Inner Space Creator

“When the eye is unobstructed, the result is sight. When the ear is unobstructed, the result is hearing. When the mind is unobstructed the result is truth. When the heart is unobstructed, the result is joy and love.” – Anthony De Mello

All there is to be seen, heard and known is truth, joy and love.

This is an intermediary release while I continue to put together a slideshow for the chat with Emily Moyer from a few days ago. She has just released a chat with Aurora which should be very in depth.

You can find them on the OffPlanetRadio channel. –

Volume increases at 12 minutes 20 seconds so you may have to slightly lower the volume on your device.


4 thoughts on “Inner Space Creator

  1. Hi Aug! I have a young woman, dear friend, who has been has been sharing the same info as you for the past 3 years. She is still going through the programs…incredible torture and attacks. When we talk we can clear them immediately. I know how busy you are and I am so grateful for your sharing. Is it possible to speak or Skype and if not do you have suggestions? With Gratitude, Heather


  2. A clear and precise clarification of ‘simultaneity of being’ coming all together after the Aurora input as well. Thank you Thank you

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