The Quantum Supercomputer “Lucifer”, The Alternate Dimensional Reality of Cloning Centers, Overcoming Fear and Actualizing Soul-Awareness in the Body to Eternalize the Self

I want to preface this with this: In society, currently, there is what is known as a Satanic inversion. The public is given the reverse and even the reversed reversal, as a distraction. Very complicated to talk about from there as a result of the sensitivity of the fact that this entire civilization is perceptually still wrapped in the false-enigma of the reversal.

In short, the Luciferian doctrine could be one of tree free-will in a world of oppression which is painted in a dark light. For instance, true free-will includes both the actions that benefit as well as lead to or away from folly. Thus, to look at a doctrine of free-will as something ‘dark’, literally paints free-will as unacceptable to the conscious mind. This is part of an inversion of all original truths into fear-based counterparts.

This is actually the true religion of this society, the true society, and the true foundation for all that is illusory. Everything everyone thinks is the opposite of the truth, the people who are blamed are usually the scapegoats and this is orchestrated by the actual darkness which is invisible!

The whole truth is beyond what can be expressed here yet, but eventually what we perceive as the threat is the illusion of the threat which is designed by the actual threat. In the same sense, what one perceives (key word: perceive) as the actual self, is just the conscious reflection of the true self which is beyond perception and biological consciousness.

A continuance of the focus of this preface is below where I inform you that the management system for the illusory Earth is there to literally stop all the loose strings, all the dead-ends, all the fabricated aspects of reality from literally, quite literally, undoing, coming apart, unravelling and dissolving in a quick, final, and permanent total annihilation of the species and this reality. Thus, the control system is as much to contain the ‘automatons’, as it is to preserve reality for those souled beings who are still in the system but have not awakened yet. Without that, their “exit” from this plane would not be what is referred to as a progressive “ascension” into (actually out of the false) the true reality, but a complete and total collapse of this artificial construct with no safety net, back-up plan or alleviation system so minds are not fractured. The mind is not the substance, but the placeholder of observation, however until people are ready to fully accept that, completely dropping out the illusion would effectively dissolve their consciousness.

This could be considered a feat for this in the realm. The majority of players here are a kind of realm relative intelligence that only exists from the perspective of within this realm. This is akin to walking behind the screen or the prop and seeing that there is actually no backside but a hollow, unpainted inside. The way that one represents themselves from outside the system is through the soul-level of awareness which is higher self-awareness. Then, this is the whole process that defines the difference in terms of the power of the techno-sustained god-men. The Fallen Angel found a way to secure free-will through this system where there should be no free-will. This is through the technological magic that enables the soul level of awareness of the angelic intelligence on the physical plane.Those who hold on to repressed emotions are unaware of the memories that are causing such inability to accept the truth.

The knowledge is real, people will have to get over their own ego as a lesson to accept that and free their mind from the illusion of self.

The simple truth is that through advanced technology and continual re-translation of media, knowledge, information, language, stories, history hierarchies and more, people have programmed memories that depict a false reality which only exists in the mind and in a small segmented version of the current population which is literally designed by control groups. I know because I helped program them.

This is not something to be agreed or disagreed with. The people have been kept from the truth, either understand and accept or not. Only a few have remained in connection to their ancestors through the mind, spirit and DNA to retain the knowledge. By definition, only a small portion have retained these memories. The primary function of “junk DNA” is millions of years of genetic or ancestral memories.

Ego gets in the way of knowledge because people have literally be bred into artificial cultures through cultural generation and inborn distrust of honesty and the already apparent truth. The people who run this society are liars, frauds, fake humans, vampires, undead robotoids carrying cloned, replicated neurology-consciousness projected from a supercomputer computer system referred to as “Lucifer”.

The programming is many layers deep within every member of the population to entirely submit to the false authority through fear and desire and ultmiately to accept enslavement under the false assumption that anything other than damnation will be received in return.

I’m not interested in avoiding attention enough to be dissolved at the end while also assisting in the sacrificing of the entire civilization of original beings.

You should be aware, they false-rulers are vampiric, undead robotoidse.

The Khemetitians, the original pre-Egyptians created the original civilization. They created the original mystery schools which were immortality schools. They created the original languages and soul-technologies. They new how to activate the DNA by guiding frequencies of emotion and mind to enable the soul-awareness while in the body on the physical plane and access true conscious immortality.

