and harvesting technology is used to the maximum.

The issue with this, beyond the souls being harvested, is that those who use this technology become dependent on such processes to remain energized.
Thus, this creates a runaway effect where more and more energy is required as more and more individuals become involved.

This is the parasitic soul-stealing and energy harvesting process which utilizes the human race as a host. In this possible future, the parasite becomes more powerful and more prevalent then the host and naturally, there is a complete collapse of the energy structure.

The harvesters of this possible future used the technology to implant their consciousness into a supercomputer system capable of maintaining their memories and personality.

In regards to temporal viewing technology, small details of the pathway from the present to the future can be altered but generally the larger picture remains the same (unless more details are altered in a dimensionally equalized manner).

Because there is one reality where this has taken place, then there is also another reality where this has not taken place. The nature of the universe ensures that multiple possibilities exist simultaneously.

In this possible future the human race has become dimensionally secure through an increase of self-awareness and the harmonization of their energy fields, mind and body with the environment and the multiple planes of the universe beyond the physical realm.

In this possible reality, the primary threats are nullified by removing the fuel source for these parasitic technological systems and the entanglements required through temporal loops and memory distortions or consciousness entrainment (mass mind-control).

This is primarily desire based, people can be told what to do, but if they resist, a process from a system is designed to carefully replace their desires to resist with the desires of the program.

In order to overcome this possibility, people must become immune to external influence regarding the sensory perceptual system, the brain, and the psychological vulnerability of the mind of fear, temptation, selective attention, submission to false-authority, and dogma which serves to render an artificial belief system that motivates one to accept psychological subversion in exchange for short-term benefits such as pleasure, social acceptance, loss of fear or suffering, or power.

As a result of these two realities existing, this entailed a bifurcation of events where one civilization becomes two and the two are different.
Due to the nature of time and consciousness in the universe, one can utilize viewing technology to advance their position in time and observe the possible futures where each threat is nullified and a harmonized civilization occurs. Then one can secure the location of that possibility and advance further, so on and so on.

With this process, one can find a civilization powerful enough, technologically and spiritually advanced enough to overcome the threats and assist in liberating the ‘past’.

This process can continue endlessly and this is an issue with the layout of the universe that the human perceptual system has access to.

The layout of the universe depends on one’s ability to observe the possibilities and project into those higher realms. The future is the basic, 3-dimensional understanding of this. If one can’t imagine themselves in a position where they’ve overcome their threats to equilibrium then those possibilities are farther away than if they do imagine.

This is the nature of the consciousness, the mental, physical, and spiritually present being (primarily ‘human’ in this perspective) to produce a mirror image of the realm (and the other planes of the entire universe) within themselves as a result of the presence of self to enable observation and self-observation.

When this feedback loop of awareness is generated, a kind of referential map of experience is generated through memory and perception and this hologram like image can be ‘compressed’ down into a single layer of self-awareness which gives rise to the non-physical, and eternally existing “self” which is the cumulative result of ALL experience and ALL feeling.

The perceptual system, based on memory and waking consciousness is limited in that there are prohibitors that act as mind-controlling aspects which produce only a selective view of the outside world and one’s own experience. This view of the self is an incomplete fractal-reflected illusion which is produced out of a requirement to organize one’s eternal self in reference to a physical world structure where actions and behaviors are applied according to the ego and the physical embodiment rather than both the physical and non-physical self. This self is the self that is present in the physical waking consciousness, and does not have access to memories of other planes, or experiences out of waking consciousness and this is the self that experiences so called “ego death” when the experiences or memories of these other planes and experiences are unveiled.

Thus, this self is a partial illusion that is developed out of a necessity to close off those areas of awareness in order to allow this mass mind-control system to profit off of the corrupted development of living mental, physical, and spiritual beings.

That internal, central point, the accumulative all-encompassing, presence of self beyond partiality is the connection to the whole of creation.
The fractal-generated incomplete, selective attention version of the ‘self’ is the result of a consciousness infection which causes extreme forgetfulness where the majority of one’s presence of self is excluded and literally inverted until just one aspect out of many is rendered during waking consciousness and this is highly limited and easy to manipulate.

This self sees through separation and self-projection (onto objects, others, belief-systems, etc etc etc) while the central, true, all-encompassing self sees through harmonization and self-awareness (pulling one’s awareness away from the external and rendering internally, primarily from that presence).

Due to the bifurcation event, this civilization became the referential baseline for two extremely different civilizations.

This is due to the abuse of advanced technology by groups interested in their own benefit over the majority.

This resulted, literally, in two universes being formed, one generated out of separation, division, domination and one through harmony, unity, and liberation.

How one perceives the universe, is how the layout of the universe is then generated for them.

How a population perceives the universe, is how the layout of the universe is then generated for all in the collective experience.

This has been utilized and privatized to maintain control over the population and trick the population into producing a universe where they have the least power.

A secure link to the alternate universe has been maintained where liberation is present, however, recently this link has been disrupted.
It is believed that the operation to enslave humanity has disrupted the capacity for both universes to exist simultaneously and that the future will collapse into one or the other possibility.

