Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation

This is a causal post (rant) that pretty much just talks about society, the illusion, the true self, and simulation.
Peer pressure, social conformity, relative morality, the desire to be loved, accepted, known, supported.
Attachment to responding to challenges in anger, and to disrespect with self-disrespect, low self-esteem, and general negativity turned inwards which then ferments and requires expression otherwise suffering results for the individual and who ever is around them.
There is a lesson to learn, whether the nature of the whole of the system, in remaining centered in the face of disbelief, disrespect or hatred. All the underlying causes of these issues are sorrow, disconnection from the original, whole personality that is not distorted by illusory perceptions or desires, and a lack of will-power to apply the focused intention required to remember what is happening and how we must remain centered and focused on self-awareness to remain in control.
The focal point of this post is that these aspects of harmony, balance, wholeness, overcoming the reflex of aggression or emotional reaction and seeing through repetitive behavioral loops is all part of knowing what is happening and gaining control.
The main focus is that every day we have many opportunities to reflect the true self which doesn’t hold on to the petty things and slips in between insults, fears, and desires moving through unstuck, and unchanged. The more the persona that is generated through the attachment to the body is hardened, then the more that persona attempts to grasp onto the true self which is indescribable and without boundary. When this happens the self, if not focused on knowing, accepting, and being more than restraint, struggle and physical identity is convinced that this is the experience that threatens one’s very existence.
Everyday, when there is an instance where the ego wants to grab hold and say, “No, this must be this way. This person must see things this way. I am not that, I am this. I MUST say or do this otherwise I won’t be seen a certain way. I cannot do this because others will see that I am not good enough. I have fear and so I will avoid a certain confrontation, a challenge, a memory.” All of that is literally the programming of the artificial self. This is gained over a childhood and lifetime, most of this occurs during the childhood though.
Everyday, we are faced with multiple versions of these ego reactions connected to the physical bodies biological systems and the memories that are projected through which the image of the persona is formed. Selective attention biases how we view ourselves and each other. Often we like to view ourselves as special and nearly perfect. Often in society there is always some ideal to compare ourselves to which is beyond our experience and thus this opens up the possibility to feel less worthy and less important. The truth is that the persona is the illusion. One can be the highest form of physical fitness and still this won’t change the true purpose and the true nature of the self which is non-physical. Health is the true foundation behind physicality, beauty, harmony and appearance. Health is beneath the surface, everything in the illusion is based on the way the surface appeals through reflected light, everything is truly a reflection of just the outer layer while the substance is hidden. That is the nature of mind, the universe, and possibly all life.
What we see is not what we are seeing. What we see is what we are perceiving. What we perceive is not reality, but a glimpse of perceptual information that gives us just enough details to manage our interaction with that aspect of reality in regards to the physical body. To truly experience an aspect of reality, we do this within. We have the internal experience where we map out a plan of how we’re going to play a game at recess, talk to a certain person, go to a certain place, or discover if something works one way or another. Life is an experiment and the knowledge is hidden. Not necessarily hidden from anyone in particular but hidden from sight, beneath the surface. The mind is the same way, and the physical universe is no different.
When we see the physical surface, the society, the mentality, we are actually looking at the outer surface of a system which contains within in basic principles that are formed in a variety of arrangements and compositions to enable a variety of experiences. The substance of the mind? Hidden below the consciousness. The substance of reality? Hidden behind or beyond the visible light spectrum in subtle energies and vibrations that shape matter in an interplay between form and substance that expressed as a series of changes that have no visible beginning or end. Everything that is relative to the ultimate truth of what anything is, is deeper beyond the surface level of the experience of what that something is.
If we remember this, how reality truly is, how our dreams interplay with our waking life, how our unconscious mind is managing information at rates that we can’t consciously conceive, yet is possibly a larger part of our self than the information of the conscious mind, then we will see that what we perceive to be the problem in any situation is not actually the problem.
One might even say, it is our perception of the problem, our particularly limited perspective that generates the problem in the first and is therefore the actual problem. The next time you feel an emotional response to someone, something, or some idea ask yourself if your response assists in your liberation from energetic, emotional and mental restraint and if you are overcoming the victim, less-creative, programmed mentality by choosing to engage. You don’t always have to engage. Often times, there’s a good reason to express what you feel.