They were the first who knew the body is the temple and the pathway within leads to the inner temple which is activated and a procession formed under the right conditions which create an ‘inner’ light, unveiling of energy and pure awareness. They knew this and practiced this.

The vampiric robotoids admitted it themselves. They reversed time and stole all their secret knowledge to make this fake society based on a reversal of all original truths. Those are the handlers of the cloning center charades. It’s all simulated memories, advanced technology, genetic engineering combined with a merging of physicality and higher-space.

Knowing this should not be depressing, but liberating as now you know what all the talk is about.

It’s all mind games, and quantum, cosmic consciousness experiments with a variety of DNA bases, advanced technology and organisms.

What is known as the “dark faction”, closely related to the “Chimera Group” do not intend to let anyone out alive. These are the original people who used advanced technology to go back in time and insert ‘monsters’ or beast-hyrids into Biblical and pre-historic time.

The celebs are auto-bot cloned consciousness. The originals are all somewhere else. They can’t own the money or property rights only the clones. I have met them, the clones and the originals. They’re kind of as weirded out as I am to see realize how this system works. The whole system is a fraud. The whole civilization, the heads, the famous, the people in power, the people in view, everyone on TV, all cloned robotoids.

No humans function to manage this society, on any level. The cloning permits the entrainment of brainwaves so that knowledge can be attained that is beyond the biological limitations of perception. Thus, one can travel time and hyperspatial realms and see the larger view that has been mapped within a network of databases that are used to navigate multiple parallel realities and timelines.

At any point in time if anything I have experienced, regarding any individuals, and I have interrogated everyone speaking out on youtube, facebook, TV, or otherwise, becomes relevant to public safety I will bring that information to the public, just has I have with the president, the presidential candidate, and the previous president.

Last timeline was much rougher than this.

I will tell about my experiences and including programming other ‘operatives’ or ‘whistleblowers’ with information that matches their stories. I’m not interested in playing mind games, I have interrogated many and so I know the memories and personality of many who are merely playing games. This is bigger than little mind games. Try to see that picture.

If these people who have accepted deals whether wittingly or unwittingly to sell human DNA to hybrid beings to prolong the enslavement system then we can only hope they reverse their stance before the gates open.

Focus on the heart, everything else, no matter how negative or frightening or egotistical it seems is an illusion. If you had seen what really happened, a crew would come. Hit you over the head with an electromagnetic ray. You would go to sleep, they would either shoot your or inject you. You would die. Your soul or consciousness would be absorbed into a soul-magnet system, you would be placed into a supercomputer and this would dole out your memories and consciousness from there on out. Seeing the whole truth. Kills. Humans.

We went through it so you don’t have to.

The Chimera Group does not intend to keep anyone around except if they can murder or provide entertainment, logistics or sex.

Only thing to do is do what’s right.
I’m not a part of that ideology which is worried about how my chances of being rich, famous, or seen as an important individual. I just know I know what has happened, I know the views others have and I know what is required for people to come together and put all the keys into the right locks and move into a full disclosure-liberation process of unveiling the soul. Fear must be overcome, period. The soul must be awakened within the body, period. Without that, there is nothing to “leave” this matrix, and so that’s it, a person stays forever into the complex.

The others don’t realize they’re already been cloned and their consciousness is actually contained within a supercomputer system that is called “Lucifer”. That they are trapped within that until the end of time, unless they awake their original soul-essence and return through the original pathway of soul-blueprint activation to come to full self-awareness.

They have forgotten that they can’t leave until this is all over. The humans have their memories erased regularly. This is not the case for those who are involved in this system. They have one erasure, that is the ‘pseudo-life’, which they live after they have already died and been cloned and then they are aware from there on, for as long as the journey has taken. Many celebs, many operatives, myself including have been around since the beginning.

People think they’re not being monitored and controlled at every thought, programmed, scripted, guided. That is the power of the artificial realm, everyone is ‘chipped, everyone is a phase 1 android, they are connected to a technological hive-mind depending on their ability to think critically and overcome lower awareness.