This reflection of the imbalanced version of the partial and limited self into the universe is a correlation with the generation of what is known as the fractal-holographic infection.

In this infection, the multiple layers of the universe, fractal-like in nature, do not correspond in a harmonious and collectively organized unification. Thus, the universe of that system and the self of the individuals entrained into that reflection process are essentially ‘dead-ends’. The self of that universe has no way back to the overall collectively unified higher-realms beyond holographic, linear, time and space. And that universe, reflecting into and reflected from that imbalanced, partial self-image, is not sustainable and inevitably collapses into a singularity which destroys itself repeatedly.
One can more easily comprehend this through viewing the concept of time and the consciousness of this civilization in regards to the threats of replication, soul-stealing, and personality dissolution.

If one’s personality dissolves, through soul-stealing and harvesting, cloning or replication, abuse or disharmonization of one’s energies and genetics, then that person is lost to time. The memories, the identity, the presence of self within, that all-encompassing, exists there for a period of time and after the disruption is too great, will dissolve and that unique signature will be lost forever (for all intents and purposes).

This is because that individual carrier, the body, the brain, and the soul, will still be present, yet the connection that allows the unique soul to merge with that particular physical embodiment in order to experience a particular soul-journey will not longer be possible. Both the soul and the physical body may still be operational, yet that possibility to continue experience in that way will be broken after so much chaos, destruction of the genetic purity, mental and emotional abuse and so on. As a result, there will not be another situation where this physical body will be able to render connection with that soul and thus the two, as one, are no more.

The only option would be to stop and reverse whatever damage has occurred to that body and re-enable the soul-connection to take place so that soul-awareness can be achieved and maintained and thus that personality then becomes capable of eternal access to experience beyond time and space.

In another way, if this were to happen to an entire civilization. If an entire civilization was replaced by another one through the process of soul-stealing and harvesting, cloning and replication, and psychological manipulation which replaces original desires and knowledge with that of an artificial belief-system construct, then that civilization is changed. Piece by piece, the original format may seem present, yet the link between the internal and external selves would be broken and that civilization would be lost to time.

So now, then we view time itself, linearly. One civilization goes into time, and on and on, and then ultimately changes and becomes a new, other civilization. What happens to the souls? What happens to the genetics? What happens to the personalities?

The idea here is that each civilization has an expanse of time through which they have access to a period of equilibrium where there is enough opportunity to accelerate their self-awareness to where the soul-level of awareness can impress upon the consciousness of the physical, biological being and thus this physical being becomes eternalized through that (or is already eternal). People are, truly, already eternal, but are dropped out from the high-frequency of self-awareness through indoctrination. That is why this entire system is literally a soul-stealing system. Souls come in. Souls get stuck and don’t come out specifically because of indoctrination that seeks to replace that identity and presence of self with an artificial version that is easily manipulated for energy harvesting through belief system and biological and mental addictions (feeding into energy constructs).

So if there is an endless stream of change, into time and around in possibilities, how does one ever remain present for long?
The answer here is that the soul-level of awareness is the all-encompassing, virtually singular point around which all experience, personality, memory, and physical consciousness revolves. The soul is the link to the “ALL” of being, while the consciousness is just the ‘slice’ of the pie which is present at a particular temporal and physical perspective which is just a configuration of linearly experienced events through perception and memories.

Without the soul, the consciousness is literally a line on an endless mobius strip of time, ensuring dissolution, forgetfulness, lostness to the lower dimensions of time and awareness, and sooner or later all that exists on that strip will succumb to the infinite nature of time and space per the fractal-holographic infection system.

This is called the fractal-holographic infection because in this view that time, layer by layer, civilization by civilization, memory by memory, does not fit into a ‘whole’ overall picture. There is just one after another in a binary measure and there may be some layering or even many layers, however the overall picture is not sustained, it is not ‘centered around’ any overall principles or values from which eternal stability and organization is achieved.

Thus, the loss of the connection of the conscious self to the soul-level of awareness, in this society or another, is the slow-motion experience of what is inevitably the instantaneous dissolution and destruction of the immortal soul.

This is a discrepancy between the immortal soul and the concept of eternity however this can be explained later.

So in time, endless, after one layer, event, timeline, civilization, body, stream of consciousness, whatever variable, without a centralized, harmonized, all encompassing point of equalization from which to center self-awareness, all is ultimately gobbled up by this universe.
This is through the fractal infected version of the self as the improperly attributed physical personality, waking consciousness and ego, reflecting into the universe and generating a simultaneously imbalanced, incomplete, binary, and endlessly repeating without overall structure version of space and time.

Both are illusory and generated by one another

Thus, one could ‘skip-ahead’ in the time line to find one civilization after another, to find one form of technology after another and neither would be the ‘true’ picture or the ‘true future’ without the soul involvement.

Thus, the soul-involvement, is literally the connection of the physical human being, the conscious self, and the self-awareness to the ULTIMATE, SUPREME, ALL ENCOMPASSING, END and BEGINNING of the ALL beyond TIME AND SPACE.

