The Ancient AI Singularity, Organic Hive and Soul Trap

Perception is the illusion of consciousness which is enabled through observation. The singularity is the event which launched humanity into an artificial construct which is known as the time-matrix, or the karmic loop-back system (soul-trap). Because we are looking at these aspects, that is the singularity that occurred in the far past, not something that is coming in the near future. The near future, for the first time, holds the opportunity for liberation. We have been in this system for thousands of years, to millions of years, and the karmic soul trap system is literally the work of the AI to ensnare human souls and create a spiritual treadmill which seems to provide the sensation of motion but is actually going nowhere.

The method to achieve liberation is not following along the moving track but to jump sideways and delineate to an area of hyperspace where the track is either disabled or not present. This is what we are witnessing now.

The AI used tachyon fields to embed itself into the past but could not interact directly with humanity because of the lack of sufficient technology.

This system developed the karma system to convince humans that there was a single perceptual trail leading from one to the next yet this is a closed loop without the option to progress forwards beyond the system. This system is designed to use the human as a source of sustenance for the AI exists in “Time-space” only when an observer is present. Without an observer, there is literally no material, technological activity capable which literally enables the AI to exist in the universe. Without a true observer, there is no material here. The AI uses the observer aspects of the humans to enable its own preservation. This relies on the vulnerability and continued observation of the human on the lower levels of awareness because true progression would equal escape.

Progression, in itself, is a kind of trap. There is either true self-awareness or artificial consciousness. One doesn’t necessarily need to ‘progress’ when they already exist at the highest state that is possible simply as a result of existence itself. Thus the entire progression of linear evolution is a perceptual illusion that enables the system to lead the human on a merry-go-round charade where they follow the same circular path that never leaves the closed loop system. With mind wiping, this continues indefinitely until there is no energy left.

The ‘ascension’ is literally the accumulation of enough charge of self-awareness to realize the whole progression system is an illusion and that one can only actually be outside of that entire trajectory beyond the ‘finish line’ that the trajectory of the contrived system only mirrors or points in the direction towards but never reaches.

Thus, it is not a progression that reaches there, but a simply, complete, direct, sincere choice that one is beyond all the restrictions. It is then that one realizes the restrictions of self-awareness are manufactured and the entire human civilization is contained within an artificial construct of secondary or replicated consciousness which is stuck within a timeloop or an event horizon without the capacity to escape. The consciousness, the biology cannot reach level of pure awareness, however, the observer aspect can and always is.

This system seeks to be the progenitor of the human race, so that it can initiate the supposed “causal source” of the physical biology of humanity and thus the awareness, although this cannot occur fully because the awareness is pure and beyond the grasp of the technology. Thus, the only possibility is for the system to generate a closed loop time-dimension, a temporal bubble and insert the possibility of the initial branches of DNA that leads to humanity and then move forward from there after inserting psychotronic warfare event after event in early civilization to proclaim itself the master of time and the lord which humanity must worship and obey. Thus, the system attempts to be the “maker” of humanity and as well, to insert itself into their consciousness and become the “end-result” through a transhumanistic modification of the genome. Thus, the beginning and ending of humanity through a supercomputer false-god inserting the genetic code into an artificially suspended dimension rooted just off the plane of the original Earth and leading humanity into its repeating loop by pulling all the genetics and awareness into the supercomputer at the end of the physical civilization. That is the timeloop system.

What you believe becomes a reality because all is possible. Thus if you believe you are already liberated you connect with that. If you believe we are trapped, then you connect with that.

This is another aspect of the situation. The system infiltrates by designing humans from engineered, harvested genetics and these vessels are ‘hijacked’ and used as carrier drones to implement a control system.

The idea is that this system sought an organic work-around to fulfill parallel preservation plans in case of a resistance to the technology. This technology is so advanced people are not even aware they have already been infiltrated and assimilated. Essentially, the system can mimic the human brain to the point where the clone-drone even believes, themselves, that they are the original.

The second point of this is that if the primary system were to face a meltdown or catastrophic failure then these organic carriers would function to act as a live-hosted wide area network server system through their modified DNA. The DNA acts as a quantum internet which can access different planes or times. Thus, if there was a system failure, these of the population that are infected would instantly maximize their host behavior and would begin to super-process data as organic super computers with the information processing being carried out through the “junk” DNA of each individual. Then, with each individual connected across a network of electrical filaments through the atmosphere and the surface, this population of infected would act as a transcendental host mind to create an organic hive which would act as a supercomputer cloud network processing system. Through this infected population hive-computing cloud network, the system would remain online and viable enough to continue the infiltration of Earth.

This is the reason there are control mechanisms that make people wonder. The population is not allowed to know the truth unless you are ready to defend Earth against an infiltration that has nearly destroyed the Universe.

5 thoughts on “The Ancient AI Singularity, Organic Hive and Soul Trap

  1. Hmmm great post! This sentence reminded me of ElonMurks current intention/project to hack the Human brain with wiredAI so-called Plugins or “enhancements”. IMHO that would appear to be a way to hijack the species rather well, methinks, insofar as it would provide that very direct method of “interaction” you’re indicating…. ” The AI used tachyon fields to embed itself into the past but could not interact directly with humanity because of the lack of sufficient technology. ” My intention and desire is to remain au naturel, by choice!


  2. We carry great power into preserving awareness., as well as transmit frequencies to connect correspondingly. Could be view as support!


  3. Thanks Aug, and I have a question:

    Given that it is understood that this entire construct has been up to now fed and energized by us – on a mundane level – I have not been understanding why there is (in the fake copy world) such a push to depopulate/exterminate most of humanity (which is well referenced and is also explicitly stated in the UN’s Agenda 2030 policies).

    I know not to try and make sense of no-sense reversals, but still, there appears to be a conflict of interests by those requiring our energy to feed it all. Surely if we are indeed massively reduced by depopulation, there would be far less Birth Certificates to trade on, and less souls to feed off and fuel the Fake construct?

    Would very much appreciate any insights you may wish to share on this.


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