Psychological Manipulation, Mind-Control Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification

The stories are told that contain key words that correspond to certain frequencies and contextual, metaphoric representations which are uploaded into the mind in a varying and repetitive fashion so that the storyline becomes imprinted within the psyche.

The stories and key-words are aligned according to a unique psychological outline appropriate for each individual and the intended resulting persona or function of the programming. These stories become the background psychological themes through which the individual’s struggle is metaphorically expressed indirectly along with a repressing of direct access to the unfiltered memories and knowledge of the programming.

These programs are designed so that the key-words are effectual frequencies that relate to particular aspects of the psyche and the individual and collective psyches are studied and predicted so that the eventual psychological response from one layer and reaction to the next will be tracked and a complete psychological trajectory or map is generated which can take the unsuspecting or willing individual and reshape their psyche into any desirable extension of programming replacing their original will and talents with what is required and instilled by the program.

Thus a complete outline of potential results and capacities for the individual’s psyche can be generated through the knowledge of the programmers.

This is exactly what is taking place on a civilization-wide scale where the input of triggers, storylines, keywords, buzz-words, repetitive news, media, entertainment, participation, projects and all psychological interactions of people are mapped out according to the susceptibility of the psyche to mental and emotional manipulation through psychological flaws and distortions, needs, desires, and tendencies. A mass-scale storyline is generated and every little individual detail, including this moment, is mapped out and prepared for in a variety of ways to control and contain the branching of time by redirecting the energy and outcomes of every wayward extension back into a desirable end-result according to the main programs.

With such a map in place, one can introduce triggers to generate the required behavior through input and then arrange the intended response through various secondary triggers or input. The psyche can be shifted through an array of states and progressions until the behavioral patterns are modified to supporting the intentions and progression of the program instead of the original self.

Through self-observation and trauma-clearing one can become aware of this underlying programming across all of society. Only through self-observation can one see what is occurring.

This is not always through direct self-observation because the mind can be susceptible to tricks and filters especially from the mind-control. For instance, through indirect observation, such as through making note of when a particular behavior occurs based upon interactions with the environment or another person, one can see an underlying pattern that may be rendered invisible if one pays attention to how they feel and what they think the reason is for such behavior. Such leads to justification of all behavioral patterns as simply an aspect of the self when in reality, through indirectly or objectively observing and recording behavior and responses for repeating patterns then one can find the stimulus, the triggers that are often behind such patterns and the core behind all behavior modification programming. The triggers are the cues that are required after sensitivity to such influence has been developed. Sensitivity is developed through breaking down the resistance which can occur in a variety of ways and this is often simply through social pressure from childhood on in the majority yet can take on the form of complete and direct psycho-physical traumatization and abuse in those who are resistant or extraordinarily perceptive.


4 thoughts on “Psychological Manipulation, Mind-Control Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification

  1. If there are still questions, I recommend watching the conclusion; last 5 minutes of Aug’s 5 D Reality Bridge video. Therein lies the solution and bottom line. Trying to “trick” or beat the game/machine is futile, and essentially is the same as losing by virtue of the energy expenditure it takes to try. Just be.


  2. So great to have these definitions! Aug, I’ve no idea how to thank you enough for sharing your knowledge/information/experience. I have been on a plateau for a while and deeply desiring details.

    I just found you two weeks ago through the amazing 9-hour conversion with Pattie Bassard and am following you now and appreciating everything you share. Even though a lot is way beyond my level I am feeling so excited and grateful that I’m interested, reading, listening and learning more. Sending Love to you.


  3. In a previous video post you indicated that it may be possible to effectively trick the system by doing something out of character or unexpected; such as meditating rather than checking e-mail. How likely is it that the desire to do something out of character is also accounted for by the system and therefore; doing something out of character is actually being in character and expected and corrected for by the system. Am I trapped even if my imagination creates a door that leads out. Even if I am roaming freely am I still unable to escape because all variables and possible actions of my personality have been measured, quantified, and accounted for by the system? It is a binary system so it can probably extrapolate all possible moves that I can make, is that correct? Or maybe there is, indeed, one move left to make that a binary system cannot anticipate; that being the move only a True Human can make ~ the move that the Heart would lead me to make is perhaps the only play left that cannot be understood by a machine devoid of warmth?


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