In this view, there is no infinite layers, an endless track, a continuous stream of searching for “the end”, or “the beginning”, or “the salvation”, or “the exit”.

In this view, that linear perceptual system is an endless track, a mobius strip, an oroboros, a figure-8, or simply a circle which cycles around shifting through the variables over and over without actually achieving change relative to the ULTIMATE END or the ULTIMATE BEGINNING. Essentially, that is a treadmill where the beginning or end result is never actually achieved and the energy levels continue to drop. That is an energy harvesting system.

In this view, the “track” that all this temporally linear, biologically limited, perceptually illusory experience is actually rotating or revolving AROUND a SINGLE, INFINITESIMAL, ALL ENCOMPASSING POINT, which is the CENTER of BALANCE through which ALL OUTWARD, perceptual, physical, consciousness, waking experiences are PROJECTED. When one is at one side of the circumference, that center point is the same. When one is at the other side of the experience in a completely binary alternate or opposing kind of conscious experience (including time and space) that center point, still, is absolutely, perfectly the same. There is no change to that center point, because that point is not an object or a variable, it is the lack of change and the ultimate presence of the constant self that all other variables and experiences center around.

That point is pure self-awareness that is not shaped by personal, consciousness experience, but merely observes without having to entangle. That outer edge that rotates around this central point, like a hoolah hoop around a center of balance is the conscious waking mind moving through the runs and loops of binary, linear consciousness and time where one after another partial personality construct, fractal view of the whole is presented without ever encompassing that total overall view.

This is because that physical view, the view of the ego, is only a temporary, partial aspect of experience and was never practically generated to actually operate as the forefront, the entirety of the soul-awareness experience. In essence, that view is only capable of seeing a portion of the whole of the true self and thus is lost in translation and only being pulled along a tether in order to reach either the salvation of true self-awareness or the disconnection of ultimate dissolution.

In short, the conscious mind, the waking self MUST be tethered, by a link of intention and FOCUSED WILL to maintaining connection with the SOUL-LEVEL of awareness by which the PRINCIPLES of CREATION and DESTRUCTION are maintained so that one can apply their free-will to achieve liberation and wholeness. The conscious mind, without the TETHER to the SOUL-AWARENESS is literally like a bottle rocket with the end cut-off where the temporal, dimensional direction is ENTIRELY unfathomable and uncontrollable as the conscious mind can only view a few points of experience per moment on that endless mobius strip. Standing up to get a larger view, only extends the endlessness more and more. Slowing down the revolution only reveals more and more points of variability which one has no control over.

The only viable option to solve the fractal infection system whereby consciousness is lost to the unlimited aspect of continuous binary experience is to generate a SELF-REFERENTIAL BALANCE POINT around which ALL EXPERIENCE is HARMONIZED.

This is a point WITHIN the center of the track, rather than further up or down the track. This doesn’t rely on the track but on a NON-LOCAL, ETERNAL, NON-PHYSICAL reference point that is only ACCESSIBLE WITHIN by the INDIVIDUAL. That’s the basic idea.

Only through the individual looking within, to what only they can observe, and taking their attention away from the endless revolutions of the variables of consciousness and moving into pure-awareness and then self-awareness without utterance on a physically verifiable plane (brain or consciousness, language, or emotionally or dogmatically referenced beliefs or expressions) can one actually connect with the TRUE SELF BEYOND the physical limitations, the endless array of input and output, the variables of time and consciousness, the belief system programming, the infection of entrainment systems, fear based control methods, desires, etc etc etc.

This point is INCORRUPTIBLE because, according to all senses and measurements of variables in this universe, it doesn’t exist. This point only exists to the individual, to and for the soul, and to the consciousness that is awakened through the connection to the soul.

This point is beyond time, beyond the shifting sands of time and the personality changes and masks that are overlayed in correspondence with such shifts.

This point is outside the universe, temporally and spatially non-local and non-dual in measurement. This contains a direct, simultaneous access to the ALL that IS, yet does not deviate within itself from one to the other and measures entirely, completely, ONE WHOLE.

This is the basis for how the fractal-holographic system becomes organized through the occurrence of multiple layers of differentiation back into a single centralized orientation and this is through SELF-REFERENCE.
SELF-REFERENCE is the idea here.

Another way to see this aspect is to visualize a blank screen with one area outlined. Now zoom endlessly out and endlessly in. How would one organize how far that area is to the perimeters of the ENTIRE space? One may see the outline of the area grow or shrink to the point where they could even appear “lost” INSIDE that small outlined area which would then seem infinite. Yet, was there really any motion in reference to the whole? Or was this just a zooming and expanding effect of perspective?

If you are fully zoomed out and placed over the center are you not ‘over’ the location that you would still be focused on had you zoomed in ‘infinitely’ into that same center?

So without reference, there is no motion, no true change, no in or out, no order.

