DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet

DNA is a ‘quantum’ Earthship or ‘Soulship’, connecting throughout the realms or parallels.

DNA Quantum Transtemporal Link, Quantum Internet

Consciousness of Watchers Stored within the DNA of Operatives

Travel through the Living Field

DNA is Soul Family “Earth-Ship”

It was discovered that whoever guides the variables in life becomes the progenitor and the resulting being gaining the soul energy of that life. This is like co-opting a person’s mind, writing the script from afar.

The non-human entities are illusions brought about by the nightmares of the fallen humans who ended up in the ‘hell realms’ and have plugged certain humans in to their mind through the chips and thus only those people can see these beings because these entities only exist in or through the mind-field, the reality of the fallen humans who merged into what is referred to as ‘hell’.

Removing the Parasitic Entity Attachments is the Act of Coming to Full Awareness
External Influence, Social Brainwashing, Puppeteering, Peer Pressure, Emotional-Psychological Manipulation,
Themed Parties and Events that Stimulate the R-Complex and Cause an Electrical Storm like an Excitotoxin Response
Because of the nature of this stimulation the fear-based response is triggered through the amygdala and the pituitary and pineal gland and there is a reversal of energies where an addition is generated if the person does not retain control over their desires or inhibitions.
Warping of Personality
One Can Just Imagine the Reality Where They Have the Resources They Need and Pull From That Reality
You create the space that becomes the homebase blue print through which you can access all other realities including the false-timeline matrix and assess the situation from there.

When done properly. From within the matrix. You create a ‘bubble’ of time and consciousness. And from within that bubble, you navigate this realm. Effectively bending this realm to your intent. And ultimately wrapping this realm in your bubble. As the bubble inverts, turns inside out, and the artificial realm becomes the ‘inner’ to what was seemingly first the ‘outer’ side of the bubble and then this realm is a small artificial or distorted virtual reality bubble within a much larger reality that is actual.

This seems like a magical feat, but is the nature of how this works and the ‘in path’ “out” back into the real.

3 thoughts on “DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet

  1. I have always viewed the emotion of fear as being a human one…..and, thus, the lack of fear seems more robotic and artificial. Passion too. To have passion has always seemed human to me. It is when passion and fear disappear that one needs to be concerned that an artificial parasite has overtaken the human host, right?


    1. Yes, but imagine that this can be two ends of a spectrum. One, fear is lost because they become the fear and are no longer contrasted. One, fear is lost, because they’ve become love and fear no longer touches them.


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