Free Energy Soul of Eternally Transcendent Radiant Self-Awareness

When looking for peace, happiness, joy. Every day is the day that this is found. Every moment is the moment that this is found. This is through the relaxation or cessation of the desire to continually project outward the desire to locate the object of such desires. That is the source of the illusion and thus the source of unhappiness.

Every moment that there is the sensation of unhappiness or lack, there is the opportunity to experience fulfillment of inner presence and joy which is through the free-will to embody that. The fulfillment is free, the inner presence is free because it is us, when we are full of ourselves rather than illusion or imitation. In the same sense, we are full when we are empty, because we are the observer, clear and free from impressions from the external world.

Joy is when there are no restrictions of one’s presence and the initial restriction is the perception of the lack of joy. That perception is from the non-self impressing upon the true self and then the imitation.

Everything that is happening now is happening in eternity.
This life here is the life of the eternal. It’s a reflection.

Free will is law. No one can be saved or taken without meeting sufficient free will requirements. This is about the hijacking of DNA as a quantum internet, ‘hyperspace’ port to “Heaven”, out of the collapsed artificial system.


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