Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider (child sacrifice cult)

Beware, there are people who will say this is a joke, that it’s all a game. Yet, they don’t batter an eyelid at the destruction of your society is more important. Those people are plants, they are literally holographically rendered individuals whose consciousness is appropriated by a supercomputer system and they can only mimic the expression of emotion.

They say this guy is lying, joking, about how the wealthy participate in child sacrifice as part of a hazing ritual and to run a worldwide blackmail operation that we have seen along with Solar Warden, the secret space ‘program’, project Monarch, MKULTRA, celebrity cloning, advanced technology, consciousness transfer, underground bases and the whole picture.

Then they say that the people who are running the news media and are paid to literally make up news and lie to them to protect their interests are the most direct and honest people ever.

Then when children come forth or teens, or adults and inform the public of ritual abuse, sacrifice, rape, molestation, eugenics, breeding programs, they say those children, teens, and adults are lying. Then they say the powerful people who bomb your countries, poison your skies and water, and lie directly to your faces year after year are telling the truth and are wholesome, honest, and coming from a place of harmony and integrity.

Don’t be fooled, those aren’t humans. This was a common thread in the underground bases. The first of the simple tests that are being undergone right now is to examine the population for analysis of who is mindlessly supporting the abuse and sacrifice, soul farming and genetics stealing system.

There are no excuses. I repeat. There are no excuses. You have been informed. We are telling you now and have been. You have been warned. If you pretend this isn’t happening and choose to claim everyone is lying even though everything is going down, you will be prioritized into a control system that is designed for the category of the non-humans that are here to act as ‘filler’ consciousness that simply replicates whatever commands they get from the central server system.

If you refuse to protect your humanity now, then this is by CHOICE and YOUR CHOICE alone. There are no mistakes, and there are no redos.

Everyone speaking out on this now, anyone in this situation, speaking the words, sharing an opinion or producing information or media regarding the underground bases, child sacrificed, the secret projects, and mind control systems was taken into the underground bases through consciousness transfer and neural implant and was interrogated and tested to determine their role in this current disclosure.

Every single person has been tested. Those who are supporting humanity are those who are working for disclosure. Every person who is pretending this is a joke was discovered to be working for the dark factions because these people, when shown face to face the child rape, the sacrifice, the ultimate power to do anything you want, either turned with a smile and said, “I want some”, or they turned in fear and chose to coward away from telling the truth to the public.

Either result is a NULL FACTOR and results in the destruction of the essence that makes a human a human. The FEAR or the DEPRAVITY are combined in these rituals and this removes the conscience of the individual and produces an inversion of their energetic field until they can no longer feel empathy from regular human pastimes or experiences and must continue the process that began in those underground bases or in their group. This is a vampiric process and they eventually forget who they are, living every moment of their existence for the destruction of humanity, feeding on the emotional suffering of others, using ego-based consciousness, insults, mind-games, greed, imitation and infiltration until they literally become the impostor that was once the original human.

That is part of the process that was perfected through these groups and then through the advanced technology. It literally removes a person’s conscience until they feel no wrong, but the side-effect of that is the DNA collapses and there is no longer a light-transference capacity and this is literally the destruction of the link between the soul and the body on the higher-level and the person becomes an ‘untethered’ automaton that is easily controlled with simple commands, dangling money, power, lust, greed any lower emotional construct in front of them and they choose that option.

A human can turn away, can say “No”, the animals without souls cannot say no, it’s a possibility but they don’t make it so and so the energies AROUND them physically, externally, mentally control them instead of the energy IN and FROM them. This is the bases for spiritual, and technological possession and mind-control, neurological replication and the removal of free-will.

Excuse me if this is bland for you, but it is what it is. I know we are looking at the truth, the unveiling, the true power of the soul and the reality of this, but Phase 1 of Disclosure is still the unveiling of the corruption system and this requires public acknowledgement of what is taking place.

