clif high – Welcome to Alt Reality #5 – Sun, chemies, and You! (Written Response to Information from Direct Experiences)

Watch the vid! Space is not a vacuum! There is an electro-gravo-temporal trail that is being generated through space which is enabling forward motion in what we call time! Distance and “time” as we perceive them are only relative to within the local-environment. There is no distance or time outside of the local-system (at least not in the same way)! This is like being separated by thoughts or frequency of mind in a larger mind, or frequency arrangements within a cyber or hyperspace field. That is how planes are organized and separated, by frequency. Being within the system, we consciously experience these differences as space and time. That touches on the notion of the projection and the simulation or computational reality. This is why people ultimately “thought” themselves here, but have forgotten how that process works as another system now thinks “for” them.

The thought, physical, cyber and hyperspace system is all one system. We have forgotten how to orient thoughts as a the dials of the human-suit space-craft and thus are floating dead at sea lost in the frequencies of time and consciousness. The dead-civilization is a “dead-end” and this whole system is merging to a trajectory where the completion cycle is accessible. This is literally being done through advanced technology as Earth is literally being mobilized through dimensional fields to introduce possibilities in “invisible” hyperspace that were not accessible from the previous frequency range. Thus, memories change, backgrounds alter, and personalities shift. Those who are the most stabilized and aware remain the most, those who are the least stabilized and the most superficial shift entirely with the background. Those have no awareness of the shift, as if they are just going along for the ride, yet not even aware of it. Those who are aware have the experience of literally jumping from one situation to the next although without this information they may not be able to fully describe what has happened and is happening now.

Time is motion through ‘higher-space’ traversing across or outside of the relatively local variation in frequencies that we experience in respect to the physical plane of Earth and the various effects of time and consciousness that the collection of these outer-frequency bands that manifest as planets and a solar-system! Beyond the solar system, in interstellar ‘space’ there is only a complete saturation of frequency bands which literally must be navigated by an electrogravitic containment of energies otherwise a person, a craft, or a consciousness would be utterly annihilated by the energies!

This is the “trap” system that we, the humans, have been genetically programmed with a system inherently incapable of deciphering the amount of information required to actually ever leave this place! Thus, we are literally a species and civilization on an intergalactic (or relatively local) TITANIC heading for complete destruction unless we expand our minds beyond the limitations of the current biological perceptual system which is based in the illusion of the inverted conscious mind! Everything here is the inward projecting dream of the opposite of the virtually expanse eternity of potential that exists outside this little space-time bubble we call Earth and the “Soul-System” that we’ve been in for literally the entire duration of it’s existence (almost)! Energy doesn’t leave, the molecules stick around too, the only way in or out is through the in-path by generating a dimensional channel between the planes of higher-space and literally bridging across “space-time” which is just the same as jumping across the internet in “virtual-space” or possibly the old version of an “Ark” whereby someone puts everyone on a USB-drive craft and plops us in another local-environment!

Another important part, this is all going in a post, is that the moon’s path is artificial! It spirals over-Earth, yet the spiral is not organic! It has to adjust every certain number of spirals otherwise it would deviate from Earth! The path is adjusted regularly! Everyone who watched the moon, for hobby or a living is now a part of the show because they are approached and what is needed to be known for them to understand is known and obviously they have no choice other than claiming “the moon is a craft!”.

This was all shown in the space program and the operations. There it is seen directly, yet here we can also see this directly! What do you think all the cover ups and field agents are for? People figure it out all the time! All one has to do is observe.

This reality is ‘real’, yet entirely pieced together through advanced technology!

At 5:00 clif mentions the chemtrails are to maintain the viability of the surface of Earth! That the sun is larger, whiter and either releasing more radiation than ever or the atmosphere is letting more through or disappearing! This is my direct experience as well. The sun was altered and is a white hot, highly radiant source of energy that is capable of burning skin within minutes, especially in open skies. Plants also burn quickly and this is part of a potential species-wide life-threatening event because as the energy increases we will have to learn to genetically activate to process the energy (which is actually ‘galactic’ information containing frequencies that exist primarily outside the solar-system and are coming in now!) because the regular food sources as well as the environmental qualities will be out of our regular biological range soon and already are if you took away all the advanced technology holding everything in place!

