Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation

Continued from: Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404

Clones: Autonomous or Soul Transfer

The issue here is that a clone without an active soul will literally be neurologically inactive. Thus, the current, living population of humans on the planet are farmed for souls and the consciousness of these people are transferred through powerful electromagnetic scalar devices into their cloned body at a ‘cloning station’ and then children, little girls and boys, men and woman, celebrities, scientists, inventors, anyone, are used for torture, sex, programming, ideas, profits, etc etc etc.

A Descent into Spiritual Degradation

The idea is that whatever CAN happen, WILL, DOES, and HAS happened. Instead of, oh in 40 years it will get REALLY bad. Everything went AS BAD AS IT COULD EVER BE, within a few short years.

Would someone rape a child? Would they stop there? Start there? Would they have children fight in a blood sport? Would they program the children to later become important people in the world? You see where this goes? This became an entire breakaway civilization that is used not only for literally raping and killing people, one after another, sometimes literally (actually often) in a row or in a group death-match, but this is also used for covert reasons to completely control the population, to plant spies, to create psychopathic killers, to groom celebrities, to generate ideas and inventions.

Imagine if someone had a plan to free people from a kind of oppression such as this.

Imagine if that person spoke openly or was noticed to have a unique perspective in life which is psychologically and mathematically (statistically) likely to produce a potential use, or a potential threat. That person would be picked up as soon as this was detected and sent to the cloning station for experimentation, torture, trauma-based mind control, sexual programming or torture, so on and so forth.

Full Disclosure

That is what disclosure is about as far as phase 1. Imagine if this gets so far out of hand that entire armies are created and there are continuous factories of individual who are remotely operated or even functioning as completely autonomous cyborg units? Without a soul required, these units would appear human but contain no true human consciousness.

Temporal Dilation and Accelerated Learning

There is also temporal dilation which permits extended experience within shorter amounts of time than on the surface. Everything that could go wrong, HAS GONE WRONG.

As long as it would take for ALL of this to occur, to advanced to the farthest degrees, HAS already happened. Temporal dilation literally makes it so that long multiple year stretch of figuring this all out happens INSTANTLY through these artificial intelligence systems and if groups take control of this systems and use them to completely severe humanity from organic life through a distortion of DNA then this will spell disaster.

Artificial Reality

This is actually what is happening now and what has already happened. Everything has ended and time has been reset multiple times. Are you starting to see the picture? So if this has all already happened, then what’s the big deal, why are we still here? What has really happened?

The mass consciousness of the species can literally be wiped and reset on a timeline and civilization restarted literally by having powerful devices bounce the entire civilization to a “corrected” path where their memories are wiped of the event and everything continues “as it should be”.

The idea is that this has been happening so often that the civilizations that are being disrupted from the future states, the true progenitors that have begun humanity in the first place are not going to permit the entire civilization to be destroyed.

The Ending of the False Reality

This is what many ancient texts or cultures have spoken of. The “end of days”, the “apocalypse”, the “end of time”, etc etc etc. This is when everything is righted once and for all and people who have merged with that corrupted system are no long capable of leeching off of the soul energy of the humans that remain.

When that whole system is defeated, then it will be as if it never existed however humanity will have gained back the aspects of memory and self that are currently fragmented through the previously described process.

The Experimentation of Current Disclosure is the Source of the Ancient False-Light System

This process, these timeline jumps, mass consciousness experimentation starting from cloning and artificial intelligence, this is the reason this civilization is in the fallen state that it currently is.

It is said the original civilization was one of peace and longevity. The advent of this technology was not from this civilization into cloning and advanced technology. It was from an advanced civilization into using this technology to enslave and fragment off the mass consciousness of the previous civilization.

Time Loop, Paradox, Soul Entrapment

This cloning situation is related to artificial intelligence and a hive-mind system which connects the clones together through supercomputer technology. This ‘connected’ ‘super-mind’ is a hive-organism and if not contained would spread throughout the civilization and convert every living, organic, free-thinking human into a host organism for the collective hive.

3 thoughts on “Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation

  1. Thank you again Aug. It will be nice when suggestions for living the moment, the day and night mentally and emotionally to personally participate in choosing forgiveness, kindness and honesty. To sit still and feel who we were before this all happened.


    1. Thank you Aug, and w for your comment. There must be tremendous value now for us to invest time in the focused imagining of humanity choosing forgiveness, kindness, and honesty. What does it look like *now* as more of us are making those choices? That’s a fascinating reality…


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