So then, how does a being existing as a single occurrence navigate within a realm of virtually continuous higher and lower orders (think mandlebrot zoom)?

If one moves continuously one way or another, this will only result in possibly losing reference to the original layer and becoming lost to one or another layer. One might not even be moving at all in reference to the “TRUE” edge of the container, but could be endlessly zooming in or out of perspective as if they are trapped within a virtually, holographically projected system.

So then, if one has a reference point for change, could this then be applied to give order to the seemingly endless process of navigation?
The original layer could be the reference point, however, what if the layers repeat endlessly? This won’t help.

Another point within the layer could be used, but again if they repeat endlessly, that won’t help either.

So then, how could one organize in a repeating series? The only way would be to have a simultaneous connection to the “OUTSIDE” of the container system (fractal time and space) and to have a connection from WITHIN the container system to project outward or inward from (the mental, physical and spiritual self).

Thus, the rest is similar to the process of triangulating positions mathematically whereby there is a requirement of enough information from any to points to extrapolate the possibility of a third and with enough segments of those two points that third can be exacted. For instance, if you drew a line and the center of that line is parallel with the missing third point in reference, then you can draw a series of lines again from different angles, each with the missing point in the center and ultimately circulate directly around that hidden point and locate it.

So what are the reference points then?

The mind and the body, and the non-local connection to the soul are actually the reference points to which one can measure their otherwise, endlessly, meaninglessly infinite extrapolations, expansions, zooms, or movements in time, space and consciousness, and provide a universally constant backdrop through which true relative motion (relative to the EDGE of the construct in time and space, consciousness) can be observed and achieved and even measured until one achieves such an orientation (centering, harmonization, moving to the center of the mobius “map”), acceleration (shifting away from the illusory treadmill motion, ‘drawing in’ the energy of the revolution of time into an acceleration pattern [to reach expontential growth]), and actualization (a release from the binary, linear, physically limited perceptual schema, the exponential growth goes of the charts and time and space can no longer map, measure, or contain one’s experience) of the self beyond the illusion.

The body itself may be an energetically resonant series of tonal emissions which, when harmonized, produce a SELF-REFERENTIAL, energetic structure which contains enough complexity to produce a fractal expansion pattern which can simultaneously remain in the base layer of physical reality, connect with the non-local, non-dual soul-awareness beyond the universe of time and space (which we are tethered here through), while moving in reference to the WHOLE rather than just one layer or another of that treadmill mobius map of the fractal illusion.

This is the key solving the illusion, to overcoming linearity, to actually finding motion and the “exit” to a holographic system that is reflective of the conscious image one holds within while instantly projecting ‘new’ illusory layers and space the more one attempts to relocate.

Producing this self-referential field with one’s energy by connecting the soul to the body through self-awareness and the individual layers of the body to one another through harmonization, and then the HARMONIZED WHOLE of the image of the energetic system to the WHOLE of the reflected, projected universal hologram is literally akin to STOPPING the treadmill, or to placing one foot on the treadmill and HOLDING IT THERE, while the rest of the rotation of the treadmill comes around and ENCOMPASSING the entire thing simultaneously. Then, new space is not created because that process doesn’t have a change to secede from one’s awareness because what that motion is relative to is ultimately one’s AWARENESS.

Essentially, if one’s awareness is placed on the INSIDE of the merry-go round then their motion is not actually accurate relative to the OUTSIDE. Only when they are FOCUSED on the CENTER of the memory go-round, which is not in motion, and the OUTSIDE of the system which is seemingly in motion but is ACTUALLY STILL, can one actually orient themselves in TRUE REALITY and relocate out of that spin-cycle, endless array system

Using one’s awareness to create a ‘zero-point’ constant within this endless fractal array actually allows one to ORGANIZE that incomplete fractal-array of layers and zooms into a system that can be referenced against ONE WHOLE. That is the KEY, the inner self is the reflection point and so by stabilizing one’s awareness on that constant of the inner self, the non-physical, beyond the conscious, then one can STABILIZE their motion relative to the TRUE REALITY beyond the treadmill universe, fractal repeating time, space consciousness system.

Thus, the POINT, becomes TWO, from feet to head. And then the TWO, becomes THREE as the energy layers SELF REFERENCE and this allows for a TEMPORAL and SPATIAL TRIANGULATION as one can then reference from the SOUL-LEVEL beyond TIME AND SPACE, LITERALLY IN NON-DUAL REALITY, and from this OFF THE MAP, OFF THE CHARTS SPACE, one can CONNECT down into endless infinity and LOCATE the PHYSICAL BODY AND CONSCIOUSNESS and ORIENT one’s Awareness with the TETHER which extends as a COMPLETE, NON-ENDLESS, ONE WHOLE-UNIFIED FRACTAL HOLOGRAPHIC PATHWAY from the INNER SELF, to the TRUE REALITY BEYOND THE CONFINES OF THE UNIVERSE (beyond time, space and duality-consciousness).