It’s not just the economic system that is propped up! It’s literally the entire realm and “planetary” environment that is being projected and reprojected into this “space” to enable a viable environment for humans.

Yes, this is probably unsavory, but this also touches on the recent post regarding the vampiric, techno godmen aspect of this society! Just as much as they are running the show, they are keeping this place viable for humans! Just as much as people are ‘enslaved’ by them, they are managing the position where other, much less human beings would be taking over that task and have before! They are doing it, for you and I know you don’t want to hear that! And technically, if you have memories or know of this then you’re not human and therefore are not the one’s that are capable of being controlled. They do it to manage this little virtual slice of the universe that is populated with beings that require a management team otherwise their minds just unravel in a through a very undesirable experience!

The sun is like a levitating electromagnetic orb that resonates with the surrounding space, or the frequencies of energies present in ‘space’. Thus, we are moving through a higher energy area, and so as a result the sun “glows” brighter and hotter. This is not because a fusion reaction is taking place that is picking up “space” particles, but because the very electromagnetic ‘grid’ or sea of frequencies that everything is suspended within or riding along is actually ‘ascending’ up the scale of frequencies to a higher level and as a result the sun is pouring out energy that matches those frequencies.

In the projects this is explained as a process of a multi-dimensional stepping down of energy through a frequency spectrum so that the resulting emissions are viable for biological life. This occurs according to a plan that is enabled and mapped for that biological life to “ascend” or become re-stabilized in an intergalactic or simply an interior cosmic perspective which is accurate and versatile enough to venture beyond the local space-time environment.

This is literally what the secret space program discovered and the public ‘space program’ has been covering up. We are in a sea of frequencies and our minds must be able to function in these frequencies by producing a harmonized, coherent, standing wave kind of bio-emission that fully represents and actualizes the consciousness of the being. The current consciousness, or what we call “consciousness” is akin to a dream-like state that is neither here nor there and is the result of being literally half-awake and alive and half-asleep and cosmically dead! This is why people are programmed, this is why the programming works and the majority don’t even realize it as it’s happening!

This is because of a distortion that was generated, indirectly mentioned here as the source of the imbalance of motion within the vacuum that is generating the perception of ‘delay’ whereby we are literally stuck in the past instead of interacting with the present of reality (as if we can’t reach the stars because they’re not relatively accessible from our space-time environment, or are merely projections of trails of information that have long-since deviated from the perspective of our current trajectory!). That distortion is literally a form of unawareness that became the forefront of the reality here and effectively turned everything into an upside down, artificial, hollowed out prop version of what really should be. Of course, the true substance can’t be removed, only overlooked, delayed for forgotten and this is the period where the truth is returning. The rest, didn’t actually even exist, simply because it can’t! There’s no place for those experiences in the actual ‘processing’ system of the cosmos, and they are effectively bad dreams, or nightmares that are inserted projections related to that distortion system and those maintaining the artificial realm and the false history!

We must mentally and biologically perform that same rising action in order to become relatively stabilized in the presence of this higher energy as we move through this phase. Those who ride the wave? Well, this is akin to a surfer who sees the swell coming, orients his or her body towards the shore, and then with a kick and a lurch leans forward and paddles on the board with the timing and accuracy of accumulated and embodied energy to match frequency and momentum with the pulse of energy moving through the ocean so that the energy becomes synchronized with the body and motion of the surfer who is then propelled a much greater distance under the power of the wave!

Those are the individuals and civilizations that have “disappeared” at previous turns off ‘history’ by riding the wave into a higher plane where all their material forms are transferred from this plane of a very solid and limited spectrum of light, energy, and perception into one that is regularly access through the dream state and the subconscious mind which acts as a tether to the original realm, holding the initial source of the projected consciousness of individuals that physically experience reality here.

