Admit You’re a Liar to Tell the Truth (unless you’ve never claimed you weren’t lying) The ILLusion of the Self

This is a super-cosmic rant inspired by a panel discussion with Earth Soul Group Lily Kolosova and Felicia Noel and friends. This is very rambly and just a playful look at some of the notions observed in what seemed like an unlimited experience over the course of the chat.

Is reality one thing or multiple things? Are you one interconnected thing, which is then broken down into more than one thing when ‘pulled apart’?

Could it be that reality and the self are neither? That the ‘total’ view is neither conceptualized within any single ‘thing’ or any linear projection of multiple things? Meaning, if you were to count how many “things” everything is, you’d count forever. If you were also to try and encapsulate what “all things” are or is, you’d never be able to finalize that ‘scope’ of being or reality because to encapsulate it within boundaries would be to separate some part of all that is.

The reality of all, the true self, actual awareness, is both comprised of ‘things’, separate, single objective essences (quantia), well as ‘suchness’ or collective, whole, or primary essences (qualia). This is the ultimate paradox. Reality is simultaneously one or the other, as well as both. The self is simultaneously the finite experience of a body in a particular time and space (a segment) as well as an everlasting, all encompassing, indescribable nature beyond the limit of biological perception (spiral).

How can this be? Can it be? Well, if you focus long enough, you’ll realize someone’s lying. It’s funny, everyone wants to choose who’s lying and who’s not. Only the people who are telling you they’re lying are telling the truth. Listen carefully with that in mind. Very quickly you’ll learn cosmic discernment of reality and self, the ultimate truth or the personal truth.

There is no true reality, unless you’re looking for the collective illusion or the subjective day-dream.

Eventually you’ll realize, that by being ‘in’ a reality, right now, that either this reality is lying and hiding something from you, or your perception is lying and hiding something from reality. Someone’s lying, or are they? Could they both be true?

If they are both true, and one says the other is lying? Then is the one who claims they’re either both lying or both telling the truth depending on how you look at it actually telling a more accurate truth? So if they’re both illusions, but they’re both admitting that they’re just illusions dependent on your perspective for validation, wouldn’t they be more honest than if they both proclaimed themselves to be the true reality? When we know, for sure, that if they both claim to be truth, when they’re reflections of one another at a variation of perspective, then if they both claim to be true it’s the same as saying the other view is the lie.

So if the duality, the dynamic, the perception vs awareness, the sensation vs feeling, the cognition vs knowing is the spectrum of the universe converted into a binary projection and we experience both, but only one can actually exist, then which one is it?

The simple answer is that it’s simultaneously both, and we only have conscious access to one at a time. This is because the illusion of the perceptual consciousness system relies on the inversion of the transcendent or non-dual system where both possibilities exist, into the collapse into one or the other.

The universe is neither dead nor alive, but some magical simultaneity of both. Reality is neither actual or fantasy, but some neutral observation of whatever you experience, whenever you experience what you’re observing. The system is neither technological, nor organic, but some perfect harmony between the two where both possibilities are balanced on a razors edge until one or the other develops into a full spectrum of experiences which both lead back into one another.

The self is neither individual or complete, neither collective or infinite. The overall mind is an ‘individual’ that was a collective, that is joined by and comprised of individuals. Nothing is as it seems, because there are no true answers unless one is concluding that all is possible, somewhere, some when.

This is actually what the story of the electron is about. You, your experience, cannot be measured at a given point in the trajectory of the overall cosmic experience, at a given place in time, being, or energy and intention, simultaneously. You either see where and when you are, or you see why and where you’re going. To see both would literally overload every kind of system that is designed to think, perceive, or calculate information. That is because when one is retrieved as a finite measurement, the entirety of all that is becomes squeezed over to the other side that is currently out of view.

And when the variable that is measured and rendered visibly, quantifiably, through whatever process of perception or technological measurement, is let go so the other variable can be measured (the why and where to, instead of the where and when), then the other variable expands to all infinity while the other end of the spectrum is measured and suddenly collapses into finite being.

This is not so confusing if you simply know that nothing is changing except your perspective which is immaterial and therefore doesn’t actually represent the universe. Yet the universe is shaped by this process of perspective, therefore your perspective creates the universe! Or your limits within it.

Thus this squeezing act of hiding around the bend of perspective occurs every time the physical universe is the viewing apparatus that is used to measure reality which is what the human body does through biological consciousness. Every time “this” “here” is being present, through the presence of being, then where you aren’t is actually where the bulk of the all that is slides to and bulges out like an inflatable donut of sorts to take the pressure of the influx of what *could be* based upon all that process of collapsing and cutting out of the possibilities, through the limitation of the effect of observation through a finite scope.

So around the donut the bulge goes, like trying to tuck a too small bed-sheet into a too big bed. The faster you move around the bed pulling hard and harder on the sheet the more of the sheet comes out from the other side and the bed is never quite covered. That’s perception, unable to fully assess the whole situation, because in order to do that, some of the whole situation must be chopped out of view in order to allow for the function of the background processing that is required for the act of perception!