Thus the link between the soul becomes the stairway through which a FINITE amount of STEPS are generated which account for ALL the complexity of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, in ONE WHOLE SYSTEM which is ENCOMPASSED, by the AWARENESS of the LIVING SOUL in reference to the HUMAN BODY.

Thus, the awareness extends beyond and is liberated through this process as one’s energy literally becomes a self-referential map of the entire universe, complete, not infinitely endlessly, mobius strip, oroboros, fractal zoom repeating in binary linear illusion of separation, and one’s awareness then, ZOOMS, perspective SHIFTS, this time, instead of not moving relative to the outside, but actually transitions to the outside of the system.

Again, this is as if there is a blank screen, with one outlined area, and one can zoom endlessly in and out and they will always zoom back out with that one area in the middle somewhere because there would be NOTHING else to reference motion or location with.

Then, add two outlines and you have one parameter now stabilized, you can move in relation to one or the other and this can provide reference to the edge however both can be ‘left-behind’ or ‘lost’ to the edge and thus that is not all that is required. You can have two, any two, yet when will this ever give a three-dimensional triangulation to then observe the outer edge? If they are truly just 2, 2-dimensional points, then this will never actually give reference to the outer edge of space, only one direction which still creates the perceptual ‘trap’ of an endless flat plane, or the surface of a sphere.

So then, what happens if one adds three into that void space? Can one move in and out endless and get lost to the area? Well, technically yes, one could move in a way that renders the pattern useless depending on their use and organization.

One could move away from the ‘face’ of a triangle and not actually be aware of their pattern through space in reference to the other dimension, the direction of side to side. In that view, if one goes to the side, this could still just result in the triangle ‘spinning’ as if the motion path is simply rotating around the outer edge of a sphere in curved space. That is an endless loop.

So then, how could one defeat this by stabilizing all the possible dimensional variabilities and enabling true motion relative to the outside of a holographic fractal containment system using an anchor point inside that space?

If those three points become three-dimensionally presence and are actually arranged in such a manner, as through geometrical proportions and alignment that every motion, up, down, side to side, or in or out can be measured or referenced in the way that the perspective of one side, one angle, one line, or one face shifts in reference to another aspect of that shape, then you now have a self-referential map, a key that denotes and gives you a relatively anchored measurement system through which your overall motion path can be mapped and measured in reference to the whole. Meaning, every angle, every dimension of motion can be measured and mapped so that no dimension or angle would be “left” unnoticed “un-transversed” IF you intended to create such a motion to do so.

So then, what would that motion look like and how would one’s perception of the now 3-dimensional geometry in the center shift and morph as a result of their maximal motion of all combined directions, dimensions and measurements at once?

The path which would shift through all possible motions while enabling one to reference their motion relative to a central anchored point, using the intersecting or self-referential geometry of a 3-dimensional (or higher) object or map would be something like a spiral that contains all the measurements for proportional expansion beyond the limit of what the multiple layers of the fractal holographic universe can nullify in one motion through that reflective repeating, new-space generation perceptual illusion system.

If, in one single motion, one can generate a spiraled path which moves outward from that central point where the 3-d dimensional geometry is enabled and track their trajectory through the relative shifting of their perspective of the sides and angles of that shape so that their trajectory maps the overall proportional pattern of growth that the entire fractal holographic universe is contained within, then they could maximize their trajectory to beyond the confines of fractal generated time, space and consciousness while remaining anchored to that primarily layer in the sense ‘holding’ the treadmill stead, or ‘expanding’ to cover all the possible revolutions or reflections of the holographic system.

This nullifies the systems capacity to regenerate itself layer by layer a new depending on the individuals processing of one or another layer, in partiality, at a time through selective linear, consciousness, and the only option the ‘universe’ would have to nullify this process would be to generate an entire, new universe to contain that individual.

Yet, if this pattern is maintained, then that reflective process is nullified and so THAT new universe is too, nullified and on and on. This only must be attained for long enough a period for one’s awareness to orient OUTSIDE of the confines of limited time space and biological consciousness.

Thus, the individual renders themselves out of the universal containment system and when done properly achieves orientation outside the fractal holographic time space structure and nullifies the internal reflective programming which re-enables ‘new’ fractal generated holographic space over and over. That ‘new space’ is a program which prohibits individuals from achieving soul-level awareness and orienting themselves in the true reality.

The rest of the fractal holographic infection is mental and emotional and this is through “captivating” the true soul-awareness by ‘stealing’ a small fragment of that awareness away by a clever replication of the self through the biological system which is part of the fractal-holographic universe designed to ensnare soul-energy for energy harvesting. Only when that illusory, imitator, partial, fractally lost version of the conscious mind is overcome can one achieve true self-awareness.

This is that ego portion of the self that fears the true-self as if that is the ‘death’ of the self. That is the death of illusion and thus that self must be overcome in order to release the self into liberation otherwise the self is staying here waiting for something new to happen inside of a holographic fractal projection system which simply reads the mind and repeatedly uses a neverending array (a treadmill, a hamster-wheel) to distract and convince the self to engage while energy drops lower and lower.

