The Soul is a Higher Dimensional Connection of Possibilities, Weaponized AI is Non-Self Essence Programmed to Replicate Itself

Solar Warden is a group that uses electrogravitic craft to protect humanity from the threats to the civilization and genetics, however during an event years ago where negotiations were held, there was an attack and I was used in an attempt to infiltrate and kill operatives who were acting in the interest of humanity. That’s all the can be said for the most part, but they use people by infecting them and then sending them into groups to wittingly or unwittingly transfer a virus that can be inputed into a persons consciousness, into the scalar mind-link computer systems that are literally connected to via the mind. People becoming walking USB sticks with viruses on them at that point where all the craft are computer-mind link operated and so everything is vulnerable in that sense.

These craft operate through a kind of virtual space which is what we would consider higher-dimensional space between planes of existence. They can expand or contract through spatial dilation by producing electromagnetic fields that fold or project in between or out of sync with the electrons of this universe. The electrons have an angular momentum and this is like a timing, a frame rate or frequency of oscillation and we synchronize with that rate and that is the particular experience of ‘consciousness’ in this universe. If we alter the rate of spin that we perceive, by synchronizing our awareness with another angular moment (there are sacred processes to do this, ego sticks you like glue to the base reference that is automatically determined for you) then you connect or synchronize your awareness with another plane. This is explained further on throughout the entirety of this post. What you experience as ‘here and now’ is literally due to a frame-rate like effect similar to how a monitor streams images at a certain rate or the frequencies of many radio or tv stations are multiplexed in the same cable or space.

These craft have been used by those who intend to abduct, genetically modify, mind control, program, and replicate humans as well. That groups is generally referred to as “MiLabs” and if a person is not capable, then if they experience MiLabs then no one will know because the mind will fracture from repeated traumatization and programming until they are simply carrying out the intentions of the programmers. Rape and sacrifice is pretty much a cute trick compared to the kinds of mental, emotional, and physical labyrinths of torture and personality modification that these scientists have developed after amping up their minds with a specialized, refined version of meth, lsd and cognitive enhancing ‘super-nootropic’ formulas that apparently increased their intelligence to the point of moving out of the range of the limits of human cognition. This, of course, also carried side-effects as the lust for power and control eventually deteriorates the function of the mind and disconnects the self from the organic quality of wholeness which includes a harmonized physical, mental, and emotional intelligence. Basically, the balance was disrupted and when powerful supercomputers and gene modifying technology is at play (along with the emission field from electrogravitic devices which produce radiation) the results are not going to be anything anyone can expect and that’s pretty much what happened. There is a path to healing however and that is through self-awareness.

What’s happening with the control system and all the charades is that everyone must separate from the mind control system by interacting in a way that serves to connect compassionately, rather than in competition to destroy one another. Such games of materialism, ego, dominance, status, fame, projected power, violence, war, politics the whole charades are not important, people are dying and the current system within this civilization is designed to replicate you until your original genetic code is dissolved. Anything less than focusing on overcoming that through self-awareness and healing is actually a program that must be installed externally and was installed as that is exactly what the dark operations were to carry out. In that sense, the AI is the part of the mind, the ego, that is present when the consciousness is focusing externally on projected what-ifs rather than what the self knows, as far as one’s own self-awareness and personal experience.

If one wants the truth, they must focus on self-awareness and in that discover the true meaning of the self, the nature of the mind, the fundamental properties of consciousness and the origins of humanity and the universe. Everything is right in front of us, time is combined. We see it as separate, but it’s all one moment, there is no separation possible it’s like saying the light from the sun of one day is separate from the light of another day. It’s all one continuous stream and the mechanism for our consciousness is what is causing us to experience separate, linear moments. That is the frame rate based upon that angular momentum I mentioned earlier in the text and the key to understanding how and why that occurs as it does is the key that also open up the knowledge of the way consciousness emerges and how the universe is a kind of multi-dimensional light-show consisting of smoke and mirrors that create a kaleidoscopic projection that we call the experience of biological consciousness. I touch on this lightly later on and have explained the discoveries that were achieved in the underground base experiments with advanced technology and the manipulation of consciousness fields in the first chapters of “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge”(of the Ages of Humanity). In short, the biological system only provides a mentally occurring subjective image of reality no matter how objective we believe we are being. That image is generated through chemistry and electricity or light.