The only true perspective is that from this perspective there is no conscious accessing of the full view. It just continues. This comes down to the simple fact of the duality that is initially mentioned. There is no finite ‘whole’, or any incompleteness. There is no beginning, no end. There is no ultimate machine, no ultimate being. There is no ultimate truth, no ultimate lie, other than the truth that there is no truth, or the lie that what we see is all there is. Those two principles of the dynamic range of perspective and perception enable the entire function of reality as a continuous ‘dream’ device-organism and keeps us busy.

The question is, what happens when you figure out that underlying format for being and perceiving reality? What happens when you squeeze the one part, knowing and expecting the invisible bulge to occur on the other?

If you’re the one squeezing the perspective into a finite observation in the visible aspect, then technically there is a version of you in the hidden aspect, bursting with all the untapped potential. So what happens when you view the whole for what it is, without forming the conclusive perspective which is really an opinion?

Does the whole thing simultaneously bulge and shrink? Does nothing happen? What happens to you? Do you disappear, move to a new level, become the whole of perspective?

Realizing it’s a wheel that keeps turning, and that no single conscious perspective is THE perspective, and that for every collapsed observation there is an expansion that we can’t see which is actually containing more information of the ‘self’ than is in the conscious view gives us the opportunity to produce a harmony between the hidden and the visible, the unformed and the formed.

When there is harmony between the two, when you know you’re both the self you can see in the light and the self you can’t see which only exists in the dark when you think you see yourself in the light, then you can stop cutting out portions of yourself and telling the lie that just this one finite conclusive vision of reality and perspective is actual and it’s what’s happening and it’s who you are.

When that stops, the suffering that is the stagnation of being, the disconnection of the immortal soul, the ignorance of the true self by a proclamation by the false-mind, stops. The boundaries dissolve, the free-flow of experience becomes cyclic and connected instead of segmented, linear and separate. We begin to see ourselves in all, especially that which we initially resist most heavily.

That which a person initially resists with great temper is literally what they secretly identify with the most! Thus, that which we identify with openly the most, is the least relative aspect of the actual self!

Then, what happens when one neither attaches to, nor repels whatever idea or notion is being observed by the conscious mind? Then you are free to be without definition, without limitation, without conclusion, without subjugation of the true expanse of being.

Then, the physical plane, the body, and the mind becomes liberated, the self liberated, and the true feeling of being, returned to the true freedom that is a childlike serendipity of interest in the whole wheel of being rather than just one portion, one point, one title, or arbitrary, non-living, personification of ideals or identities which are literally like an exaggerated version of what people either hide form or wish they were, but can never be. The image, the persona, the illusion of self.

The self, can’t be anything but the self. So that whole trippy bulge thing, it never actually happened, but is a distortion of perception by altering the focus of perspective, which creates a magnification effect that bends the light in that area and creates what seems to be a bulge or dilation of time and consciousness. The return to wholeness? Not real, one can never leave wholeness, that’s all that exists, anything else is just a portion of the whole. Sounds contradictory? It’s not, because what are you basing that on? Your recent space journey to planet Neptune? To the Nth dimension? Oh someone told you you came from monkeys and pond scum right? And you believed them? Yea, that’s normal.

Nothing actually changed, you never arrived here, you never left. There is no motion, everything that is, simply is, all things have already happened and we’re just playing with our perspective, focusing, without moving our eyes, out of the corner of our vision on some portion of the peripheral thus ignoring the center of view, or we move focus back to the center, again without actually moving the eyes (try it). Then the center comes back into focus and all is organized again without polarization, or binary dynamism where everything and the self is either one thing or the other.

The eyes don’t actually change focus, but the awareness is either located on what’s peripheral or what’s central. Acknowledge how that works. If you look at the screen here, where these words are, you can read the words. If, at the same time, you choose to become aware of an object or quality of visual information that is outside of the focus of these words in the background or off to the far edge of your vision, then your eyes don’t change focus, but something in your self, your awareness, your mind chooses to become aware of that outer edge while your physical sense of perception is still entrained on focusing on these words.

That is how the perceptual, perspective shift of the universe occurs, where we really think something is changing, time has come into existence, events are happening and space is turning inside out to limit our view from one plane or the other, one day or one self, or one life, or one memory or one moment. We perceive we’re going from one object, to the next, one layer to another, one portion, inner or outer to another or the next. In reality, no change occurred, not even the altering of the focus of the eyes and what we experience is the some immaterial force pondering towards some region in the outer perceptual field (without actually moving a muscle) and “eventually” returning to the center where the original vision will be ‘restored’. ‘Restored’ even though nothing actually changes because all already exists and has already occurred. Nothing is renewed or created, because the self has always existed and can’t be destroyed. So it’s a play on perspective, and even that might not be happening in the way we think because every time we think we know what’s happening, the only absolute is that we must be mistaken because the act of thinking requires that we initiate that duality and shut some portion of reality out.

