Are You Ready to Be A Creator?

Think about this simple fact. People do not know the etymology, the primary, original, or actual meaning of the words they use. These means are the ones that have been in use for thousands of years compared to just the current period.

Words, statements, projections. They shape reality, they form reality, they are both the beginning of the substance that is provided through emotion and intent, and they are primarily the foundation, the structure through which our minds populate reality or are populated by the reality we experience.

Thus, what does this mean for the current situation? What if people are to become instant creators through a removal of all the blocks and barriers? People would be creating realms, events, productions, challenges, twists and turns, left and right, in ways they have no control over or awareness of, because words are the magic spells or key codes and combinations which unlock and shape experiences in reality and people know less about the words they use and their origins and original meanings than they do about the very system of society and governance which guides their lives.

Are people ready to become creators? What would happen if all the barriers were removed instantly? Are we ready for this?

People must awaken, they must become the super-aware versions of who they are now, as a collective. There is a sleeping giant, and we would rather become the wakeful giant than unexpectedly rouse the sleeping giant and have to deal with the results of whatever kind of chaos may result from that inadvertent unleashing of all the power of the subconscious.

There is literally a thousand the 100th power of realms and possibilities, and the entire show is about containing them down to one where we can manage and produce a ‘life-long’ stream of connected experience that can last the length of a universe and match up the beginning, original human, with the final result of a more completely aware and cosmically present being.


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Be A Creator?

  1. Thank you!

    Matter has sealed within itself the Spirit of Life. The time is now to shift focus to our ‘inner-net’, the most sophisticated technology ever to grace this Earth, and the only Power to set us free.


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