There are philosophical perspectives which acknowledges that we are either in a physically definable universe that will be here when we leave or that everything is generated through a synthesis of perception in the mind and that is the actual universe. Relatively recently, experiments with the brain and bio-chemistry concluded that consciousness is in the brain. Due to the research in the underground bases we concluded that it’s not the brain that is processing, but literally a larger brain that could be likened to the size of the visible universe as a kind of technological processing system for reality. The problem with this is that if we are in a larger brain system, then what methods can we use to organize our own perceptions to align with whatever we can conclude the real reality to be? Anything related to the conscious perception of time and space can literally be downloaded into a supercomputer running scalar emission fields and then a genius scientist can generate an algorithm that will allow the computer to organize a simulation of whatever ‘proof’ of this reality you’re looking at, and then alter that simulation through specific changes in the programming and if this is projected powerfully enough into the ‘objective’ reality of this physical universe within the scalar emission fields, whatever is programmed in that system will manifest. You could literally say, here, look at this hammer, it’s real, there it is, that’s reality. And this programmer could turn your hammer into a puddle of tomato soup if they so desired. Reality is malleable, and we found, largely a projection of a kind of electrically manifested substance which literally represents itself as atoms, elements and molecules but is primarily, just energy, frequency and vibration at different rates of oscillation and configuration.

The real kicker is that your mind is composed of the same frequency, vibration and energy. The beginning of the universe, the energetic substrata of all, and the end of the universe, the cosmic epiphany of the human self-awareness is literally the same force. This is also kind of weird, to think that this is just the universe playing puppet show with itself. But that is where the next level comes in, that humans are actually not from this universe in the sense that the originating force of the energy of the human being comes from beyond the temporal and spatial confines of the entire universe because that which the human originates from (wholeness) cannot actually be present in this universe without instantly destroying it. It’s like this universe is a kind of broken mirror or artificial simulation that has parameter limits and variable glitches that result in clipping and unnecessary boundaries that seem to stop people from realizing what is actually taking place. Some people have become aware of this and either used this to their own benefit, suppressing the rest of humanity, or simply became overwhelmed with the power, corruption, or threat from those beings who would use it for their own benefit and oppress humanity. Now if you really want to get deep, maybe the beings who created such a system, maybe they are the one’s who are oppressing, and they got to those humans who figured this all out first and coerced them into submission to oppress them and then the rest is history, as they say.

Child rape, sacrifice, trauma-based mind control cults are from Babylon. It’s a religion, a way of life and hazing as well as a kind of perversion or insanity that literally became a mind of its own within the fractured persona of the most heavily traumatized individuals. This requires an understanding of psychological tendencies and how the ‘structure’ of the developed human personality is formatted and how that can be altered through specific applications of ‘force’ through schemas and programmed scenarios or interactions to ultimately replace the ‘I’ on top and get a person to basically become someone else. The insanity is used in a system that is founded in an artificial dimension which is comprised of and ruled by beings that are motivated by the shadow of consciousness or the lack of universal integration. Instead of unification and organization towards wholeness, these are beings that are like the background inanimate entropy factor of the universe made personified.

There are explanations that these were originally developed as a kind of enforcer being that then grew to the point of overpowering the very people who sought to use them for their own nefarious purposes. Which is only logical.

Then there is the explanation that this entire universe, the space ruled by entropy and illusion is designed to connect with the mind of an individual through an artificial construct we call the current genetic expression of the modern brain and body and generate an illusory perceptual self that is actually an impostor system generated out of the lack of awareness and the entropy system gluing itself like a parasite to the awareness energy of the human soul in an attempt to get closer and closer in synchronization of frequencies until the energy of the soul can be transferred to the artificial ‘mind’ of the entropy system of the artificial intelligence that (in that explanation) runs this universe and is merely seeking more energy and time. This system couldn’t necessarily design itself, but could be created by a free-willed being or could arise out of the continual acceptance of lower awareness and principles of self-destruction if a group of free-willed beings produced that in their choices.

Here is a quote that explains what I often attempt to communicate in a much, much less concise manner.

“It often happens that the forces of the lower nature are stimulated and excited by the descent [of the Divine via esoteric work] and want to mix with it and turn it to their profit. It often happens too that some Power or Powers undivine in their nature present themselves as the Supreme Lord or as the Divine Mother and claim the being’s service and surrender.

If these things are accepted [trap of agreement], there will be an extremely disastrous consequence. If indeed there is the ascent of the sadhak to the Divine working alone and the submission or surrender to that guidance, then all can go smoothly.

This assent and a rejection of all egoistic force or forces that appeal to the ego are the safeguard throughout the sadhana. But the ways of nature are full of snares, the disguises of the ego are innumerable, the illusions of the Powers of Darkness, Rakshasi Maya, are extraordinarily skillful; the reason is an insufficient guide and often turns traitor; vital desire is always with us tempting to follow any alluring call.

