You Absorb Psychic Energy, Reflect Perfectly and Remain True

Remember, who you are around and allow to remain in your field will automatically imprint into your subconscious. This means if we are around people who are negative or abusive to the values we hold true and important then we will ultimately devalue ourselves by remaining in connection with these kinds of individuals. Earth is going through a cleansing that hasn’t been seen in many ages.

You are in a sea of physic energy constantly emitting and absorbing energy.

You are a frequency generator and this is what shapes the reality that you experience.

How you balance, harmonize, treat, manage, express, neglect or are controlled by energy will determine the quality and intensity of your reality generation system as if your body is an instrument that is played by the operation of the frequency of your mind.

We can make a beautiful symphony and experience that while expressing this for others or people can experience disharmony and out of tune projection of energy due to a mishandling of the energy that exists right in the body and the psychic fields.

We are empathic beings, and this enables energy leeches to feed on a person’s field. This is a major cleansing taking place as the energy leeches are all being unmasked and identified simultaneously.

We still have to remember to manage our energies because we are playing the body and this realm like an instrument and there is a major disharmony taking place because of an out of control, run-away ‘disharmonic’ trend of vibrations that are infectious like a disease or a virus. And that is what it is, the mind-virus.

This is related to the time-virus which is simply the continual projection of that disharmonic experience in a feedback loop that one struggles to break free from without critical intent and application of will-power towards harmony and self-awareness through compassion and free-will, the values of the human soul blueprint which orients one’s trajectory through a programmed time-dimension back towards the unifying quality of higher-awareness through the true-self instead of the body-consciousness, ego, or impostor self.


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