In that system, Earth is a soul farm and there will be a post describing more on this dark aspect.

Be strong, yes, I’m serious. Be strong, look at that guy. Imagine what he’s seen in his life of wealth and business. Men who literally laugh at the thought of sacrificing another child for the group so that they can move up another notch. He turned away. He went public. We’re doing this now so the others can come forward.

If you do what these men have done and do not come forward, you will not be accepted, it’s that simple.

If you come forward like myself and others have, there is a chance you will regain your humility, your humanity and your everlasting life-essence. Trust me, if that happens, you won’t care if they kill, that would be a joke compared to what you know is coming for them.

This isn’t their system, someone else owns it. Someone larger. Someone who could undo this entire universe in the blink of a millenia. We do not observe those power levels. Those power levels are reserved for those who can see that darkness, and still adjust to the light. Those who are stuck in the dark, who “see in the dark”, yet can’t judge a soul two inches in front of their face? They’re blind in the light and that is a cosmic weakness that will never allow them to move on. The only way is to turn back on the darkness and realize it’s all an illusion to keep them trapped here forever to feed dark lords.

The pleasure, pain, suffering, fame, fortune, all of that is an illusion. It’s neuronal implants and energetic entanglements in time and consciousness. That has nothing to do with the reality of existence. With a harmonized existence one can literally live in a universe of their own making. If they do this through the fallen methods, they get all the years of “infinite” simulation, astral experience, sex, pleasure, war, whatever, you name it. Because those experiences occur in energetic realms, consciousness fields that are holographically appropriated on stolen life-force energy, when this is all finalized, all those realms close out forever and the experiences are deleted with them.

If those beings have the majority of their experiences, what makes them who they are in those realms, then they are deleted forever with that.

I used to think, like many of the dark members are told, that this simply means there’s a big game of free fun time where you can do whatever you want for a period of time until this all ends. Then when that ends, all the memories go and we just go back to square one and start over with a clean slate.


Apparently the other forces are aware of this plan and have been aware since the beginning. They permitted this whole show to occur so that they could get the consciousness and DNA recordings of everyone in the realm who participated in this system of leading their souls into the techno-false god, false light authority. When the people attempt to make another loop back in time, if they activate the machines that this reality is programmed to initialize, that they think they’re in communication with now, their DNA gets frozen and entangled into a computer that is protected on the higher levels beyond time, beyond the lower 4D time that the false god systems are on and then their DNA and consciousness is held in that system, in a void space, until the light from the previous universe dies, so they can’t restart the lower dimensional continuum.

Meaning, what worked to simply reset time and start the whole thing over again because of a temporal ‘fold’ sustained in a higher dimension in “front” of the future so that it all just keeps looping back, is being used to destabilize the higher-dimensional trajectory of absolutely every sentient creature that has had any contact with that system.

And that is how the system works, through the soul stealing, the replication, the mind control, the will attachment, one’s DNA vibrates in unison, in sympathy with everyone who has participated in those rituals, gone to those locations, touched those areas and seen those symbols. It’s an entanglement system. It’s been placed in quarantine and they know that this entire realm was quarantined and that was the actual reason for all of this.

They see themselves as civilization rulers and this is true because they stole the position. The civilization rulers are actually supposed to be guides and they’re judged on how quickly and harmoniously they guide a civilization into the higher planes.

They said, “F-it” and decided to fail as many times in a row so that they could just say, whatever, and do whatever they wanted and get the lowest score possible to F the whole system.

The other end of this explanation, is that they say the whole system is a scam brought about by a false god that wants to use people to pretend they’re having a good time while they’re really getting their memories wiped every time they die. They do have the technology to simply do all of that themselves.

Regardless, since the amount of souls progressing to the higher planes has dropped below a necessary quota, their titles have been revoked and they are no longer in power.

