Questions of Humanity, Origins of the Universe, The Nature of Consciousness and the Cosmic Mind

This is more along the lines of the information of the projects. This is in respect to viewing beyond the biological limitations of reality into the origins of humanity and the universe and into other realms. There are memory resets which occur when one gets close to the truth and we have experienced many of these as a kind of ‘time loop’.

There are unanswered questions which drive society forward seeking to know the self, the universe and the purpose of their existence. Our ability to answer these questions in degrees of completion mark different ages of civilization and development.

One of these questions of the origins of humanity was further defined through the unacknowledged special access programs. This whole process is a way to “break it to” humanity as effectively as possible. We’re in a kind of reality matrix system and as of now someone turned up the difficulty to max.

Creation from words. Reality as systems of language (operating systems).

Did humanity begin through a biological process? Or was technology involved in the initiation of the biological system? Could both possibilities simultaneously exist in fluctuation dependent on the result of the species as a transhumanist organism or a higher biologically ascended awareness?

There is something that occurs every time humanity gets close to the truth. This is some kind of civilization reset or memory wipe that seems to be built into the ‘operating system’ of this particular layer of reality.

The way we perceive time as a linear construct is illusory and dependent on biological consciousness creating the perception. The conscious mind is exponentially more limited than the subconscious and the subconscious is connected to multitudes of views and times which depict what has happened and what will happen in the future.

The future exists right now, and we are on a trajectory that is instantly rendered out as if a computer system where the present moment is connected to that future. By changing some factor of the present, we literally instantly change that future by altering the trajectory. The same is applied for the past. The mind is the controller of which trajectory is reached, in the same sense the mind is the limiter and can be used to program individuals to limit them to particular trajectories. In that sense the mind narrows down the view from a much larger perspective into just a biologically conceivable set.

Find the truth. Find your truth.

Watch this video and the previously published video to put this next sentence together. They constructed a higher dimensional plane of consciousness from which this entire universe can be observed and this is called the “Theatre” where an entire civilization is currently watching this whole reality like a cosmic-reality reality-TV show.

Right now the DNA and consciousness are segmented to the point of consciousness fractures and memory wipes. When all the knowledge comes back to the individual again, the collective will be healed and we will gain access to a more powerful and liberated reality.

DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet

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  1. Thank you Aug! I love your videos and your freedom in talking, expressing and flowing

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