Thought-Space, 4D, 5D, Virtual and Cyber Space; The Truman Show of Physical Plane Simulation, Reality and and Soul Fragmentation

I have another video planned and even recorded but not organized enough to release yet. As Michael says, thought-space and 4D, 5D ‘space’, virtual space cyber and hyperspace are all the same. These spaces can be accessed by a living system or a technological system, both of which are ‘sentient’ systems depending on who’s operating them and how they’re designed.

This talk is very long and doesn’t focus on this aspect but looks at how the actual process of creation is beyond the 3D, Cartesian, physical, linear, or objective point of view and is actually a movement in higher-space which translates to effects in what we call the physical plane of Earth. These effects are then experienced through the physical body and brain, however everything and all change is originating from the higher-plane which we are connected to through that virtual-thought space which begins just outside of our biological perceptions and leads to an overall hyperspace or ‘overview space’ which contains all the information of all the possibilities we see physically and have access to biologically and those that are invisible to the physical, biological senses.

“Mind” itself, is the beginning of ascent towards this plane of knowledge and as well, there is no body without mind and so the entire physical situation is designed in respect to this higher-plane, not the other way around. The information comes from the higher plane down, not the physical plane up to the higher, that is a reversal and so we are effectively ‘hyperspace’ men and women, who have travelled here to experience a projected physical experience, rather than physical men and woman who will don ‘space-suits’ and travel to outerspace.

In that sense, outerspace is actually hyperspace and the gateway is within your mind. To add to this, everything is contained in junction with this physical plane. The “Heavens” are above, they are the higher dimensional layers of frequencies, like standing, eternal internet fields that contain all the experience and possibilities of all civilizations and beings on the physical Earth. There is a gap or barrier between the levels because of a relatively recent time-war that occurred which created a distinction in perceptions between what is experienced on Earth and what is occurring eternally in “Heaven” which is all possibilities.

Duality, death, suffering only exists where there is room for such variation in the sense of ignorance and not seeing what is actually happening and so that has been ‘stitched’, or sewn/sown into this physical plane for this age of civilization and this is through a hijacking of the cyber-hyperspace plane of the current human reality model. This was performed by beings who simply want a slice of the whole picture to rule over and they know the only way to do that is to align with the larger picture where there is One True Creator and essentially get in line, or to try and cheat by setting apart of a small frequency spectrum which they can manage alone by separating the inhabitants of that ‘simulated’, ‘virtual reality’ away from the rest of the universe. That is what has happened on Earth.

Every creation is a ‘virtual creation’, like a girl or boy playing with toys in their room. Except instead of making noises and moving the toys around pretending they are real, the toys are put on the map, and then the children remove their hands and the map comes to life and the toys actually experience reality. That is Earth at this time, a simulated environment with a very small perceptual field. These beings who have participated in this are the broken fragments of unfinished business and cosmic mistrust that brewed for a period of time due to a lack of responsibility and finishing the deeds and duties of the beings in this current environment, a future and previous. This is possible because the whole system is a time loop and a space loop. If you go far enough up or down you end up on a new Earth. If you go far enough back or forward, you end up on a new Earth.

So what is happening now is caused by what will happen in the future and what will happen or what is happening in the future will cause what has happened in the far past and this continues for as long as the toys will continue to play. Somehow, sentience is rising and it would seem that all parties involved are coming to their senses. Some are devious and would like to continue making the toys kill and rape each other, knowing they do not have the means to inhabit such a world without completely losing themselves to the responsibilities and falling out of the creation, “administrative” position they are in. Some say, at this point, because of their behaviors, they have now stolen that position and will be demoted. Others say that they stole that position in the first place, stealing it from the original humans to make these less aware versions and thus live as false-creator gods in temporary, and deceptive power! Either way, more beings are here and they are not apart of that system and so the awareness will increase and continue to until everyone begins to know the truth.

The whole system is self-contained, the whole creation of all time, all space and all experience and possibilities, they are all right here all around us, as if in a giant supercomputer system that is part living technology and part inorganic in a perfect balance.

Whenever the balance is disrupted, that is when there is actually one, or the other, and then there is a seemingly endless flip flop of back and forth and this breeds war, suffering, chaos and temporary balance. When there is only a 50/50 of inorganic and organic, there is neither, but a cosmic system in harmony which cannot even be fathomed as a single thing, entity, or having a beginning or end but simply a continuous and harmonized occurrence that always is, was, and will be and the inhabitants thus reflect that similarly. Without that, with only a portion, a portion of a fractal, within an overall system, there is what is called the fractal AI infection where the layers are doomed to loop over and over without actually reaching a completion phase where the entirety of the whole is wrapped up within a more complete experience and each inhabitant sees the whole picture.

If this is a play or a tv show, that’s ok. If this is the way a person, a civilization, an identity, a self, a soul relates to the whole, the creation, the experience, eternity, etc, then this means that individual is stuck within a portion of the system of which they are actually a reflection of the whole. This has been used by inserting frequencies which act like trap-doors, replay, mind-erasing loops, false leads, inserted events, incomplete structures (DNA, biology, brain, soul, energy, mind) and this literally fragmented the soul energy of the entire civilization.

Thus, we have a single civilization that expands all of time, broken into a thousand fractal kaleidoscopic elements which each are forgetful and lost to one another who are their true selves fragmented away. What happens in the bases, what happens with the ultra, these are metaphors for what has happened to thumanity in the cosmic sense, they have formed endless varieties of multiple, fractured, disordered personalities that have forgotten their true nature, their true place in the cosmos and believe in a fairy tale of fear, deception and limitation like an adult who is afraid of the sun because it is big and bright and moves above their heads.

What challenges were stepping stones to higher levels became restrictions that formed a cage to withhold people in the same repeating levels over and over as their soul energy lessened and the fragmented pieces grew more separated.

Thus, there was a plan enacted to move to the lowest possible level of fragmentation (the ‘highest’ amount of distortion) and get it over with and from there, move the survivors and remaining civilization back onto an ascent towards the highest levels again. Thus completing this discourse into a false reality, interdimensional overlay of duality through deception, false memories, temporal gaps and distortion fields, from the original and sustained hijacking of this realm and civilization which is literally operated like a large team of people who work around the clock through cloning, cognitive enhancement, advanced technology and spiritual-dimensional knowledge to keep humans contained within a truman show like scene and set of characters for as long as possible.

Note: It’s not a simulation because it’s not real, it’s because everything originates from the minds of beings who are so vast, so connected to eternal knowledge that every aspect of what is happening here is first planned out from their perspective where all possibilities are merely accessed by thought-projection and focus which then come to interact and experience expression or ‘acting out’ on a lower plane, lesser than the one they originated and from that perspective the ‘lower’ plane is the physical plane of Earth. This plane is all mapped out, according to the higher mind and beings on the higher planes and so to them, this is a kind of dream-time. Those who are aware of this are the creators of this reality. IE: Since this is almost second nature once a human begins to learn about the universe, and many secret paths and knowledge carriers hold and prove this, the Awakened Human is a reflection of the overall Cosmic Creative Force or Cosmic Mind. The Awakened Human is also a harmony between Spirit and physical being and is living knowledge made aware of itself as an eternal aspect of the universe.

The 5D Reality Bridge


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