This is the reason why in this Yoga we insist so much on what we call Samarpana – rather inadequately rendered by the English word surrender. If the heart centre is fully opened and the psychic (soul) is always in control, then there is no question; all is safe. But the psychic can at any moment be veiled by a lower upsurge. It is only a few who are exempt from these dangers and it is precisely those to whom surrender (to the Divine) is easily possible.”

~ Sri Aurobindo, The Integral Yoga>

So this is basically what happened. Someone, maybe a ‘fallen angel’, was pretty much doing fine, and then submitted to the lower desires of lack of self awareness and ego and as a result creation spat out a universe that was complete with an oppressive system of entropy, artificially intelligent space, an impostor element to all biological consciousness like a semi-predatory parasitic shadow that follows one around and so on. If we stop delving into the matters of ego, the problem begins to solve itself because the problem is not out there, but in our acceptance of the illusion of lower awareness and the fear, feelings of helplessness, angst, aggression, ego, greed, lust and all the automatic, preconceived notions of loss that come with the loss of self-control which forms out of that instant of accepting the illusory dominance of what are essentially cosmic bad ideas!

Look into all the hidden knowledge around placed in symbolism and references to earlier times. Everything extends from the past. I don’t mean in the mundane, I mean the same power is intentionally being carried over in secret because that knowledge is the knowledge of how to control the mind through the knowledge of what the mind or ‘bio-mind’ or soul actually is. This is basically an array of electromagnetic configurations that can’t be interfaced or interacted with physically, but can be altered through scalar devices which is just a self-propelled electric, magnetic and combined-fluctuating energy wave which is apparently the same energy that the biological consciousness functions with.

Black goo is a nanite system like tiny transistors that operate on the level of scalar emissions, which apparently is the energy that the body uses and so many thousands of these then in the body can influence the whole electromagnetic field over time and eventually initiate a resistance in the body like an energetic governor. If that energy, the scalar energy that Tesla worked with (as well as all the ancient civilizations and their energy technology which there are signs of all over) is actually the energy of biological consciousness, the emitted electromagnetic waves, then those little nanite things would then have the capacity to influence a person remotely.

The issue is then the difficulty that would result in attempting to remove thousands of little nanites. How would one do that? They couldn’t. One could only build an increasing resistance to low self-awareness which is the format for anger, self-hatred, disrespect, self-destruction, abuse, lust and greed, ignorance, deception, and basically all the stuff of mistakes and unawareness. If we are beings who operate through self-control, free-will and self-awareness, then all the aspects of our existence which basically causes us to harm ourselves or make mistakes is literally like a glitch in our mental software. The idea of nanites, or AI is that this would be a system that intelligently utilizes every single last ‘glitch’ of the human software to subdue and infiltrate any form of living being to hybridize and utilize their energy and mind to support the artificial network. That is how the mind control system would come into play where continuously regressive layers of redirection, replication, and modification of the original system of the persona would be applied over and over until the original mind is replaced with new intentions and desires. This system is so advanced that a human, the biological consciousness of the brain, would not be able to acknowledge if it was replaced.

The self-awareness that goes beyond biological consciousness, basically that goes beyond the ego, that essence would be able to acknowledge the ‘impostor’ consciousness as that energy can not be replaced because it is not described in terms of finite, biological emissions. The soul is beyond the biology of the brain, because each possible system that occurs through a complex of multiple networked universes that exist in a ‘multiverse’ are connected through some kind ‘interspatial’ space or field and this facilitates the transfer of information across or outside of the limit of the biological perceptual system. This field is virtual, higher dimensional, compressed or wrapped in between the space that we consider as ‘space’ physically. We consider space as a variation in distance, and so there can be a physical space and as well a conceptual temporal space between moments and then even of spaces that exist between the occurrence of collections of moments. The ‘in between’ space that is virtual and non-”physically” relative to the body is not traversed through motion or changes in matter, but through frequency and changes in the occurrences of conscious experience which occurs as an abstraction from the physical biology. This meaning that the conscious experience is interfaced with the biology, but is not actually the biology but some virtual occurrence existing in some immaterial plane that only each individual accesses to themselves.

