The Unveiling, The Game, The Inside Man

The Unveiling is described as the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity when humanity is finally faced with the truth of reality. This is inevitable, as this is the entire point of reality. This has already occurred, everyone who hasn’t experienced this is either mind-wiped and hasn’t received their memories, or is within a simulated time-delay system where they are effectively living in the ancient past.

The Watchers, the Wheel, Enoch, Ezekiel.

Everyone’s playing the game. Society and time has to add up perfectly to completion otherwise the whole thing is erased, this is the last chance and this is indicates a nearing of completion rather than an “end”. Completion is the marking of a ‘new’ age of civilization. In the same sense, the ending of one age is the beginning of a new age. There is a completion of time when humanity becomes immortality, this is the prophesied “End of Days”, which is actually the end of “Death”. This can also be likened to the end of the current system of biology and neurology and the start of something new, whether ‘organic’ or ‘technological’. This entire reality is a form of ‘technology’ and ‘organic’ nature combined. Nature is a form of technology. The body is a form of technology, however the original being is not necessarily the technology of the same order. Thus, the technology that is created by man is not necessarily the technology created by a higher mind.

Only a limited amount of interaction with those not within this society between front and back or future and past is permitted otherwise the balance of society is disrupted by default.

An extinction level event is the default result of the balance being permanently disrupted. This has happened multiple times or ‘almost’ happened and steps are take to secure continuity and resolve the disruptions.

The three days of darkness are supposed to be at the end of time when the loop is completed. This apparently already occurred multiple times when various elements of this reality were ‘switched over’ to maintain continuity in the face of foreseen disruptions.

One explanation is that the current super-world power group has destroyed the sun and replaced it with an artificial construct.

This is to avoid the solar flare but as well to minimize destruction.

The main thing is that in the old models, society breaks down, people become animals, the infrastructure and control systems that are supposed to dole out food, water, supplies, information all collapse under the pressure and people resort to a base level of desires and conscience. There are contingency systems in place however this cannot be entirely avoided without introducing oppressive measures which could result in a permanent loss of certain freedoms (or all). It’s one or the other, freedom with the bad choices of people, or safety without the option to make bad choices.

In the previous video, saying it would take a week to explain 5 minutes of what we were shown is a bit ego, but is actually true and serves a point. This helps depict the concept that people will be overloaded by the unfiltered information of reality and so the first step to making this possible is to prepare people to be overloaded.

From the last reset, everyone was mixed in and there were multiple times as many people. These people did not exist previously, in the original parallel and are seen to be replicants generated by the control system in an attempt to delay liberation or realization of the truth by those originals who are deep within the system (9 layer veiled time-matrix soul-farm “un-reality” system).

Everything is a show. Either clones are used in the world events. Or the people that supposedly died would’ve died anyway from natural causes and are simply co-opted by operatives. The latter method is not relevant much at this point, not in the way described.

If someone has maximal access to information and clarity in this reality, as in from a larger system or reality, then this reality becomes like a game to them. Only that which is necessary becomes part of the ‘game’ while every other kind of action or behavior becomes unnecessary and thus inappropriate. For instance, if someone can ‘see everything’, then everyone who is participating in unnecessary action will eventually have to answer for that. There is no ‘way to hide’ one’s actions and their intentions are always going to be revealed eventually because all information will eventually be public. Thus, those harming others to get a point across or to sustain themselves in a way that is unnecessary for their own survival is part of a ‘game’ because the whole system is essentially ‘free’ or restricted simply to what people want.

Thus, no one can say that they were forced to do anything, unless it was to assist in liberating the whole, and all personal action or imbalance eventually is seen through and revealed for what it is, and as such, it is seen that this kind of behavior doesn’t gain anything except for a lesson in ego by all involved. Thus, the reasons and gains people perceive on this level are essentially illusory, or part of the ‘game’ and there is no real loss, but also, improper action doesn’t bring any real gain. Thus, the points of the system, the gain and loss are not material, not held on the level of this playing field, but are held in spirit, mind and heart, the level above this realm where one is either respecting themselves and living in accordance to the eternal natures of the soul, or they are defiling those values by living in subservience to the body or the lower values alone.

If one group has access to all of time and space, the minds of all people, the true intentions behind the scenes, the beginning and the end, unlimited materials or power on this plane, then the only actual pathway for them is to ensure a balance throughout the whole in accordance with the higher power of soul, harmony, truth, knowledge, and free-will. Thus, the respect of free-will is another way to look at the only true gain, and the disregard of free-will is the only way to look at the only real loss.

As well, the only identity is of the whole, thus those who live in accordance with or enslaved by the illusion of the ego, lose themselves and don’t actually know the self. Those who live selflessly, in accordance to the higher-mind, beyond physicality and personal identity, have companionship of the Cosmic One and actually are themselves. Yet, this is not outward, or described in material or physical terms, but in the harmony between one moment and the next, specifically between higher and lower natures or essences and the ability to transcend the illusory polarity function of the mind to contrast what is know and perceived now as ‘real’ and what is not known and perceived now as ‘not real’. This is just a fluctuation similar to the tides. The low tide is not any less the ocean than high-tide, just as much as the exhale being less important than the inhale, or waking and sleeping, eating and expelling, listening and speaking. Without out one, there is no other. One is the other from another perspective and if there is no other to witness both sides, then neither exist. Without someone to listen, there is no such thing as speaking. One can speak to themselves, but this is not the same dynamic unless one has two-minds, which they do.

They think taking down a corrupt bureaucracy is the way to save the people.

Every inside guy is found out. Therefore double-double agents are required. Agents with no paper trail and no verification.

The Devil is an inside man.

We are already immortal.

7 thoughts on “The Unveiling, The Game, The Inside Man

  1. I am one of those bringing down the clearing energy to rip this false construct apart. Only the truth matters. I wish you all the power in going forward and protection as needed. The greater your role the greater the assistance you get. There are many so-called researchers putting out ideas, but they haven’t the slightest clue as to what they truly write. When I interact with them it’s like i’m interacting with a child, yet your writings are on par with my intellect. I enjoy it. It helps me become freer and more awake. I have lost my fear recently and that is when the real fun starts for some of us.


    1. I have recently come to privately identify some of these beings whom control the information and are parts and projections of the “demiurgos”. Parts and projections of En.Ki/Lucifer. Of course one of these has become very afraid of my words. Trump is one of them and will play a significant role in playing out the bible as they themselves created the energy resonance which, through thought, will bring it into manifest. OF course, I also agree with Amitakh on some aspects that the interplay of energies, christ vs anti-christ, John the Divine etc., do also play into the bible as the controllers can’t escape their fate…the eventuality of the anomaly…or the reverse of the matrix movie which is Neo being the fallen one and being reintegrated into the divine. They tried to make it seem like it’s a bad thing, but truth will win and love will reign once more. Some of us feel a deep sadness for what has gone on here as it was our duty to make sure it didn’t happen, but errors can and do happen and this monstrosity here had gotten out of control for far too long. As soon as the gnostics brough to light the two conflicting creations they were slaughtered as extreme fear was inside all false light beings for they have an expiration date….and the true beings do no.


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