As long as you express yourself while remembering to ask yourself if anything ever really changes and really looking deep to see if you’re actually interacting with a version of reality that influences the world, or merely a virtual reality that only exists in your mind, for you. We may feel we’re fighting epic battles between dark enemies in life or on the internet in whatever environment. Often, we are fighting ourselves, because our actions place us within the victim role and produce that energy which is required for an insult, a lie, a measure of disrespect to be effective.
Then, when we remember that nothing is as it seems, and everything is going to attempt to either oppress or liberate us depending on how we interact with it, we gain control to choose how we experience reality. Then the true self is expressed instead of something else resulting from a complex between the ego, other individuals, and psychologically manipulative experiences.
We’re all living multiple layers deep in reality, the psyche, and even layers of frequencies in the universe to the point where this realm is literally underwater. The self-awareness is no different. The true self is deep within the water of the mind, and all the waves on top must be stilled if we are going to gaze down into the deep and truly connect with what is there.
The main point is that we have to remember this, often, and apply it. When this is done, when the mind is ‘reminded’ (by the self, pure intent) to look past the ego, slowly we get the picture of what is really going on. We’re all caged by a mental control system within a sea of illusions and perceptual entanglements that influence on a quantum level to entrain DNA into specific reality streams that are managed by higher order beings. Everything that’s going on down here is just as much a show as is the amount of information that is accessible via the conscious mind in un-awakened waking reality.
To finalize this, the ego operates through duality. Unless there is some kind of binary polarization of opposites the ego can’t form an opinion. Find the neutral zone where both answers are equally relative. In that space there is a self that is not yet shaped towards one or the other. That unshaped self is liberated in that the clear view of reality is enabled. The only absolute of reality is literally that self that is merely an observer of this energy exchange system.
Now, when that self, the observer, begins to open a frequency/knowledge/intent communication exchange between the conscious mind, then the conscious mind begins to know what, technically, logically, literally could not possibly be known by the aspect of the self that is stuck within that closed loop system. Then, that aspect of the self becomes more than just the conscious mind. If this happens all at once, our feelings get hurt, the ego tries to hold on. Say someone or something smarter, more powerful, or more in control in this reality knocks us off center because our image of the self was based on illusion, then we have to go through the experience of a dissolution and mending back together.
Another concluding idea is that this will happen either way, if we assist and flow with this process we align with the overall accumulation of experience and this assists in our alignment in will and experiencing what we choose to.
Finally, if our will, our persona, is no longer generated by the external perceptions, the pressure, the programming, the construct of the false mind and the false reality that corresponds, then the physical ‘self’, the waking consciousness begins to align the will, the desires with that of the soul the true self. When this occurs, the suffering that occurs from the repetitive process of attempting to find happiness in ideals, pleasures, materials, essentially material or egoistic experiences, this begins to reduce as we simultaneously buffer ourselves from any continuing pain (because we can’t handle suffering more effectively when we’re not enhancing the experience unwittingly by continually projecting and absorbing what we don’t want) and as well be begin to realize that we had to be in a semi-unconscious state, like a trance, in order to continually make the same mistakes about who we are and what we want to experience over and over again until suffering is the primary result of attempting to cater to the social persona of the mind in an effort to be healthy.
That is the mass sleepiness, the low awareness which fosters the possibility for the illusory beliefs that we are not in control of our energies, that we are somehow what disconnected people think about us, that we must attain materials or impress some far off character in regards to presented ideals in order to be happy, worthy, or loved. That is literally a method for caging the mind. Whether the lack of self-awareness or the system came first, that’s a mystery at least for now.
However, there is one concluding idea that this means that the lack of self-awareness, the feeling of constriction, the adherence to ideals which don’t actually relate to us honestly, gives people a way to realize the illusory nature of the ego. In other words, this world, which is already a kind of perceptual hall of mirrors of cycles of time, reflective and collective identities, and what seems to be personal and collective dream-like simulation qualities, that world was turned into the most fabricated, obviously farcical and visibly artificial system that it could be. So it’s obvious. Of course, everything tends to get all loopy when ever anything is attempted and so this worked to convince people that the illusion is real, not that reality is an illusion.
