Update on the Situation of Disclosure and the Resolution of the Parasitic System

Just to keep you updated. In February I returned to the situation to begin informing the public with myself as a visible figure. I began informing people on the internet a few years before that, I even just found some old texts from some forums that are pretty wild!

I began the internet disclosure when I was younger in my early teens. We were repositioned on the timeline to have a maximally effective proximity to key events.

After a few months of the previous year, I began to remove certain implants that are put into us so that we don’t overload in this society. As well, certain groups place them there so they can ride on our energy, they still have to learn a bit about energy cultivation in their own right. The goal is to help everyone cultivate their own energy. There is no need for a parasite to be a parasite at that point, and if the parasite is non-human, yet all humans are energy cultivators, then the parasite has no interest with us.

Truthfully, this was enacted to initiate a system-wide cleanse of the parasite across all levels. Therefore, the parasitic qualities of the entire system was flushed to the lower level of the reality matrix and that is around this one.

Then, after a few months beyond that previously mentioned point of the last year, I began to synchronize with certain world events and re-initiate the phases of personal healing, removal of blocks, disclosure. There is more to it than these words, but you’ll get the point and no other operatives will be in danger if I say it that way. “Danger” is not necessary illusory, but fear is. Now if you realize that fear is the only real danger in the higher plane you’ll see how the story progresses with the time wars and Earth’s ancient history with humanity. This is a seed plane, wrapped in a net, and a transitory one at that.

Human are moving to the next level of existence and they can’t be stopped, only delayed. Whether you think this has to do with transhumanism agendas or not doesn’t matter. A being who chooses to not tango with the BS at this point is closer to the Ultimate Creative Force than one who gets covered in ignorance for aesthetic and intellectual purposes. That’s what this is about. Some will and have moved beyond the physically limited biological systems, yes, and no people won’t really be forced to do anything except stopping trying to kill each other for fun. That doesn’t work well when you can’t die. People just start up wars that never end and kind of wreck the realm and they have to be put in little segmented reality streams so that they can get all their energy out yet if they aren’t aware then it becomes an autonomous river of BS. So it’s all being handled, situation by situation, by inserting operatives to inform the public of each area and in that way extract those who are not just “following the herd” or “following orders”. There’s a line there with orders or even herd mentality. Some could say I’m following orders, but I’m not, and operatives are not. It’s in the heart, everything is done because it’s the right thing to do, not because it gets us aroused or lots of power or some effect like that. And this is definitely not the ‘herd’ as far as herd behaviors are concerned.

So then, after last year, around November, December and January lot’s of people were saying there’s something coming, some shift. For me this was a quiet zone, but that is often where realignments occur and the fine tuning of a re-ascent is set and launched. And there were major breakthroughs if you’ve been paying attention. There has no been this much attention in the public about corruption and advanced technology since…well, before this all started in the pre-modern and pre-historic societies. They’re not actually pre-historic, or really even pre-modern unless you consider modernality to be the lack of technical and intellectual advancement, however these societies are hidden from the public history books. History itself is a big…”illusion” although it’s real, just not in the way you perceive, like time.

Again, however, the corruption, the changes, nations throwing their false-authority oppressors out, charges being brought up, people talking about the truth. It’s all coming out just as it should.

Now, after the first couple months of this year, two things began to happen. Timelines began to change and the memories of individuals that I have personally investigated in order to determine their level of assistance in the disclosure began to shift as their minds and roles began to alter, indicating that the timeline was being altered again. And then, a lower level of blocks began to be removed and this resulted in a few changes in the power structure on the surface which is reflecting changes in the non-physical planes where the surface is actually managed from.

I’m not going to say much more than that, but the souls of people are used to power machines and temporal planes where higher level controllers use them. Nothing more needs to be said, fragments are returning and people are not having the access to the same energy. Whatever happens now is up to us. The reigns are off. There is simultaneously a power vacuum, meaning that whoever wants to play master vampire will get their chance, but now that we’re here, things can get ugly or cheery depending on how the people want the truth. They will most likely want just enough ugliness to realize they want the more friendly version. That’s just usually how it goes. Until people get over that ego, that ego, like a wild horse, has to be tamed and it will be because there are no wild horses in the civilization where one can create a world with their intentions if they so choose. Does that make us ‘civilized’ creatures out of animals? No, but it allows us to control the power that no society has publicly acknowledged since before this turn of history. Without that self-control, that power is the downfall. And it’s not that serious, what? We have to be told not to blow ourselves up with our own minds because we can’t choose compassion, harmony, knowledge and self-control? And the problem is that we have to do that? No, no, the problem is that people would blow themselves up if they are given just a little bit more power than they have now. That is the problem and that is what will be focused on here. And again, if it was truly oppressive, well, then people wouldn’t be given the chance to learn. All society would be converted into a big plasma prison cage and they’d have to do it that way. No, that’s an old world concept, even the concept “No”, is and it doesn’t exist or doesn’t need to when people realize the power they hold within, within their DNA to traverse the possibilities that they can’t yet see with their eyes.

So about half-way through the year or so, as we are now, various systems came online and we began to move forward. These are temporal occurrences that are being held off until the right moment to merge back into this timeline and this will feel like you begin to feel like you felt in the earlier 2000’s. Then the 90’s. Then before that. Yes, we descended into a time tunnel of sorts, well, technincally a temporal rift, a time tunnel is a form of technology that creates a literal energetic anomaly which is what a ‘time tunnel’ is. The time tunnel device uses a time tunnel.