The interesting part is that if you get really good at this, even though there are what seem to be ‘linear’ layers, forms, or function to reality, if you realize it’s just the same as ‘seeing’ the background or the foreground without actually changing the physical focus or configuration, then you can ‘jump’ from layer to layer, time to time, simply through will and focused intention (or unfocused, depending on what phase of the ‘method’ used).

We can’t get the conscious perspective of 100% completion of ‘reality’, but we can get as close to 100% as 99.99% and even then, that can continue into 99.9999999999 and so on. Who would want to play that game forever? After so long of 99.9999999999 percent, after a certain point it might just feel the same. But then again, you could technically add about a 100,000,000,000,000 9’s to that measurement and increase the magnitude of ‘fun’ or experience by that many orders of multiplicity. So the game never started, never ends, is never complete, but is never truly partial or incomplete. And this is eternally satisfying, one can’t miss anything, because there’s nothing to truly get, other than the sheer experience itself. There’s infinite points, so the points you have don’t mean anything, but they still count because it’s fun and our experience impacts us, somehow. That’s the real magic. Even though, there’s as much to see, as there has been, and there’s as much happening as there is to come, what we have now, is simultaneously what we have to gain, what we have had and all in between. This ultimately comes down to meaning that if you want to, you feel as satisfied as ever, because there are no requirements for joy. If you want to, you feel as depressed as ever, because sadness is free too. You choose what you want reality to be, you choose your experience. You can be a limited being, or the expanse, it’s all up to you.

It just is, it’s all not really happening the way see or perceive it, because what’s happening is just a clever shift in magnification, focus, and perspective that creates those visible and invisible regions of a larger picture in which everything is actually always visible. To *some* version of us, some where, with some intent for some plan and direction, that we can’t actually know all at once. But we can make a game out of that which we never really win, and never really lose.

The conclusive idea is that if we did win. If we did “finish” the game and finally “get it”. Well, then what would we do with ourselves?

14 thoughts on “Admit You’re a Liar to Tell the Truth (unless you’ve never claimed you weren’t lying) The ILLusion of the Self

  1. this is what i experienced in a higher dimensional dream. i was in a ufo or spaceship, held onto a few other human beings, because every time we moved, our perspective shifted so greatly, we could lose ourselves into a matrix of illusions and infinite universes. the closer we got into the beam of light in the spaceship, the closer we got to feeling like we’ve solved the puzzle. the further away we moved, the more we got into denser realities. eventually, it goes to the material on the outside of the ship, and the densest dark matter outside the ship, or what we know as ‘space’. the puzzle of reality is only truly completed when every soul is simataneously walking into the end of the puzzle, bear in mind this is so many billions of years of completing timelines and developing souls that by that point, billions of younger souls are born again. i saw the end of the universe is where every soul beautifuly destroys this entire universe and eternity after we decide that no new soul should be born. then we meet the biggest puzzle ever. what could it be? maybe its just the opposite, so hate and ignorance is taught as the true desirable force,which is what would have to be taught to the younger souls who we would have to destroy in order to look round the edge of the end of time. i could go on


  2. ‘Fun’ needs to be expanded on…. and is time and density required for ‘doing’? It seems we are naturally primed for resets. No baby knows the alphabets. It’s all crazy. All built and maintained on accumulated knowledge which can all die out instantly. Who would choose this?


  3. I admit that I did not read the whole article – I am compelled – looking at the title to give you my take on lies and the truth……. The only Truth I found which is 100% true…… experienced and tested 100s of times myself and experiences all over are confirming 100%. The Truth is that it is Illegal to Use a Legal Name….. The consequences of this fact is very very far reaching…. The whole matrix is based on a corrupt satanic legal system….. We never know anything until we ID-entify with a legal name… My suggestion…. in case you want to come out of all the bullshit….. study the legal name fraud and all your questions will be answered. Wish you all an amazing Awakening…..


  4. Lying is an element of the martix. Even when we become so motivated to stop lying, we can lie and not know it because we don’t easily see the gray. The areas of OK fine let’s go, I want coffee. But really something else is probably happening. Lying in those complex layers is hard to become aware of and stop.

    I go on about this one. Because my families raised me to lie. I can’t. It’s not me. But in learning to stop it took many years of deep introspection to find the little hidden lies that are found in every day experience. I like talking about lying. It’s deep and hidden. Time to enjoy discourse on the ways we all lie and don’t know it until we become aware and choose to stop it.

    Thank you to everyone!

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  5. In Carlos catanedas books. Don Juan said seeing the truth of energy (reality). Is done with the eyes. Don Juan said it’s more of a feeling. And he couldn’t explain it. I think you got pretty close. Thx. Bud. I know this job must suck sometimes. Godspeed.

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  6. Aug, I have concluded you are not from this density are you. I do enjoy reading your commentaries. this one in particular gives perspective reality new insights. Thank you so much for expanding the mind.


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