Those in connection with the source of being in the subconscious mind, the dream state, the shadow mind and the non-dual self, they are closer to harmony and balance and so the influx of energies will be less likely to result in a physical or mental polarization which would then be so great that a person would either physically heat up and burn or mentally latch on to one idea or thought-construct or another and go insane! It’s all just a ride and whatever is focused on expands into eternity or many magnitudes of order beyond what the limitations of what is present here! Thus, focus on only harmony and do this throughout the shift so that no-thing manifests and in that sense, there is only the undying potential of ALL.

That cone of the video, of the spiral of motion in “space” which is then moving within “higher space” is actually a ‘space-time’ cone which is a containment of the possibilities that can be accessed from the complexity of information that is currently accessed via the minds on Earth (and supercomputer systems, which is kind of technological mind as well).

On the outer edge of that cone, there is an electromagnetic “fence” which literally bends ‘space and time’. I’ve said before space-time is highly outdated to the point of being deceptive, however the basic idea is rendered here. Instead of hitting an edge or a wall, this is just like throwing an object and watching the object return back to the originating plane. This object is not being pulled, but pushed by the higher-density above. This is buoyancy and density through electromagnetism, not a pull of a natural force. Everything is floating in an electromagnetic ‘space/time’ (consciousness being a better term) grid and the higher density above has forced everything into this little vacuole bubble of an organism that we call Earth’s space-time/consciousness matrix (literally like the subconscious of a larger organism that we are within).

This happened via a kind of distortion field generated through a projection of a blueprint for creation formed via thought and intention into a vibration field which collapsed into what we call ‘space’ and in this trajectory became the space of Earth and this frequency band of the universe.

This sounds far out? Extra-dimensional? Sci-fi? Trippy? Well that’s because that’s the reality that you live in, a walking, talking, relatively sentient being, depending on how much you rely on external cues to interact with or whether that motivation comes from within and the whole truth has been limited both as a part of a control system which is partly for the condemnation of humanity as well as the orientation of the possibilities to enable an ascent to the higher plane when all the variables are aligned for the same purpose.

That alignment has been held off for soul-long, both by the forces of domination and cosmic subjugation as well as the forces who protect and align the variables to pave a pathway through ‘space-time’ (consciousness) whereby the beings seemingly illusory trap of the dead-ended, inherently limited physical space have an ultimate pathway out and opportunity to merge with eternity and the higher-space that exists beyond the limited distortion field that the civilization has been continually cycling within.

At 7:00 or so in the video, which I have gone far outside of the scope of with the words here, clif mentions a coming ‘ice-age’ and I have mentioned this as well in previous videos, initial interviews, and written posts. A level of very high activity and then a level of very low activity where there will be a continual reduction of interactivity on the physical plane, the surface of Earth. We were informed, that at the very least, a very very long winter will be experienced which, in itself, can completely devastate life on the surface if the food chain is disrupted. This is one part of the push for genetically modified foods that can grow in any environment. Don’t let this come off as a doomsday scenario, everything is part of a plan and the physical plane is just one layer of the dream. For millennia, various groups have used the various systems in place to technologically ‘ascend’ to higher levels during the ‘null-zones’ in the history of Earth moving through various phases and then return when there is another physically viable surface to reference the physical body within.

This time however, this is supposedly the final occurrence that the physical will bare human life in this plane and so this is the final ascent that humanity must

At 8:30 clif mentions the sun moved into an area which began the transition into a yellow-phase of activity. The normal trajectory is ‘forward’ in that sense, of a frequency spectrum. Due to the experiences regarding jumping and bouncing, the movement was altered to a horizontal shift which enabled the traversal to a parallel. This is part of a plan that is being enacted now.

He mentions that many frogs and similar species are dying out from the increase of UV radiation. This was briefed upon in the projects. He also mentions how cosmic radiation generates clouds, this too was mentioned and the information is part of a continual course of learning of understanding how the universe actually works.