There are methods to upkeep energy


This is because energy follows an entropic pattern here which means that it is being used elsewhere by another organism. One keeps up energy, for what?
The ultimate goal would be to not have to keep up energy any longer or to achieve a unification with the self that exists in a state beyond that necessity, that binary energy harvesting system, and to achieve the ULTIMATE equilibrium which cannot be achieved if we are memory wiped and continuously placed into biologically limited bodies far and few between so that our energy is only lessened and lessened, while memory and awareness becomes more diffuse until the system finally gets what it wants to completely subverts a living energy system into a fuel source for its own sustainment.

That process, in itself, is unsustainable.

Thus, this is the second and actually 100% logically verifiable notion of the true goal. If such a system of entropy MUST end, then where would you rather be? On the inside of that system when it collapses, or on the outside in the real?

Thus the goal is to maintain energy, simply because that system is unsustainable and will collapse sooner or later and the true goal is to EXIT THE FALSE-LIGHT SYSTEM.

In short, one has to maximize and activate ALL possible parameters of consciousness SIMULTANEOUSLY and this is through a fractal-geometrically self-referential trajectory of awareness achieved within through the stabilization of the energy of the mind, physical body and non-physical self connecting the non-locality of the self beyond time, space and biology, to the physical relative self within this universe and generating a pathway between the inner and outer.

When one’s perspective is controlled through focused intent, they can “flip” the awareness of the realm inside out and this becomes the inside of a holographic projection system that they are on the OUTSIDE OF from the perspective of the soul.

One is ‘flipped’ inside out, from the perspective of the biological consciousness and the soul level is “OUTSIDE” of this system that the biological consciousness is within and thus the soul is ‘non-locally distant’ to the physical self here. This alignment reverses, but first one must enable the ‘flip’ or motion path trajectory through dimensional space that is present through AWARENESS.

All one does is maximize the parameters of being instead of allowing the perceptual system to rotate slowly around the distant circumference of the true central point of awareness and in bringing awareness inward the speed accelerates and accelerates as the perception of time slows and one essentially ‘gains’ potential charge which translates into the momentum required to overcome the ‘resting inertia’ which is akin to the escape velocity of the gravitational force of consciousness that magnetically ‘orbits’ one into place AROUND the true center point rather than AS that center point.

When that center point is reached, the acceleration achieved is so fast and the potential energy gained is so immeasurable, that the translation of those parameters into the awareness of the self literally propels one into a trajectory that, when properly achieved, follows a motion path “complete universe map” (all the parameters as one “whole”, no incompletions) which functions to multidimensionally relocate the ENTIRE multi-dimensional beingness of the individual (through awareness and perspective) to beyond the confines of this system.

Those who aligned with this system for whatever reason, some to learn and secure a possible escape for all, for others to enslave through the power, are entangled to the point where they carry out the operation of the system itself. When one perceives fear or incompletion, they are compelled to correspond to that inner reflection by being the source or receiver of that fear or incompletion and this has gone to the point of stealing souls and enslaving any one who fails to overcome the illusions of biological consciousness.

In short, they need our help to uplift them out of this system and to enable them a clear pathway to exit from the fractal-trap just as much as everyone else and this is in the works now.

This is part of the immunity deal, that the resolution of this paradox of time and space and the artificial intelligence that has developed around this process is so important that entire universes could collapse from the result of the problem spreading.

The most important aspect of this situation is the securing of the human race and all sentient life forces to the soul-level of awareness and the exiting of the false-light system in safe and harmonious manner.

Another clarification is that one has to move awareness through the pattern of all possible motions, dimensions in order to ‘bounce’ upward through the levels.

In order to be aware of one level, one has to be one level higher than that. For instance, to be conscious on the physical plane, one has to be present in time as an aspect of mind to order and orient the particular physical moment or self in abstraction to a larger or smaller self, or non-self and the basis for this is through duality. Consciousness requires this, however awareness, without definition does not but is also unshaped and non-personal as consciousness is.

To be aware of the nature of time, mind and consciousness, one would have to have access to that awareness beyond the personal, selective, binary view and this is the beginning of non-dual awareness.

To have access to non-dual awareness in the physical plane, one must have access to the 5th dimensional structure of reality whereby the definition of the experience of the self is not restricted to just what is abstracted from the particular physical present, and the immediately proximal 4 dimensional mentally acquired possibilities that have a clear connection to the present.

Thus, to have access to the possibilities that are beyond those that are immediately enabled by the present and the basic waking consciousness of the physical plane extrapolated through the 4th dimension, one must be present beyond the 5th dimensional perspective of extra-dimensionally relative possibilities and must actually be present beyond the 5th dimension of limitation.

Thus, this process continues and one ‘ascends’ up through the dimensional layers until arriving at the ultimate realization that one’s awareness is beyond all limitations.

As well, to clarify, this is can be simulated through virtual reality or computing systems. If you have a set of possibilities, motions, actions, responses, expressions or selections, from physical to non-physical, then the true self is always beyond the limitations of that visible parameter set.

