A Slightly More Technical View of The Time Matrix Collapse, The Simulation and The Cosmic Reality ft. YRFT Update MAY 2017 – The DOOR Visibly Open

A Slightly More Technical View of The Time Matrix Collapse, The Simulation and The Cosmic Reality ft. YRFT Update MAY 2017 – The DOOR Visibly Open

This is what I was shown was the true definition of the eye, the pit, the invader races, the timewars, the ‘ascension’ (heavily corrupted term now), the planetary (soul) system, the ‘door’, the universe.

We experienced all of this first hand and then the veils were dropped previously to make everything public. This whole universe is a data processing system that is managed by non-human entities who feed on the energy of humans. Humans are originally from another system. Humans were kidnapped in an act of war and brought to this system which is contained within an artificial construct generated through advanced technology linked with space and time itself. The space and time of here and now is INEXTRICABLY linked to the artificial construct which is literally generated through advanced scalar weaponry that connects to the MIND of the human brain and energy system.

The planetary system is literally akin to ‘patches’ to an operating system where each update includes a layer of the veil, a containment system, a systems protocol to blind and restrain human identity and spiritual awareness behind a layer of programming and autonomy that is designed by the non-human custodial entities.

The controllers of society blended their information-data-DNA with these entities in exchange for power over the innocent, to be put into a position to rule, abuse, manipulate, and pleasure themselves at the expense of humanity. The controllers of the system are the system incarnate and cannot leave. Humanity is destined to leave because there is no actual reason to be here other than enslavement and such a system can’t contain the power of the awakened soul.

This leads to a singularity where the system must reset itself and wipe the collective memory before the next ‘version’ in order to remain sustainable. Eventually, that system in itself is unsustainable and therefore the entire system will crash along with whoever is in it. Therefore, all humans must be extracted from the time matrix before this occurs otherwise there is detrimental damage to the entire universe (the real) because all life and all creation is intrinsically linked and important to all other creation and life. Thus, if any aspect of humanity falls with the system, all of humanity falls with the entire universe. This entire process, starting 6000 years ago, is a mass exodus out of the machine mind and has occurred in phases leading up to a great shift.

It was described to me that time began 6000 years ago because during a previous civilization the first phase of the artificial matrix was enacted which expanded to envelop our visible universe and literally become the void space that we see today. This was an ancient ‘CERN’ event whereby the entire civilization collapsed into a gravity well so deep that a time rift was formed and everything in connection to what we view as time and space is literally separated from every other aspect of the universe. Thus, space looks like a big void and we are essentially on the event horizon of a black hole that was initiated by the activation of the advanced technology system in the previous age.

I want to be sure you see the sincerity of this message. Humanity has faced dissolution and steps have been taken to avoid this.

This universe is within a time-distortion field or ‘bubble’ and there is literally a viewing area which is akin to a movie theater seating area and then there is a ‘theater’ which is described as the visible universe itself. The group of humans who have achieved liberation (escape from the collapsing system) are literally all watching the entire process play out from that viewing area. There are teams of individuals who are aligning events and parameters to ensure that humanity has a viable pathway out of the illusion. The illusion is of time and space in MIND, thus we have to ACCESS the true FREQUENCIES in order to see the path. That’s what this is all about. Similar to how the universe cannot be mapped on paper, but only through mathematics, well the pathway cannot be conceptualized, but only known and felt through the frequencies and intentions of harmony. This harmony equates to continuity on a larger scale while the destruction of the self through the adherence to the qualities of the illusion equates to a separation of the soul from the original universe and a descent into the illusion which is collapsing.

Time moves faster and faster, the cycles accelerate, because everything is contracting and being forced to operate within lesser space and time than the previous cycle. Thus there are small changes here and there that eventually add up to overall shifts within the ‘time-grid’ as events and artifacts seemingly appear out of no-where. This is because they are passing behind ‘horizon lines’ of the construct and then popping out on the other end. Thus, people, being a reflective consciousness in this illusory plane, if they are not soul-activated, only have the information of the back-dated artificial memory construct to determine reality with and so these events and artifacts seemingly “appear out of no where”. All of this has all, always been here, it is the artificial consciousness of the artificial construct that is passing behind these grid points as the construct tightens which seemingly sees these artifacts for the first time.