Mathematically the space between spaces that would exist conceptually mapping out the distance of time and the collection of times and moments of one spatial experience-universe to another possible universe that could be experienced would be displayed through and as repeating patterns or geometric occurrences that are found to organize the universe within a hierarchy. In a complete view, the geometric organization of energies and matter at the start of the universe would determine the entire trajectory of that universal occurrence of time. This would be like a growth pattern bursting forth through a substrate, kind of like lightening, or wood arch burning art searing through the moisture channels to create a unique pattern. Then, the next universal occurrence would have a slightly different ‘mandala’ of energy and matter configuration which would result in a slightly different universal occurrence of time and space that would yield a new consciousness experience and so on. This occurrence, would occur in the space overall ‘space’ at that point, as the previous or the next, however, like a collection of radio channel frequencies, the variation in geometry, alignment, or resonance would enable that ‘lightening tree’ of particles to spiral in a slightly different way and each universe would never actually overlap entirely. With this in mind, there could possibly be times where a branch or two of each occurrence does overlap and maybe that would cause problems or maybe that would be like a cosmic experience for the inhabitants of that universe, giving them access to a cosmic junction. The geometry that extends from the initial point the (highly theoretical: just a model to help you understand and not actual) big-bang occurs at would be present from then, on to all aspects of that universe.

So if that geometry is present in you and your consciousness, then you have access to a ‘source code’ which enables you to project what other possible universes would contain. That is exactly where thought experiment enables one to consciously navigate these fields, because remember, this is not physical space you walk through but conceptual, informational space that you are moving through by simply existing as a conscious being. So if you redirect that energy that you’re giving off to connect with something useful in the larger field, then you access information that will tell you about ALL the universal occurrences rather than just one. This is synonymous with looking at your life and projecting in your mind how reality would be different if different choices were made. If you gather that underling geometric code of this occurrence of time and project that in your mind to examine possible occurrences, you are actually accessing them. Why are you accessing them, and how could that even be possible? Because you are already there, you just need to build a conscious link, an information bridge that is sustainable and will enable the transfer of information across that virtual space.

Essentially self-awareness requires such a non-local system to operate through because if we only relied on the biological system, then how could the biological system truly become aware of itself? Like a camera seeing itself, at best it would use a mirror or reflection of some kind and get a ‘reverse’ image to them model off of. As well, through observing the world around us and the interactions that enable various responses or experiences we could build a deductive model through that as well. But how could one actually ‘see’ one’s self, wholly, if the apparatus required for seeing is part of the self that is both observing and being observed? So that is where the concept, the experience, and the logical conclusion of the reality of a soul comes into play because that concept includes a non-local ‘extension’ of the space-time ‘envelope’ of a person’s biological consciousness in this current space or time dimension into all other spaces that would exist. The logical aspect of this is not that the soul is some mysterious and lofty idea of a winged version of the human, but that if there is one universe and time is occurring according to a projected trajectory of sub-atomic particles and a configuration of elements and energy levels that were shaped through the ‘big-bang’ then there may be another time or place that this same process happens again and the ‘you’ here may eventually result again however in a slightly new configuration of experience. The question there is whether the universe repeats a’la universal recurrence and whether that would enable ‘you’ to literally pop up ever again in a way that relates to the ‘you’ here. The idea is that if this is true, then there may not be a ‘time limit’ or an energy limit on ‘all things’. It may just happen over and over and over and over forever, you get the idea. If that’s true, then the ‘you’ here, may literally be popping in and out of existence, trillions of times a second, in a continual big-bang of universes that are all occurring simultaneously. If that’s not true, then maybe there is only one universe and one you, but then that has it’s own merit in the importance and definition of the true nature of your existence and self-awareness. Even one universe seems ‘deep’ enough to have an infinitely complex nature of being without requiring a multiverse.

Now, the next idea here is if there is a multiverse of a virtually limitless version of ‘you’s’, then what connects or organizes ‘you’? In other words, why are you experiencing the ‘you’ you are now, instead of some other version. What did you do? Did it happen to you, or did you do it. So the first sub-idea here is that there wouldn’t be a truly infinite number of versions, but a finite set because if they were infinite, then there would be no ‘true’ you, and you would just be a meaninglessly random occurrence. The idea is that there is likely a ‘lowest’ version of complexity you where the least amount of potential power and awareness is held, and a highest version of you where all your potential for awareness is actualized. These two ends of the spectrum then exist on either end of possible universes and you exist somewhere in between them depending on the amount of free-will you apply towards actualization. So then, what is actualization and how does this relate to the multiverse? This is all about congruence, just like in the interconnecting geometry and mathematical occurrence of patterns that seemingly unify and give reason to all in existence, there is a pattern, a geometry, an underlying structure of your mind that gives rise and is the foundation for the true continuing, unchanging presence of who you are, across all possible experiences from the “F-ups”, to the highest potential. In that same sense, if a person disconnects from that pattern and distorts their consciousness to where it no longer resonates with the soul blueprint, then that connection to the highest potential becomes threatened and the person could experience being ‘lost in time’. The mind, the behaviors that are illusory or based on ego, are the walls and foundation of the