Or, did it work, and it simply seems as if the illusion is so secure, as a kind of response to the increasing self-awareness. Is the system angry? Or is this simply how the program of an simulation system would shift in order to handle the increase of awareness and respond by increasing the complexity of the simulation? Is this some way of maintaining continuity? Or is this all a mental reflection that is depicting that increasing distance between the wakeful and the less aware by producing such a chaotic variety of experiences that a once calm seasonal land becomes a cacophony of winter rain, summer hail, and spring frosts.
With any of the above options, the only sure thing is that when a person wakes up, and the environment attempts to convince them to go back to sleep through aggressive maneuvers, they usually stay awake on reflex.
Thus, we may have the concept of the ‘mass awakening’, once enough people realize what is happening. Of course people will have to be reminded to focus on the true self. That’s where you and everyone else comes in. Would it be safe to wake up the world while they were still asleep? A million sleep walkers around you? Are they safe now, even while they’re awake ‘sleepwalker’? The ego holds on to the illusion and when the illusion is crushed the ego responds emotionally to deal with the stress of losing a world, an entire, reality, a self. The true self and actual reality, however harsh, replaces the illusion, however the shock of being unprepared requires a recovery time and usually support to assist the person in accepting reality instead of forming a false reality in denial as a disorder. What’s worse, is that if there was no way to avoid the truth, say through such a mass-awakening, there would be no possibly to pretend it isn’t happening. So then comes the notion we’ve seen in history of suppressing the wave, holding back the inevitable crashing of reality upon the masses which results in an increasing likelihood of chaos and the inability to contain the situation when that does occur.
The point, after all that rambling, is that if we remember that the self we perceive, the way we see situations without breaking them down in a universal perspective, the important, annoying, or frightening aspects of reality are the illusory aspect that is only present when we’re limited to see only on the surface of the conscious mind, the physical realm, or perspective that we’ve been presented by others.
When we repeatedly live outside of that mind-system we align our will with that of the version of ourselves that is currently unconsciously aware of the truth of all of this and cannot ever forget. We are just the portion that extends down and dips as if a finger, into a stream to participate in that motion. We don’t separate from the whole body, but our focus is malleable and this world is designed to contain one’s attention. Simply realizing this and providing a sustained effort to reverse that, and revert, invert our attention inwards, beneath the surface of the mind and using what we know to process the experiences in reality gives us back the whole body and with that comes a knowing and liberation of experiences that can’t be contained within any artificial, external, fear-based, oppressive reality.
And it does feel like a little victory every time we refuse and disable what would otherwise be an energetic entanglement that engages the mind and draws energy into response or some activity.
Another important aspect of this which is similar to traumatic memories is that when one realizes this is happening, which requires continual remembering, and they call the situation out for what it is, labeling, identifying, naming, proclaiming to the whole self that the trigger, the reactivity, the intrusion is NOT from the self. When that occurs, the entanglement has no power.
This is similar to traumatic memory which is usually hidden behind false memories or secondary reasons which are just excuses for the behavior, resistance or fear. When the true memory, the core, source experience that is linked to the distortion of the self image, the emotional sensitivity, or in the case of daily ego engagement whatever variable tempts the ego into engaging in a made up battle, once that is realized and the connection between the hidden aspect and the visible aspect is made, that power is gone.
All one has to do is remember to observe, to continually observe even when their is what seems to be a reason to engage and eventually one will begin to unravel all the lose strings that are actually faking the persona rather than working to defend, upkeep, or enhance the self. The self can’t be changed, modified, or even destroyed. The only change that occurs with the true self is that there is a veiling, an obscuring by the false self that the conscious mind inevitably assists in generating by acting as a doorman to experiences and enabling disharmonic and dishonest occurences to continue, and then the true self is unveiled when one builds the courage to realize all of that is going to be let go and the truth realized a new in order to actually come to terms with reality, the psyche, the persona, the social pressure and all the perceptual illusion that shape conscious experience.


One thought on “Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation

  1. Hi Aug , can you speak about time , i’m thinking it exists also in the mind , due to experiences e.g. i used to smoke and when i stopped i realised more time to do things . As time is shortening for most these days, would it be plausable to say chem trails are just as toxic as ciggerettes and in a sense are shortening time on many; time in general, and life span due to the toxins embedding themselves in the tissue of our bodies .?


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