The cloning centers are not here.
They don’t exist.
They exist in the afterlife. Everytime one has travelled there, that was after they have died in this life.
Then their memories are sent back to be reinserted into time to seemingly fit in-between the perception of recent years..
This is deeper than mind games, like I said.
It’s so deep.
There will be no reparations for this. Only a continual motion forward of the remaining.

It’s all just going to get swept under the tides when this all comes out, no one will care because they will either realize the entire universe was almost destroyed or they will be witnessing the total annihilation of consciousness although this is apparently the far past and we are now moving into the far future which is actually the present.

This, the secret projects, are all literally about the the destruction and creation of a world.

I can talk to anyone who wants to either be serious about what we know, or produce something for the public to assist in the disclosure and thus liberation of humanity from what is a false afterlife and spiritual enslavement/ time matrix system.

The chimera group, they own time, they harvest souls. Dying doesn’t grant any reprieve, only more confusion. Thus we must awaken to beyond the level of biological perception and into higher awareness through the soul-activation.

No fear, be calm, neutral and yet enjoy the ride. You’re strong enough, just accept that.

There are others that aren’t even this close to confronting the topics, even in the indirect way you have here by reading this text. And recently, if you have watched the videos and interviews.

The mind games are deep, the simulated scenarios, the redesigned body parts and organ systems, genetics and skills, the memories, the implanted personalities and interests-desires. These are sets, they are constructed by supercomputer systems to replicate any environment within huge facilities in alternate dimensions.

It requires cloning to get there. Why? Because they’re not in or on Earth
In another timeline.

Now we’ve passed through, into the new timeline. Why?

Because they destroyed the old Earth. The home we came from, it’s gone forever, destroyed.

Some won’t accept it. Others are worried about celeb gossip. Others yet want to focus on conspiracy theorists and bait information to keep them busy. Finally others are empowering their selves through knowledge and overcoming fear.

That is why, in a way, they are to save us. By offering-enabling the opportunity overcome fear, the ultimate fear, entirely. If we don’t overcome fear? In this life? This artificial system? Then we literally die here, and that’s it, nothing ever comes after that but a continual replay of the same events in eternity for ever. That’s the “second” death. This is all Biblical just as much, although they wrote the Bi-Bull because they come from Babylon, Baby Lion, Belial and Molech. They worship their lords.
People worship their celebs.

Who pays attention to the self. That’s all I ask and say. Don’t follow me. Listen to what I say, see what is happening, make the connections to how your own mind has been controlled, chiseled down into a mind cage, kept within a small stream of possibilities where they have no choice other than to believe in an abhorrently stupid, false system, based on false authority, invented by false-god worshipping members of cults who sacrifice them to feed their 4D overlord system.

Yet they sit and praise them by choosing to remain ignorant and stay within the false paradigms. Those are people who have not chosen to leave this place, but accepted that they will stay and go down with the ship. Not for some duty or responsibility, because they’re afraid, afraid of the truth, afraid of their own integrity or lack of which, and afraid of the responsibility for their own actions and salvation instead of just ignoring all the signs, all the false-hoods, all the spiritual sciences, all the multi-dimensional aspects of the universe, all the advanced technology, the physics, scalar physics, electromagnetism, polarity, duality, non-duality, energy systems, supercomputers, quantum processors, quantum tunnel diodes, etc etc etc.

If they don’t want to try, then that reflects the results and similarly every choice in this life reflects into eternity to map out how you will experience that eternity. Live a life that continually merges with a new eternity so that there is no stagnation. That stagnation is the second death. This occurs here and now if people allow it and immortality is similarly here and now if they choose to accept the truth and stand firm in their self-awareness and original essence. We can say not everything has been changed, possibly DNA, time, etc, but the idea is people were at a higher awareness and now they’re not. We must return to that higher self-awareness as a collective in order to sustain ourselves in extra-dimensional existence.

See these notions, follow yourself. I am here and there.

This is the reality of what’s happened to this civilization. Humanity has been kidnapped by a secret society so they could show you the truth.

It’s out of this world, but that’s what it is. I can’t make it that way and I can’t make it go away. It just is what it is, advanced technology and the true nature of the soul, the inversion of consciousness, true self-awareness, and extra-dimensionality.