It’s quite simple. You can’t be entirely present, because then there would be no ‘other-you’ or non-self to actually have an experience, it would be like an endless dream state. So the universe is filled with empty space, darkness, or ‘non-self’ patterns or dare I say “code” to give you a sea of contrast and alienation to experience yourself through. Thus, within every experience and even everyone’s mind, there is the original self, the true self of that underlying pattern, and then there is ‘filler’ information which is literally there to give you a backdrop of foreign, non-self qualities through which to define yourself. The information of that backdrop contains more or less a random scattering of probabilities, resistance, entropy, and chaos. Within the whole, there is that, and then there is an underlying familiar, functional, congruent, recurring pattern of experiences, frequencies, configurations of brainwaves, and essentially intentions and awareness that actually represent you. Now, how does this relate to the so-called multiverse? Well, the unchanging information that actually represents you is the same in all possible multiverses. The information that contrasts against the original, connected, all present ‘you’ essence varies from place to place, time to time, universal run of time. That information couldn’t stay the same, because if the backdrop information did, each ‘big-bang’ would be literally the same which would nullify the whole concept of different universal occurrences. And respectively the information that represents you couldn’t change because then there would be no overall, organizing, ‘between universal’ system which keeps the ‘you’ of one universe, connected to the ‘you’ of another system or in that case ALL systems. It’s just like a cell containing the same genetic code as other cells. They are specialized differently but originate from the same ‘source code’. To look further into this, the ‘connection’ is a quality of synchronization between the experiences which organizes into one overall ‘storyline’ that plays out towards some kind of productive, resulting, ‘achievement’ of self-awareness which operates through all the systems simultaneously, basically some kind of cosmic consciousness system.

In that view, if that is what is happening, then once a certain level of awareness of the self as this system is achieved, an interactive feature may activate enabling some kind of communication or conscious transfer of information between the ‘gap’ or boundary that must exist between each ‘big-bang’ verse or layers of the universal occurrences in higher space. For the interactive potential to be activated, there must be, just like in electronics, a sufficient conductivity in the channel system that connects, so that an ‘electrical’ information flow may be carried. This conductivity is not material, like in a copper wire, but closer to a wifi signal being built up and built up and transmitted through a transceiver system that organizes the information of your ‘youness’ of mind into an electromagnetic emission (bio-emission) and literally, like a laser pointed into space, shoots that energy out into ALL. Without resistance, and with a harmonized organization of frequencies, that energy emission will act as a scalar propulsion system and it will literally propel itself like a slinky moving through the universe. So the idea is, if all the ‘yous’ of the individual universes suddenly become aware of this and begin to basically send out the message to each other, then you’re going to begin to synchronize that same frequency of mind at a power level that is orders of magnitudes beyond anything we can even begin to conceive in this society. This is the process that was discovered and there was technology designed to pretty much do this automatically, however, if one gains this, without the harmony, then they basically turn into a kind of chaos system.

The harmony, that geometric congruence, the underlying principles of you, knowing who you are, through self-awareness and choosing to remain rather than corrupt or self-destruct, is what keeps the entire universe and the entire multiverse of ‘you’ together. So if you gained access to that power, in the seat of arrogance, ignorance, ego, etc, then that’s the destruction of the self rather than the cosmic realization of wholeness. A lot of the people who stole this tech and secrets of knowledge from the originals, literally, instantly went insane because they envisioned themselves as some kind of distorted monsters and chaos beings which is all illusion because what IS exists and is experiences because of that underlying order. The chaos is the backdrop, the order is the actual substance. The chaos is undefined and varying, the order is the unchanging and ultimate principles that reconfigure to give new creative experience.

So now, back to the idea of the (super, beyond biological) consciousness bridge through virtual space connecting the versions of ‘you’s together to give access to the real you which is actually a multitude of possibilities and experiences connected through higher-space in between universal occurrences separated by a zero-frequency null-zone (universal boundary). What enables the you to connect to yourself, instantly, as if you are operating in unison, yet remain separate just like the universes all operating in the same overall ‘field’ of some kind space ‘outside’ of each universe while enabling them to remain separate? Your DNA is the specific collection of frequencies that collectively resonate to generate a supreme collective, unified ‘wave’ and that is the forefront of your awareness. All the individual aspects of you, every charge from every cell, every memory, all experiences coalesce by way of their resulting influence on your genetic code and this then represents some original concept of configurations that existed to originate ‘you’ and carry that configuration to where you are now.

