Disclosure, Civilization Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

This is a spontaneous rant on some of the current pressing topics which are coming into public view.

The energy and intent behind the presentation of the message is to be neutral so as to preserve the clarity and honesty of the unadulterated truth.

An insincere and emotionally biased delivery leads to an emotionally jaded stance motivated by personal gratification. Such involvement will obscure the core message,distort the end results, and skewer my own perception.

After review I chose to upload the recording as is.

Those who see any aspect of disclosure (I’m only talking about the corruption system, there are still agendas about ‘other’ information, about what we should do or who to believe, etc etc). Those who see the disclosure of the dark forces and activities that are taking place regarding human trafficking, ritual abuse, sex slavery, slave labor, and traumatization do not have the option to claim they were not warned. Those who see this video, and those who see the videos by other individuals who are telling the truth on these issues have been warned and have a duty and a responsibility to safely, respectfully, considerately share the truth and assist in the liberation of humanity. Turning away will be interpreted as a willingness to accept this system and what is coming. This is all a test and a process.

Is this plane a cosmic school or a prison planet? How did this society become so controlled? Are people automatons, software, or immortal souls seeking fulfillment and liberation from the lower base desires of consciousness?

The organic and inorganic is present here. The organic is that which life is derived from. The inorganic is that which life degrades into, or is not identified by. The beginning of the trend towards inorganic is lower awareness, lack of self-awareness, desires or animalistic instinctual existence not guided by soul or eternal values. Free-will is required to rise out of animalistic consciousness. Lack of self-awareness is represented by animalistic nature and behavior.

The lower realms are automated and based on lower desires like fear, lust, greed, hate and deception. The higher realms are self-aware and based on free-will and creation, compassion, knowledge and truth.

We were informed there is more than one version of “Earth”. Earth is a realm guided by intent and collective bio-emissions. This whole experience is a test, a dream, a lesson, a disaster, and a journey.

The dark erred to the point where they need to fulfill a contractual quota of the people through energy and belief. The people erred to the point where they are incapable of existing without the ruling elite.

The resolution is to give the ruling elite a pathway out of this cyclic system through energy cultivation methods while enabling the people to learn independent, self-awareness, truth, self-control, harmony and free-will

If the people do not meet this achievement there is no progression past this age of civilization. If the people cannot live without rulers the ruling elite will not be able to move on from their positions and reach their own ascension or completion of psychological fulfillment for this life-force soul journey.

Technological ascension is the pathway for those in the technological hive mind. Individualist collective ascension is the pathway for the original souls of humanity. This is all outlined in various plans that are being presented publicly now and this has to do with the various breakaway civilizations that are above and below the surface as well as under the sea.

People are viewed software to be upgraded or directed into certain functions for a larger goal. The personal pseudo-identity determined by ego is not the true you. With that, the true you CONTINUES TO EXIST forever.

This realm is akin to a collective dream, like a real-life simulation. As real as it can be, yet also carries the capacity to be influenced and shaped by mind and will.

7 thoughts on “Disclosure, Civilization Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

  1. Thank you Aug. No problem at all with the emotional charge, I found it refreshing, moving, and really quite helpful in driving the point home. Inspiring even, and relatable. Keep it coming, I say. I expect for some, that emotional component may be necessary, just to grab their attention. With knowledge does come responsibility, indeed, and we are all accountable whether we acknowledge it or not. When this burden is shared it weighs less heavily, and our emotional connection serves as an effective uniting force. It is our love for each other that crushes fears and strengthens us, allowing us to drop the masks and face our reality. So thanks very much for the charge, very powerful!


  2. I’ve just discovered this blog and want to express my gratitude appreciation for your postings. Thank you. The thought of talking to others (who are not already aware) about this stuff puts me into a state of paralysis. My previous attempts at these kinds of disclosures have not gone well at all. I feel the mind control is too powerful for most people I know to even consider the possibility of the truth of these issues, and much anger, derision and backlash has been aimed at me for speaking about this stuff, which has created its own form of emotional trauma in my psyche. I want to speak but can find no words.


  3. I love you Aug, your rant was beyond helpful to me. It seems the road goes on forever and the party never ends… :) sending you hugs


  4. Thank you for your information aug. (As always) Just want to say, we didn’t rumble on the surface as they said we would in 2012. All religions and money were created to enslave. I see clearly as you’ve said aug, the light and the dark are two sides of the same group. And I’ve come to see if we feel human, we are probably the race of eternal essence called, “earthling.”

    It looks like we need to ask ourselves this question. Are human or earthling. While other humans are found elsewhere, we’ve been given DNA and bodies we do not originally belong to. All of us are living this. I’ve begun to ask myself if this body that holds me will actually weed out the dark/light reality of the temporal here. And I’ve learned saying, “what’s coming” does not have to manifest. We can gather with unconditional love, meditate and share walking into our new world. This issue of disclosure is not just exposing the onion skins of manipulations. It is also giving the information on how to heal. We only have positive and negative energy. It’s not dark or light. English enslaved us. Energy is physical. When we learn what energy we are running, we stand able to go forward knowing positive energy is physical. Then we find the door of life without manipulation. And then we can truly heal, if we have the original DNA before this mess began.


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