This could be considered a feat for this in the realm. The majority of players here are a kind of realm relative intelligence that only exists from the perspective of within this realm. This is akin to walking behind the screen or the prop and seeing that there is actually no backside but a hollow, unpainted inside. The way that one represents themselves from outside the system is through the soul-level of awareness which is higher self-awareness. Then, this is the whole process that defines the difference in terms of the power of the techno-sustained god-men. The Fallen Angel found a way to secure free-will through this system where there should be no free-will. This is through the technological magic that enables the soul level of awareness of the angelic intelligence on the physical plane.


11 thoughts on “The Quantum Supercomputer “Lucifer”, The Alternate Dimensional Reality of Cloning Centers, Overcoming Fear and Actualizing Soul-Awareness in the Body to Eternalize the Self

  1. It’s funny how I posted on the WPP boards that time flows backwards before I read it here. There are some of us, from the outside, that are trying to help, but due to programming we will be seen as evil saviour rather than friends who light the way.


  2. Let’s assume you could get one short message think twitter length to a lot of people what would it be?
    If you could get that kind of exposure what could you do or show to attest to your veracity? A normal person may not accept what you say as they are too controlled.

    How do we get in contact if I want a more serious discussion? When do the gates open?

    Can you give steps to awaken like a to do list? I have been following for a while but it feels instead of progressing at times I’m regressing.
    So if I’ve been to cloning i have died? and I’m chipped?


  3. I have a question,the guy who wrote post on NDE and what he experienced.Is that how it really is when we go?I have to say it was disappointing that we don’t carry on with our own spark.That we take on another role in next life and have no idea who our ancestors are and don’t see them when we dye.Aug could you clarify this.I will accept it if true.I just finished reading your latest post Quantum supercomputer.That was simply the clearest explanation ever.Everyone should understand now, wow thank you


  4. Wow. Thank you! Sending you Love.
    I’m so appreciating all your information you share. I am wanting to understand why I’m unplugged. About everything. About retaining an ancestor connection, this is the first time I’ve learned this more clear description of junk DNA being genetic or ancestral memories.


  5. I don’t want to waste your time with an uninformed comment, but I’ve long wanted to connect with you “formally” through a written message.

    Can you yourself, or do you know people who can, enter and leave the “matrix” at will? Would this be someone Neruda from the Wingmakers material (or perhaps it was “James”) had in mind when he spoke of the handful of people who have acquired the ability to step outside of the matrix at will? Is a person who gains that ability thereafter invulnerable to capture or manipulation by those who created and maintain the matrix?

    You say you have “interrogated everyone who is speaking out.” Do such people, unbeknownst to them in waking consciousness, somehow/somewhere come together to coordinate their actions/words? Do you have knowledge of those people’s actions and fates in alternate realities? Would someone benefit from being told about what their alternate egos have done/do in those other lines?

    It had occurred to me that those who assert that “people never change” are mistaken, that there must have been (must be) civilizations where the experience of reality was/is completely different and thus the emotional reactions different as well.

    How accurate would it be to state that all experience is engendered by imposing limitations on consciousness? That is to say, starting from a state in which all is known, one would agree to have blinders placed on them for the purpose of gaining experience they could not otherwise get. For example, living within the “false” (artificial) mental constructs of, say, scarcity and duality, permits us to come up with responses to situations that are unique and which would not appear in a realm in which limitations of perception did not obtain. Am I wrong to imagine that our higher souls have the ability of extrapolating from the creative solutions we find to our “petty” problems here to come up with broader creative ways of dealing with higher issues?

    Were you aware this message would be composed and sent to you “before” you received it?

    I am grateful for the information you put out.


  6. Thx Aug. Man that is depressing. So no god with a big G. I’ve seen my other self back in the 90,s. He told me it was going too be alright. So theres no alpha protecting this herd.


      1. Of course there is One True Creator (The Creator of all of our Souls) and u can connect, to THIS Creator, but first u have to connect to Your soul. We are not forsaken… Where there’s a free WILL, There’s a WAY


  7. Got most of this, not surprised it goes this weird. Bits of this have come in flashes so that is how I feel the connection and from all you have revealed to spark something. I do not have high and low emotions more seeking acceptance of what is next and kind of methodical neutral like “finally” this is it. Drop the personality, drop all identities to who you think you are!


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