Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME


A man lives in his head. His love for a girl he grew up with never leaves him yet he cannot gain the courage to truly express himself.

This film is by a visionary artist. Shinichirō Watanabe. Watanabe is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. He has directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, two powerfully symbolic and culturally reflective works that gained the attention of viewers all over the world.

Have no fear! Fear takes the shape we’re willing to give it. Let’s light a candle in our hearts, make it gleam. Try to enjoy the moment in spite of this turn of events. That will shed a new light on things. -Nishi

I suggest you watch the movie if you are interested in seeing how deep this story goes. I will only give a few details away and the rest will remain hidden. I suggest refraining from watching any clips on youtube, including the trailer. I normally include trailers with these posts, but have not with this one.

There is a scene which involves a near-death experience. Immediately after moving into a visionary state the soul is shown a replay of the life experience. When the soul reaches a resting point there is a figure that seems to be flipping back and forth between a variety of costumes, outfits, shapes, animals, beings, etc etc etc.

This figure, says, “You can’t decide what I should look like.”

At first this seems to be a cosmic villain creating roles for his/her own joy, just to watch people suffer. Then he/she appears to be playing with the mind of the soul so that the soul can overcome fear and really show their true strength and courage.

The only way to make it stop is to b e honest. Easier to see the truth that way. The truth for you, that is. – Cosmic Figure

When considered carefully and in the perspective of supporting courage, this character matches the idea of the cosmic teacher, savior and creator. When taken with fear and lack of self-worth this character matches the idea of the cosmic deceiver, the adversary, and the destroyer. The two are one, depending on the frequency of the mind observing.

This is what the true secret societies, the true elite, and the true luminous ones teach us. This is the art and knowledge of the cosmic secret, of overcoming fear, of remaining honest, of reaching higher self-awareness, of cosmic harmony and compassion, and of meeting God and knowing the truth and seeing through the illusion of death.

Underground Bases, Cloning, Immortality

We were tested in the projects. We were shown how the mind can create a form to match any substance that the intentions and focus is projected into.

If one is to overcome death, then one must be prepared to overcome fear. To overcome fear and the result the system we are in, one must learn how this occurs. The easiest way to learn is to see first-hand. The mind creates the experience of whatever frequencies we are focusing on. We had to see every possible outcome of fear and learn to overcome the projections that are brought about upon leaving the body.

Whenever you see art like this, you can be sure that the artist has seen the same process, regardless of whether they’ve been in an underground base or not.

Group Mind

In the movie, at a certain point in one of the ‘visions’, another man is found who has an episode of fear. This changes the entire experience for the whole group as his emotional context influences the group’s collective experience.

This was literally the same effect in the bases. The difference is that the individuals were so highly adept, that they would not give into the fear of the “trainees” (cadets) who were just learning “how to die”. They would play the role if this was to help the individual get over fear. However, they could handle fear so that this didn’t influence the whole group and what would occur was scenes of ‘shows’ that would play over and over in a variety of ways with different sets and scripts. This was like intense psycho-therapy combined with advanced technology and multi-dimensional experiences that enabled time dilation and the experience of literal mental and non-physical realms.

One must over come fear and remain honest with themselves to remain in control.


If and when one gets angry they must understand this is just a temper tantrum and that is temporary. Any angst or hatred felt towards anyone or any thing is an illusion. This doesn’t mean the experience is illusory, but that there is hidden knowledge that the mind is expressing in an indirect manner. Find the knowledge, the source of the expression in order to understand how to resolve the issue from happening again. To resolve the issue in the moment one must focus on returning to peace, allowing the experience of love and accepting a neutral perspective.

In these in-between states, or visionary states which are defined as a kind of hyperdimensional experience, what one experiences is projected metaphorically. The difference between a literal occurrence of something and the border between a dream-like exaggeration or depiction is combined. One can ‘drown’ in sorrow. One can ‘elevate’ or levitate with joy. Love can create a literal magnetic force which propels. Everything is on the border of reality and surreality.


In the experience there are spontaneous visions that occur. These are automatic and potentially relentless. There are what are known as ‘false-awakenings’. This is when the soul comes to the sense of a reality only to repeatedly realize that they are dreaming and all the beings experienced and all the scenarios are simply a projection of their imagination. This seems to occur until the soul overcomes fear and attachment while developing creativity and attaining a more refined sense of clarity and self-awareness.

The visions can increase to a bewildering level of abnormality, creativity, or even dullness.

It is here that our projected “karma” becomes apparent and we must confront the issues we have left within our mental blind spots or the shadow mind.

Empowered by Truth and Unveiling

It is this very karma, this very drag which at first gives way to a delay in progression and then becomes that which propels us forward beyond our fears and into a new state.

Newness, Rebirth

Time doesn’t exist in this place and so eventually people usually choose to become “new”, or they simply become new by way of these experiences. This is the “rebirth” that takes place when one knows they are not the same as they were before these experiences. Often, this is way to avoid confronting the old, but this is also a sign of overcoming the resistance of the past.


Love is what holds one together during this experience. Love, honesty, compassion, truth, knowledge, self-awareness.

Creativity and Belief

Everything centers around creative expression and belief.

Here, the impossible becomes possible and creativity, courage and passion is the deciding factor of each experience.


2 thoughts on “Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME

  1. I’ve been sitting here immobilized, as if I were being expelled from a block of marble, half-formed. One foot free, flailing about in the plastic world, my head jutting forward into the static air. My arms afloat in space, fingertips clack a computer keypad like atonal crickets. Words bottle, then spray. My thoughts are heavy and hard to move. I clock a rogue presence influencing not just my mind but all.

    We’re only free if we know that we’re trapped in time, half swallowed by hungry gods.

    I’m trying to galvanize my will, reshape destiny. But into what? Something peripheral, like a star cluster that’s only visible when you look away from it. It’s there and not there depending upon the tilt of your half-hearted head.

    Discarnate beings are hijacking the souls of the fallen, unsuspecting, tortured and fragmented corporeals, their psyches severed from source; unwitting food for the bastard elect.

    Mega-computers are synched up to a portion of our neuronal cache and can now simulate experience, dictate thought and mood, ride beside us, steer us into the broken world, into our futures, so our futures become theirs, for a million years, without us suspecting a thing.

    Our cupped brains boil in stooped clay amid frozen panics. Yet, we maintain a dismissive posture overruling instinct, intuition, reason. We favor science, proofs, expert analysis, lies.

    The only solution is to outthink it by not thinking at all, lest we all become hobgoblins of a lesser world: folding pants and scrubbing floors; living a life of order and dull chores.

    I sit apart from myself, distracted by the thoughts I’ve been denying. They’re random interrupters meant to depress and diminish me. I can’t prove it. But I know it’s true.

    It’s feelings, too. They cast a pall. Thoughts and feelings, they run together, wear me out so that I don’t have time for stillness: quiet contemplation.

    I’m going to need them in better trim, to expel the false light of this digital whorl from my soul. When I look about with my real eye I see the fake sun, the fake moon, the pixilated sea and sky. I reject it. I reject it all.

    That’s a start.

    What remains? An ocean. It rushes in to buoy me. I have no bearings, and harsh adherences from that other world. But I’m free to create, create The New World in accordance with Nature, this time. I’m stupefied by this abundance, so many choices to make in order to begin even the simplest task. My mind won’t stay open long enough for me to find out what it wants, if anything. All I want is an unthinking open mind so that I can access The Unknown. But this time for the good of all.

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    1. Your description of the task of living is EVERYTHING (and nothing)…explained in the most beautiful, stunningly succinct way that I must read it over and over again. I soo feel you.
      An ocean… sigh!


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