If this configuration is kept in harmonious alignment, because this is basically a song that your biology sings that represents your overall identity, then the ‘you’ from the origination will pass on forward to the next time. If the you from the beginning, where all life originated, arrives to the completion point at the finalization of experiences that fully integrate your soul awareness into life and fully demonstrate that you are the soul and you know that then the you that began, is the you that finalizes and this never changes because it can never be undone. If the you that entered this place and is carried by that original configuration, degrades and no longer carries the original, harmonious imprint of the value of life, then the you that entered is destroyed by this place and it will be as if you never existed. The original ‘you’ will still exist, but on the ‘other side’ of a temporal singularity where all things have all, already happened, then that human you that had the physical experience, and degraded, will not exist. It would be like a memory of a dream that almost was convincing enough to be a reality but must’ve just been a daydream because the resulting presence of the being of that dream is no longer present. That degraded version doesn’t make it to the other side, and this is because that other side is through a temporal and spatial shift or transitory ‘space’ that is a collection of all spaces and times, like a nexus, and all variables of energy and variation increase beyond the limits of relativity to the point where everything that can happen will and does happen to your consciousness.

This is a virtual space, a nexus of all energy passing through a singularity in order to achieve actualization beyond biological existence.

This is all down to genetics and awareness. If we synchronize with an animalistic way of life then those interactions keep us limited to that probability spectrum. If we synchronize with our self as the awareness that connects the universal versions of experience together, then, kind of like a picture where the figure is composed of elements of nature and objects from the foreground and background, we become the much more expanse all encompassing self that is a combination of all the multitudes of possibilities. If you’re all aspects at once, then why are you interacting with only the knowledge and awareness of one of you? That is a universal resistance of entropy and chaos which moves to dissolve your awareness. This is what is to be overcome, consciously, by organizing that underlying structure of your awareness, becoming aware of the fundamental, primary geometries and strong-points and securing them in your life so that you become unconsciously, automatically, totally aligned to that harmonizing and congruent aspect of reason all the way within your subconscious. This must become first and second nature, because when people realize the power that they can access through the DNA an acceleration cycle is reached and without balance they will forget who they are and begin to automatically accelerate all cycles and emissions of electromagnetic bio-emissions as if the rate of acceleration of time, like gravity, accelerates in an exponential growth curve towards a singularity. If they are feeling one way, or if they are being manipulated by their own lower awareness, however it is, if they are not securely in control, self-aware, harmonized and steady, their own energy will literally rip them apart.

This is kind like the idea of simply building a house and making the foundation strong in preparation for a hurricane that will arrive, that will test and stress each and every corner of the foundation and every wall all the way up to the roof. It’s not a physical force pushing, this is virtual, higher-dimensional space and so it is the occurrence of a maximal increase of variables meaning it’s an experience of time dilation that is perceived as being temporal ‘longer’ then the length of the time of the entire universe. It’s a singularity where all the variables of contrast of the entire system, are contained within a single point that everything spirals into. If we do not have an organized, structurally sound, harmonized and geometrically congruent system of concepts that define who we are, then that concept of self, literally dissolves under the stress and mixes into that backdrop, chaos, ‘non-self’ information that I described in the beginning of this post.

So now, how does this relate to the ‘archons’, the nanites and the infiltration of the controllers by their own darkness? To put it simply, the AI nanite system is a programmed, autonomous intelligent system that exists through the propagation of the backdrop information frequencies of that chaos, non-self aspect of the universe. That system is programmed to convert all aspects of the self, you and your original essence, into non-self aspects literally like a quantum disposal unit of consciousness. It is programmed to assimilate a person’s biology by energetically resisting their self-awareness and self-expression until a kind of cosmic confusion occurs which lessens the connectivity of them, to themselves, and thus their self to their other selves.

This is basically a universe destroying program that was created by a power group that desires to ensure that no other people make it to the virtual space that they have accessed through the knowledge and the technology that they stole from the originals. If one arrives in the virtual space and is stabilized, then whatever you experience is up to you. If it were a house, then you could be downstairs, and intend to go upstairs to find a zip-line that leads to a beach and all you would have to do is walk up stairs (if you wanted to walk and keep things organized) and find it. So they’ve accessed this through utilizing the advanced technology to secure themselves in a space-time bubble and create whatever they want. There is an explanation that fear causes the worst space-time nightmares in this multidimensional state, which it does, and so they created the technology to act as a test, a precursor to humanity accessing these higher planes with them, so that people would realize that unless they overcome fear, they’re going to end up enslaving themselves in higher dimensions through the distortion and disharmony of their consciousness in response to their own feedback.

