Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT

Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT

At the very start of the movie there is a classic foreshadowing which sets the scene for the entire movie.

This movie is a one of a kind look into the subtly and complexity of an elite family environment.

The main character is a man who is accompanying his girlfriend to her parents house for a weekend.

I would rather not give away any spoilers for the movie so this will have to be as vague as possible.

There is much symbolism and direct hinting at what goes on. There is hypnotism, the players are experts at hypnotic trance induction and subconscious programming to conform a person’s mind into the perfect schema for behavioral modification and identity re-purposing.

These families have used these tactics on everyone involved, including their own people. The only way to be safe is to keep love in the heart because that is impossible to be removed if a person doesn’t accept the new ideals.


Ultimately, the entire story is about a secret cult that takes over the minds of people and converts them to prisoners for families who trade people like objects. I won’t explain too much because the movie is a very clever and in depth (yet subtle and open ended) look at what actually goes on. Very wealthy elite families make it their purpose to re-purpose the human population and they have access to all the technology, information, and power, illegal methods, control of law, chaos, so on and so forth.

At one point, a man who was once missing shows up in the family situation and the main character secretly takes his picture. The flash goes off and the flash causes a break-down of the programming and the man runs at the main-character and screams GET OUT! in hysterics. This is something that actually happens and must be kept under control, one can see these kinds of break-downs with celebrities and if they know where to look other people.

Everything is for an induction process into a cult following whereby their original lives are removed and a new identity is designed by the programmers and over-layed.

The main idea here is that this has become an open-source process by “the family”.

Everyone knows how to do it, everyone knows the process, everyone has been inducted, everyone involved is part of “the family”. It’s easy, almost free, literally unlimited to them to access a person’s mind. Thus there are now families, clans, gangs, groups etc, etc, etc, with their own mind-controlled groups of ‘citizen soldiers’ who are literally unaware of even being a part of such a system.

I’ll leave the rest for you to find out when you watch. You’ll see how this part of the system works. Even movies like “Old Boy” will show you an inside look at the wealthy elite, their mind games and programming. The human population is used as the rats in the maze for experimentation and pleasure.

The ending of the movie is 100% an explanation of the “process”. This is how they jump from body to body and use people as hosts. It’s a delicate technical procedure utilizing advanced technology, spiritual knowledge and mind control methods. The method is ancient and has been done for ages. This is about switching genetic roles, gaining access to “Heaven”.


3 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT

  1. I think this is not a soft disclosure, it’s called “we hide the truth under your breath, because you are stupid and do not understand anything”

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  2. What about “THE CIRCLE” the new Tom hanks/Emily watson Drama. It is an ad for the Hive Mind. Flies the flag bigtime for everyone to hook their mind into the mainframe promising a “better world” BUYER BEWARE!!

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