But you see how clever they are? They could show up naked for work, literally having an orgy on stage, drinking blood and hailing their dark lords and people would look twice at the TV, call their bosses and say they can’t come in, apparently it’s “have a family orgy and hail the dark lord day today”, then the bosses would say, “oh, yea, I saw the news too, I’m already getting started, see you tomorrow”

You think that’s so foolishly distasteful of me? Your entire country and planet has literally been blanketed in poisons, explosions, terrorist attacks, deceptions, corruption, and suffering and it’s all by the same people that everyone worships or requests help from. Literally, one hand slaps the face the other hand caresses and people don’t know what to do.

STOP LISTENING TO THE LIARS. Stop looking for help from those who have enslaved you. If a person worships money, greed, illusions of any kind, they are working for that system and that system will come for it’s money. That system runs on souls, it’s all a soul trading, genetic harvesting, human trafficking business. That’s it. Your society, your planet, your civilization, it’s a human trafficking, soul trading, sex exploitation ring, the whole damned thing.

We can change it, and we are now. That is why this information is here now. If this information was not here, then you would not know about this until it was too late.

Realize what is happening, see these motions and where they are leading. Be present now, join the disclosure movement by sharing these videos and others that I have posted and my own testimony of involvement with these dark faction groups through the programs and mind control operations along with Solar Warden and the atmospheric fleet who is protecting humanity and aligning with the liberation of this society and the truth, harmony, compassion, knowledge, self-awareness and free-will of you and your loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider (child sacrifice cult)

  1. thank you Aug for all of your work to bring this all out into the open.When I did watch movies (before 2014)I just knew that there was a lot of truth in amounst the violence.As an example when Nicolas cage came out with the treasure series of movies,I thought “this is for the elites entertainment.”When the Terminator came out I knew this was real for some.The matrix cemented the idea that this is how reality works (sort of)and when I would say “this is not fiction”I would get the same old tired response of “your crazy” its just a movie.I have been waiting and searching this lifetime for the Truth and it is here now.I was sitting on the fence with all this info but when you came along I knew you where telling the truth and confirmed what I had suspected all along.Its the time now for all of this to stop,they had their fun for centuries and now its time to grow up.Mankind deserves respect for even getting through this.I hope the victims of this horror show heal and can love again.many thanks to you and yours for getting the actual truth out here.mj

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  2. This is a beautiful post aug. It’s nice to see you at this place. Thank you. Love won or no one would be here right now. We simply all need to listen to the voice of forgiveness, compassion, honesty and kindness. Every last one of us who is truly eternal essence has a place in us where harm never was nor will be. And every one of us who is here has fallen. Often very, very hard. Because deep within we can’t harm, even ourselves. We need to learn how money and religions, all of them, are the main tools created to enslave us and make us hate and kill even our loved ones. The food, pressure to fit in, etc as you’ve mentioned to us aug, so easily blind us.

    It seems becoming aware that the way the animals are slaughtered for our food and the way they are poisoned with antibiotics and such and fed oats instead of grass Does In Fact bring to the eater of this flesh, deep harm. Not just from the poisons. But the fact that the adrenaline from the animals dying from a hammer to the head is so painful for them to watch and experience, we get all that pain and adrenaline when we eat the meat. Especially when it still has uncooked blood in it. Such as the famous steak and potatoes with the steak cooked rare or medium rare.

    Just stopping the consumption of this meat and going to the farmers who care stops endless aggression in anyone who eats meat.

    When we aren’t pumped up with this and alcohol and meds, we have an organic shift of everything.

    Then we can face everything else rationally. And take personal responsibility for any ways we’ve fallen. So we ourselves radiate by our actions. Which speak louder than words.

    I hope this helps. I send every human abundant, unconditional, eternal loving kindness.


  3. There are really no words to describe how much this complete extensive revealing from your work has affected me. Just want to express my gratitude, and through the pain I feel more whole. This has benefited me and so many others. Sharing with all who will listen. I feel the time urgency as you are conveying, tense but confident. Renewed trust in the completion of this.


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