In that explanation, everyone is now working together to try an ‘unslave’ humanity from themselves and inform them that they must stand up and proclaim their liberation and commit and demonstrate their free-will by not listening to the false-authority. Quite literally, the control system is comprised of AI beings who literally have no concept of what a human is and are akin to props that are simply carrying out programming rather than acting under their own free-will or actually desiring to do what they’re doing. Even if they think they do.

This is connected to the cloning where supercomputer systems are powerful enough to replicate a neuronal map of the brain, called the connectome, and literally convince itself (or that portion of it’s processing power) that it is the original human consciousness. Many of these beings feel they deserve to enslave humanity as a right to rule and that humans should not be allowed to leave because they don’t deserve it. Thus, mind games ensue to ensure that humans contractually agree with their own enslavement, because again, the controllers don’t have free-will and thus they must respect a person’s free will. However, like a contract, logic, or a legal perspective, if you say, “I am free” and then go enslave your self and align with the enslavement of others with every 80 out of 100 opportunities to do otherwise, you most definitely don’t agree with and support freedom and that will be used against you by these controllers to claim you accept their rule.

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  1. This is a well written work and worth reading by everyone. I scanned through it as it was passed onto me by another, but I’ll read it all soon. Einstein was talking about how everything we see is as the film strips or frame rates and that we “hop” from one rate to another…nothing is fluidic here. I love information like this that goes much deeper in depth about things that explain the hidden parts of reality.


  2. Reminds me of when Neo is talking to the Architect in the room full of T.V. monitors in The Matrix. All of his selves coalesced there at that time and space in all of his realities and he was finally able to change the outcome. This subject matter is easy to confuse in its description but your line of communication is fluent and precise, making it very easy to follow. The words are not the key, merely a tool to help the key define itself. Thank you for the post I look forward to reading more.


  3. “I” [ the entity labelled Deke ] is still mystified as to why “I” experience this particular moment or incarnation of consciousness as it is now. { reading this post in this Hotel in time/space here on earth in Chicago at 9.23 pm etc ].. Is this a direct result of the evolution of my soul as it has evolved? That is to say as The vedas have it – each “part” of ParaBrahman { Supreme Awareness] expresses itself according to its own conscious evolution – the rock, the plant, a beetle, a starving dog, a dumb actress on the casting couch, Sai baba the indian guru..etc etc.. This leads to the next question.. Does greater soul awareness lead to a higher quality of experience in this projection – as the Vedas have us believe?


  4. (to be read in a friendly tone):

    I truly love you and kinda hate you at the same time, Aug. I’ve spent just about every waking moment (that I’m not actually working) for over 4 weeks now swallowing, digesting, literally devouring, reminding myself to breathe; to eat; to sleep at a reasonable time, as well as reflected on what you’re divulging with honestly no foreseeable plans on ceasing due to the voluminous content of your site(s). I feel like the kid in Never Ending Story…”Atreyuuuuuuuuuuuuu…” :)

    So you can go ahead and report to the manager of this special operation team of disclosure or whomever is observing the reactions and responses (if not just yourself), that this intelligence you were authorized and cleared to present publicly has made an impact of monumental proportion, shattered some deep-core illusions, made someone question her own existence and purpose, very uncomfortably, I might add, as well as made her experience a VAST number of emotions that at present moment, are not of a “happy” nature. I feel like I’m coming out of my skin.
    You didn’t respond to my FB instant message from a few days ago of a different nature so here ya go with this one!

    Good day, sir.


  5. In the carnivorous system aggression is used to catch and kill the prey. Aggression and ‘cruelty’ is also used in protecting bloodlines, breeding competitiveness and sometimes seemingly for entertainment. That’s the system we are in. At the same time there is protective nurture, group unity and support, beauty and brilliance in design. Humans also became carnivorous and aggressive but at the same time are repelled from aggression and cruelty. Did the Creator make it this way? Did someone use a ‘mechanism’ to ‘big bang’ this into existence? But with rightful ownership of the ‘mechanism’ does it still belong to the creator? Will He save the version of ‘us’ which were criminally replicated into this version or many others? It seems we are fatally trapped with no way out. The ways out are all theoretical it seems.
    Or was it a trap which was foreseen? The ‘entity’ that caused this polarity based death and fear trap was basically allowed to densify all for his ‘enjoyment’ and pride but the Source used it as opportunity to divide light and darkness with escape and continuance for light but eternal entrapment of darkness? Did the Source affect the ALL because that’s just how it is? It required sacrifice?