Anyway…these events are merged as other events are replaced by them, energetically, through frequency, empowered through the control and configuration of this plane through powerful computer systems that are only accessible by those who have the heart system activated and are aware of the values of compassion, free-will and truth that humans are created out of. Other beings too, mainly humans is a misnomer and is used to talk about the sensitive skin and mind covered beings that are currently all over the surface. They wear funny clothes and do quirky things…to put it…’nicely’.

I’m not sure where I’ll be. We’re given trajectories. I can stay for a more extended period or choose to extract out earlier on and have a rougher ride. It all depends. I’m kind of looking forward to a rough ride, I don’t really do well on the lazy river floats.

So…we are going ‘backwards’ in time, in frequencies. There was a descent, an oppression, a compression. We are undoing that. Everyone who thinks they’re going ‘forward’ towards more of the same trajectory will be experiencing a dissolving of their consciousness and the values that outline their persona. This is possibly by design, more so by a combined mishap of multiple errors from experiments and possibly what could be considered calculated disasters by ill-intentioned individuals from an ill-intentioned group.

More or less, on the ‘higher-plane’, systems were designed to infiltrate and collect people into a degradation to use them as guinea pigs on a hamster wheel (think about that visual). The ‘fall’, the attack of humanity, the parasite, all of that is literally a kind of movie theater on the higher plane where beings ‘plug in’ (hmmm, kind of mechanical), where beings “interface” (still strange but it works), with a projected reality that literally allows us to ‘walk in’ to this society and interact just as if we were born like anyone else.

Well, one group of cosmic ….whatever label you want to use for their actions, they felt it would be ‘bright’ to insert a program that would take over the projection system and activate a virus that would begin to kill people by instigating wars, diseases, etc. It’s an entropy virus, it just kills everything in the system.

So, operatives have been recruited, more or less (largely volunteer, but also a kind of voting or ‘call-up’-calling) to step down into the system with the intentions of navigating the wreckage, locating other operatives, and all other sentient beings for resolution of the virus and possibly extraction of the entire system.

It’s not pretty if the system shuts down and someone’s mind is still interfaced within it, you can imagine what would happen. This is the same thing, just a temporally wider civilization that has access to thousands upon hundreds of thousands of years of history.

Once a civilization becomes advanced enough, they become that nexus, central core collective of advanced civilizations, because they simply move to the level of manoeuvrability that all other civilizations also came to when they became advanced enough. You can bend temporal fields, electromagnetic fields, to operate in a way that you can view or interact (there are rules) with other times and spaces. It’s that simple. Then time is not a boundary, but a kind of phone book of sorts, and instead of calling, you actually build a temporal bridge and ‘go there’.

Reality itself, then, becomes one huge virtual system where any kind of existence can be experienced and all the previous (or “later” depending on your perspective) or lesser experiences where there *is* or *would be* (note the tenses) not as much variety or advancement can be accessed and observed or even interacted with. Again, one must be interfaced carefully, because altering the past *could* destroy the future.

Nothing, “happened”, everything is happening right now, or could happen if it was so. The past, *is* right now. If something is changed, then it *could be so* or *could’ve been*.

There are many who are not prepared to handle this, but those are the people who are either not interested in the truth, or are running background programs and attempting to extract them at this point would result in a null factor.

As the realm closes, as the funnel tightens around their reality stream, well, those lost souls that were out “somewhere” “over there” by the vagrant and distance reality frequency parameters, well, as the realm squeezes on the whole, those souls will bounce and vibrate right towards the center of the funnel and it will make it easier to extract them out or stabilize them and inform them of what is happening.

So it’s like a water funnel going down the drain or like a ray of light going from a wide angle to a sliver and then slipping out the door as a door closes. As that happens, people will be more likely to realize and in the same sense, there are evacuations that have already occurred where the most aware have noticed the door shutting and took a step in that direction. Then the door closed some more and people went through the big open, yet shrinking passageway. Then, the least aware people will only realize what’s happening as the room begins to darken and they realize that outer, borderland area where they were exploring, or forgetting is becoming less and less visible, more and more difficult to operate in.

Everyone looks up, the system probably won’t fully shut down if a mind is still in there but the longer people wait and the more they communicate with the background processors as if they’re actually sentient organisms the more of that ‘shock’ of the ugliness will have to set in and occur. The shock and ugliness is simply what happens when you’re reading a book or playing in the ‘woods’ and all of the sudden the cosmic sun begins to go down for the first time in millions of years. All the nasty frequencies and potentials begin to leak out in the the reality stream and people who are just lolly gagging along are going to expect it the least especially when the so-called whoever” turns out to be some kind of parasitic program that stitched itself into their reality stream through infiltrating their mind and using them for its own energetic sustenance.

There is always something more.

5 thoughts on “Update on the Situation of Disclosure and the Resolution of the Parasitic System

  1. All the things Amitakh talked about on her xee-a Twelve site and I expanded on in GLP and other sites. This system is coming to a close now whether anyone wants it to or not. Extreme nihilism is expressed now as the system winds down, due to less energies abounding, and it drains the few good beings left here so it may survive. You write things so well. I have not the words to convey to more mundane minds as I come with a rage and sorrow at what has happened here so therefore I lack the patience to write it out as well as written here.


  2. Wow, just wow! Everything you and Emma Gold talked about in the YouTube Transmission discussions flipped a switch in me. Especially the 2nd one. It was like you illustrated my own experience in many ways. The 9 veil info hit me square between the eyes, killing Goliath, if you will, and it all makes sense now. I’m 8 for 9. Can’t seem to yet be open to the 9th – (thin skin, I guess).
    I wish I could hug you. I love you. Your bravery and authenticity is commendable.
    We all really do need to work together to keep this mass disclosure flowing. The fear frequency generators are very strong and overpowering.
    I want the parasitic programming gone! I want to do much more to help. Not sure how, though.


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