A Simulated Reality

The agencies found that the strongest mind in an area can determine what’s going to happen in terms of the reality in that area. They developed supercomputer systems to act as neuronal processors and literally tie together tens of thousands (or more) artificial neurons that function as processors. This artificial brain system then, can produce an image, a simulation of a person in the simulation. What is altered in this simulation is then altered in the frequency and experience of the original human out in physical ‘reality’.

Thus, they developed an artificial brain system that could act as a ‘processing gate’ for a region and influence the information of that area by interacting through an internal simulation that processed more information than any collection or individual humans. Thus, the reality is an organic supercomputer simulation that is managed by human brains and until people gain the power to overcome their distortions these new supercomputer systems manage reality for people and project events and experiences out through powerful simulations which then impress or overlay over physical reality and play out for the civilization.

This is the simulation system that interacts with events and converts this civilization in a real-life ‘truman show’ through the application of advanced technology and the knowledge of consciousness in the universe.


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