Interesting “Mandala Effect” Videos by a Researcher

Here’s another one, watch these if you’re interested. This book is part of the operations at least indirectly because there was briefing on the information. All of the artifacts and remnants of higher-dimensional influence and powerful, intelligent people had to be deciphered by various informational groups and I’ll tell you they have the best operatives and technologies to work with and there are hidden messages literally all throughout civilizations. With enough experience, one eventually realizes this entire civilization is literally a big secret cover for something so much larger that people must be prepared mentally in order to accept the truth without being too overwhelmed to maintain connection with reality.

One thought on “Interesting “Mandala Effect” Videos by a Researcher

  1. Aug! Interesting synchronous effect…you wrote Mandala in reference to articles about Mandela effects in your title…..I had just journal written about how all the focus on Mandela effects seemed staged to take focus away from the group healing and creation of a healing mandala that all who have chosen life will have on their energy signature when the time comes….interesting times


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