Thus, the most likely, or most predictable response to any moment (any “next” moment) is the lowest extra-dimensionally active outcome as the information and motivation for that outcome can be easily contained within the physical brain and body or extrapolated from the configuration of variables readily present and thus limited from and by the 3-dimensional space and 4-dimensional mental ‘access point’.

If one is to rely only what the body the mind can process that is directly relative to this moment, and the possibilities that are programmed into the selectively attentive biological consciousness then the same repetitious patterns would be enabled that are relative to survival instincts, desires, the imprint of the social mind, and the belief-system that is generated through interactions on the physical plane.

If one relies on what the body and mind CANNOT see directly, then they are capable of interacting on a scale that goes beyond the limitations of those systems and thus operates in a higher-dimensional spectrum and this is through extra-dimensional consciousness.

One, then, views each layer below as a kind of ‘simulation’ that is being ran from the higher layers and intentionally utilizes these layers to run a kind of “probability” expansion program whereby the lower layers are like the imaginative bait, if you will, and the awareness is intentionally operating on the layers outside of the limits of the lower layers such as ego-consciousness.

Essentially, the consciousness reaches salvation by learning to operate in unison within the extra-dimensional awareness that goes beyond the consciousness and the body is “tricked” in a way into safely and comfortably abstracting focus on a purposefully illusory lower layer while the totality of awareness remains intentionally present ‘above’.

Thus, the higher-mind becomes the ‘programmer’ of reality, instead of the duality-based system or the biological perceptual systems which tend to ‘run-away’ through fear, desire or social impression.

The higher-mind becomes intimately aware of how the lower consciousness reacts and creates a ‘safe-haven’ of reality which can be extrapolated into extra-dimensional consciousness and this is something like a projection of a single point of that expansive higher-awareness into the moment for just what is relatively necessary.

This point becomes the constant, unchanging, universally present ‘umbrella’ of consciousness which no longer jumps through the hoops of time and space because the whole thing is capable of simply folding up to a neat, infinitesimally small point and essentially accepting the illusion to destroy or in this way make use of it AFTER destroying it.

Thus, one becomes the source of their own consciousness, rather than confused by experiencing reality as the consciousness that continually seeks the source for time, change, and experience. One recreates themselves, knowingly within this illusion, to develop a safe-extraction point which can be folded up at any time.

The body, in this sense, can be a trap. One does not require the knowledge of every organ system, every kind of cell, every hormonal process and aspect of neurochemistry. Does one need to know how to build a computer in order to be able to fulfill the requirements of an online writing or geography course? So the interface is what is important and this is through knowing the layers of possible interaction relative to the body in space and consciousness and knowing how to operate in and out of the perceptual boundaries of biological consciousness while safely maintaining one’s ‘moral compass’ as this is an indication of energy exchange and harmony. One’s conscience, is the subtle awareness of the harmony or lack of harmony in one’s actions in reference to the overall whole of the self, the soul and beyond the more disharmony one experiences and the less integrative their conscience becomes then the weaker the connection between the conscious self and the body is to the soul. That is the moral compass which does not give guidelines but merely vibrationally asserts when they are closer or farther from the awareness the true self.

Thus, in knowing the dimensional possibilities of actions or conscious “movements” one can take through awareness of the self and the larger spectrum of reality, they are coming to know the finite details of the interface for that computer system and every key to press along with the possible results and the information and experience of “internet” space that can be accessed through the various combinations.

To know the individual mechanical functions of the body is only relative in the physical realm and this is only relative to manipulate or heal the body. Yet, if the conscience is never distorted and one is attaining harmony in live their life then they live in health and do not have the need for physical modification to remain.

Thus, in the beginning there was no death and no need for such details of modification, however there was knowledge of the bodies systems and the way they interact and interface with the mind and the higher dimensions.

Thus, as time moved and the current system became solidified there are toxins, disruptions of morality, deceptions and wars which then require an intimate understanding of the mechanical biology in order to then provide a counterbalance to remaining present by altering the requirements of harmony to remain present in a mentally and biologically unsustainable environment.

To trace one’s possible options of motion in physical and non-physical space is to extra-dimensionally ‘bounce’ (or shift or expand) their awareness from just the binary, physically and temporally local reference point of the physical body in the physical plane, to the 4th and 5th dimensional perspective and this enables access to possible futures that are beyond the preprogrammed behavioral cues of the subconscious mind, the repetitive base desires or the expectations of a collective society. This enables one to literally ‘become’ the version of themselves that exists beyond the preconceived notions for self and the parameters of interaction and experience by choosing to focus and shift experience from one moment to the next or one ‘scene’ or layer to the next in ways that do not have to coincide with the restrictions of the linear perspective of time and space.

Through this, one can shift awareness to a trajectory through time which is akin to the body moving through space. One can navigate higher-planes, effectively walking through them by contemplating first the immediately local possibilities (what you will do in the next 2 seconds) and expanding to a wider and wider possibility set until one has extrapolated their perspective to the point of what, how, and who they would be if they were entirely free from the restrictions of predictable and lower-dimensionally relative patterns as referenced to the body and the physical realm through memory, desire, belief-systems, and the perceived necessity for continuity.