He also then mentions how the difference in the sun-emissions equates to a different spectrum of emotions and subtly connects this to previous ages! This is exactly the information of the projects and the actual “space” (dimensional) program! The whole system is like a giant color wheel of frequencies and energies and people are a projection of the energies of a particular frequency range! As the whole system cycles like a dimensional-clock, the results are changing civilizations and ages and different thought-forms, emotionality, intellectual qualities and biological phases because the people are like a biological projection of the very qualities of those energies! The Earth, the physical plane, is like the canvas upon which all these energies are organized into frequencies, geometries, and vibrational hierarchies and formats and expressed in a variety of biological, technological, and informational systems! The whole system is literally like a giant, dimensional, living, energetic creation platform that accesses different phases and ranges throughout the ‘cycle’ of the clocks hands. All is relative however, because from outside the system, the whole ‘event’ is happening simultaneously! We are the only one’s who experience the events of time within the solar-system, because we’re riding the gears along the track of time like the cuckoo bird on the track of the cuckoo clock! The recent experiments sought to break us off the trajectory of the track and this was simultaneously successful and so devastatingly disruptive that we must now finish the track as quickly as possible before the whole clock collapses into itself!

And just so you know, the reason they let you run around with the belief that everything is being done entirely for the purpose of ‘destroying’ the civilization, is because the real truth would cause a personal and collective panic so drastic that there would no longer be a population to ‘save’ through these operations.

And yes, the general split is that everyone knows this is happening. Some said, “Hey, f-it, we can do whatever we want. Grab whoever, clone whoever, have whatever kind of fun we want, nothing matters.” And others said, “Well, we’re gonna have to do things, we’re gonna have to develop plans and back up plans and we’re going to have to let go of certain sentiments and friends in order to be able to preserve the whole and carry out a responsibility of knowing the truth, and securing humanity’s future.”


8 thoughts on “clif high – Welcome to Alt Reality #5 – Sun, chemies, and You! (Written Response to Information from Direct Experiences)

  1. And the ‘Gods’ who realize their time is running out now become ‘good guys’ as they want to prolong everything for the sake of humanity. It all has a predictable (familiar) ring to it. Knowing nothing or very little can have advantages.


  2. Could these new energies the sun is passing through be beneficial, ie in helping to wake up humanity? There used to be a lot of talk about the photon belt and how that would be beneficial. Not sure if that was all New Age nonsense or not.


    1. Everything is wrapped in illusion to see who’s being aware or just imitating. Everything can be used to awaken, however this all depends on the ability of the observer to allow by not attaching.


  3. Reblogged this on tomaz2015 and commented:
    And just so you know, the reason they let you run around with the belief that everything is being done entirely for the purpose of ‘destroying’ the civilization, is because the real truth would cause a personal and collective panic so drastic that there would no longer be a population to ‘save’ through these operations.

    And yes, the general split is that everyone knows this is happening. Some said, “Hey, f-it, we can do whatever we want. Grab whoever, clone whoever, have whatever kind of fun we want, nothing matters.” And others said, “Well, we’re gonna have to do things, we’re gonna have to develop plans and back up plans and we’re going to have to let go of certain sentiments and friends in order to be able to preserve the whole and carry out a responsibility of knowing the truth, and securing humanity’s future.”


  4. Hi Aug – how long until these changes take place – ‘ice age’ etc … ? How long do we have to sort our inner selves out? The world feels very strange at the moment. Thanks


  5. I will agree that chemtrails are a filtering. Is the mandala a filter? I dont follow blondie or mr good. So not into drama. Or rich do gooders. But this person was only into saving his own akashic and investing in bitcoin. Imho. Ditto on the irritation.


  6. Gee I thought this man was into survival and bitcoin. Now he has it all together? Ure welcome. Im amazed. Hes somebody I dont listen to and surely his ark is not a large enough reality for me. Maybe I will listen to or read til I cant anymore. So many want to be gods of good advice.


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