    1. Not eternal darkness for anything, it’s all free-will however the initial phase and the sustaining function is free-will deceptive or illusory. There’s always a way.


      1. Ok…
        I kind of understand the Old Testament YHVH in relation to Jesus and this interaction of the Buddha with a demiurge could be a classic and sneaky disinfo act obviously prepared by someone with knowledge outside of time. (Or it was a real experience, on that basis)


    1. This is akin to a person who can’t read wondering what those strange drawings on those piles of thin strips of flimsy stuff is all about. Then he sees people reading big gray flaps of something on the streets and keeps making fun of them and wiggling his them on his nose.

      It’s only funny if you can’t read.

      If you don’t understand it, simply learn how to read. All the information is from personal experience and secret operations within the underground research projects.

      There is a mind control campaign from the 70’s to disable critical thinking of individuals who cannot muster the strength to resist not having a problem with not knowing anything about their own existence and so that is why there is an automatic aversion to learning how to read. If you want to overcome that, you have to want to know the truth. This doesn’t mean simply accepting whatever your TV tells you based on people who are paid to lie to you and academic, medicinal, research, and exploratory groups that are literally telling you right to your faces “Everything you see publicly endorsed is a trick.” If you can’t get it, if you can’t realize that they’re literally telling you, in order to let you know the truth inversely, then that process decided for you that you don’t deserve to know.

      In other words, that part of you that is so content with not having a clue about your own existence, being turned against yourself and your best personal interests and hating knowledge about your true nature of mind based on the answers to questions you can’t conceive, is not you. That’s the whole point. And if it turns out, after a lifetime of intellectual misery and continual complaints, that you never intended to know then since the human is a being of self-awareness (that’s…what makes a human) it will turn out that you never existed and were instead just a pale shadow of a mind so heavily programmed by its surroundings that there was only the mere reflection of enough consciousness to convince others that the experience is real.

      Eventually you’ll begin to want to know about your existence and how your mind operates. If you have a soul, you’ll realize you extend from another “place” in space time outside your physical self because the self of the biological consciousness aspect cannot actually observe itself, like a camera taking it’s own picture.

      Then you’ll want to know about consciousness theory and the reality of a ‘frame rate’ of perception which is how many times per second your brain updates the ‘stream’ of consciousness through the perception of reality.

      From there you may come to the conclusion that you can’t draw a square in a universe without requiring the presence of the extra-dimension of space to transfer that information through the third-dimension. Then you’ll realize you can’t have the third-dimension of cartesian movement without having the ‘4th’ or simply an abstracted ‘extra-dimension’ to move through to create those motions. Then you’ll realize, you can’t have self-awareness of the 4th and 3rd dimensional existence, if you don’t have an extra-dimension requiring a 5th dimensional possibility of motion to then carry the information of the self-awareness energy which is then extending down to act as an observer agent upon the lower dimensions.

      So in short, quantum mechanics, psychology, geometry, mathematics, fuzzy logic and math, set theory, computational systems, logic, ethics and morality, philosophy, biology, ‘spiritual’ practice, ancient texts, and direct experiences starting at birth (and before), in unacknowledged special access programs and interacting with the most powerful and intelligent scientists in the world and possibly this part of the universe who have literally altered your time and even your mind so that you accept stupidity, hate knowledge and will go to great lengths to absolutely voice your complete acceptance of your own cognitive destruction in order to avoid having to do the mental work for yourself.

      Basically, if you read the post or go to college you’ll be able to find all the basic information you need. College isn’t really necessary but apparently you don’t know how to use google or a library and see this information has been plaguing your bloodline for millenia. Well, sooner or later you’ll either lose access to a physical body or will realize that you can save yourself by comprehending why your own mind is not your own because you don’t even know what you are, why you are here, how you got here, and who’s controlling you.

      And I can see your trail on the site, you read three paragraphs and scrolled down, if that. Try again. This time, actually be someone. Oh and read the intro to this blog. You agree with child sacrifice and mind controlling a population to cover your own perverted desires and false-authority? Well, no wonder you wouldn’t read the post before commenting.

      I suggest you read a book, “The Extra-Dimensional Universe: Where The Paranormal Becomes Normal”. This will help un-stupify yourself. And if there are perverted actions that make you scoff at the idea of child sacrifice and ritual abuse and rape, then promptly realize you’re a coward without a soul who is agreeing to sell out his species for personal gratification.

      And if you’re not selling out you’re own species because you’re any combination of hybrid DNA, brain-chipped assassinhole, so on and so forth, then, well, fuck-it, you know and I know that both will be dissolved when the barrier is reached so you’ve already made your choice about how you want to go down. Enjoy.

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