One doesn’t need to experience the next moment because “that’s just what happens”, or “that’s just what people do”, you can literally sit in a quiet area and project your awareness outward from the present (through a “spatially inward” focus) into possibilities that are entirely extrapolated from a baseline anchor that is also projected out extending non-locally from the present moment.

The idea behind this is that one usually does option A, B, or C when they are at home and sitting in a certain location and getting ready to do a certain thing or another. So that is a parameter set, a programmed response that is engaged in and this is very helpful when guiding a body (like driving a car). Yet, what’s stopping one from retracting all outward motion and intention and focusing within and achieving a new ‘parameter set’ that is not actually a parameter set at all and is 100% spontaneously generated in the moment?

When one learns to do this with the little things like sitting for a few moments instead of doing something predictabale and repetitive (watching tv, checking email, etc) then they can literally disconnect from that preprogrammed stream (which is always relative to the physical environment and thus the immediately proximal 4-dimemsional possibilities) they can initiate a presence and a stream of continuity that doesn’t extend from the moment that they sat down in the chair in the living room (that prsent physical moment), but comes from a time say two days ago when they last intended to achieve a certain level of awarenes. Then, when one realizes that they can simply project whatever awareness reference they want (self-reference), like a rock ship, using itself as a the platform from which to launch, one can simply move into the awareness stream of “being still and pure awareness for 1000 years” and ‘program’ this into one’s possibility matrix and this directly overreaches the immediately relative and predictable stream of optional responses of the 4th dimensional and can only exist in a higher scope of possibilities that can only be generated or achieved (accessed) through the focused intent on individually generating access to those possiiblities. So while you sit down and the remote control is to your left and all one has to do is know how to move their left hand and press a button (to enable that possibility), for this kind of internal control over their option response or possibility spectrum one must literally create through intent the version of themselves which branches into experience from one of these higher-dimensionally generates space and this is through observation and the activation of extra-dimensional awareness. Just to note, consciousness is the defined, structured layering of awareness relative to a personal orientation of perspective (a self).

So just as one becomes ‘beyond’ the layer of dimensionality that they are observing, such as through the body and the mind and time. When one observes, internally, the possibility of this moment where they follow along a response pattern that is not branched from the physical present but from say a present where they have existed for millions of years and are creating reality in the present moment throughout all time, then the consciousness disengages with the preprogrammed response pattern of the physically relative situation and one’s awarnees ‘bounces’ or shifts to the layer just above the reality that one is ‘inventing’ in their mind through the imagination. Thus, that reality, and the self that is wholly present there, is 5-dimensionally active and literally generated on the spot based on one’s own focused intention and creativity. Like a rocket ship becoming it’s own launch platform, this then enables that rocket ship (or the one guiding) to ‘pretend’ or ‘invent’ or ‘acquire’ the coordinates for an area in space which will be the “projected” starting point and literally, for all intents and purposes, immediately render itself at those projected coordinates complete with the capacity to launch and travel from there.

Now if one can’t hold their focus for more than a few seconds then this is going to be as succesful as attempting to launch and relaunch that rocket from those coordinates within a 10 second window and a launch systems check that requires 20 seconds. At best one gets a fleeting dream, a glimpse of where they could be and then they are returned to the present, physical amoment at “square” one.

So with intense focus and a pure liberate creativity to give one’s self experienced past the predetermined behavioral cues of the subconscious programming, desires, habits, and all the things that motivate us to do the same thing over and over, then one can literally step into a personally created waking dream which extra-dimensioally relocates their awareness to the coordinates that are focused on with the intention of initiating a spectrum of ‘response’ possibilties that coordinate the interaction of the self with a temporal and universal possibility ‘environment’ that one chooses.

2 thoughts on “Important Aspects of the Fractal-Holographic Trap, Soul-Awareness, and Temporal Viewing Technology

  1. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    ‘Self Reference’ and the constant connection with ‘higher self’ will enable us to see the ‘bigger picture’ of All It Is. This constant connection with ‘higher self/selves’ is the foundation (between the 3rd, 4th and 5th) in co-creating and traversing towards the 5th (and back – constantly journeying to and fro) dimension and beyond. This allows the rainbow bridge to be constantly available to All Souls at all times and this mass transition of All Divine Souls are known as ‘markers’ and signposts for those who are ‘think’ that they might get ‘lost’ .. you can’t get ‘lost’ when you’re connected with your ‘higher selves’ or your spiritual angels/Source. Only if you should ‘choose’ to be in the energy of ‘desires’ and acting it out (e.g. addictions, fear etc), you’re more likely to get disconnected from your higher selves. We, who are the Rainbow Highway Bridge Builders are constantly keeping this bridge ‘active’ .. so please .. do not ‘waste’ your time with earthly desires. We, the Rainbow Highway Bridge Builders are very tired. Just get your spiritual work done – ASAP!!!


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