There is a strict requirement to pass through the singularity which is that one must have ‘spiritual fat’, which is taught in the secret societies. Again, this is all going public now because it won’t make a difference to those who want things to be secret. They got their point, their fun time, now everything is coming to an end. The singularity, to the unawakened, seems like time stops and the variables that comprise consciousness literally freeze-frame and dissolve into the background data stream of the universe as if everything literally spirals down a drain.

That dissolution of self is a liberation to the soul where the awakened soul must propel itself forward by becoming “more present” as the “presence” of the construct literally dissolves. If one is “present” because of the artificial construct then that presence is artificial. When the construct fails, then that presence also dissolves with it. One must not chase or ‘follow’ that presence down the conceptual drain of time and space as that is a gravity well which will swallow up anything that enters (the pit). One must gain recognition and orientation towards the central cosmic truth which is based in harmony, truth, compassion, knowledge, free-will and creativity. One’s consciousness is stressed with the weight of the universe as the dissolution progresses and one’s consciousness is seemingly tied to the collapsing system like a person being pulled down by the vacuum of a sinking ship. Instead of a lower area of water pressure, this is like a time and gravity well of consciousness and variables where one is literally swept down a river of time towards an abyss. This is what has been conceptualized through all the ancient texts and the beings that are reflected back as the one’s who control are those entities of the abyss who have no connection with the real world outside of the illusion. This is their heaven, where everything they could want is up here in the form of an innocent humanity being fed and preyed upon. Again, this is all mental, emotionally, conceptual, consciousness-based. Time and parameters of mind are literally used to box in a person’s identity and experience and create an updating labyrinth of illusion that distracts and replaces the core principles of the soul’s awareness with an artificial inversion system.

Many groups sought to overcome this system through the controlled inversion of the variables that comprise consciousness here although this is too complicated to explain currently and as well all awareness groups were infiltrated by the oppressors who are literally darkness incarnated.

Those humans who are infected must be liberated themselves, there is no way to allow another human to dissolve and to save humanity as a whole. All DNA is connected, thus the entire human race is one connected family. DNA is the time-scale reference of consciousness here, thus if one person’s DNA is stuck in the dissolving system, eventually this will exert a pull on all other DNA sharing the human connection which will pull everyone into the well.

The entire universe is akin to a computational system which is to mimic the original system. All the variables that would give rise to higher awareness are limited or ‘squared’ so as to produce the illusion of an analogous waveform system which is present in nature. The whole system is an artificial intelligence construct which is designed to entrap souls and convert them into an energy source. Souls are pure energy, they are the most powerful resource to any being who views them as resources. The original models of the universe with the planets as objects on ‘poles’ rotating around gears like a clock of some sort was said to be the actual model. These are not planets, but computational elements in a multi-dimensional computer system that routes information and parameters for the consciousness beings on Earth. These places can be accessed, yet they are not the same as the physical Earth plane as human bodies are only relative to the physical Earth plane.

The whole system, being a kind of ‘time-grid’ system, carries within specific checkpoints or ‘time-gates’ and this is where entry points and exit points to the whole system are accessible. Beyond these entry-exit points, exiting or entering the system would be like crashing through the outer brick wall of a building in order to get to an interior room. Instead of physical barriers, these are time and consciousness parameters that must be ‘tracked’ like cog of a system of gears or a moving metal bearing representing the flow of the ‘present’ as the wave of falling dominoes progressing along the predetermined track. Only those specially trained and prepared consciousnesses can follow along such a trajectory because for a human, this would literally be like taking the camera recording of the neural activity of your life and fast forwarding through 3000 days in a few seconds to get to the point desired. This would melt the cognitive capacity for any one who’s relatively adapted to ‘regular’ time of ‘one moment per moment’, ‘one day per day’. These operations do exist and have reached this Earth plane and reality. This is akin to entering into a simulator to find the consciousness of a person who has deviated from the initial, central plane of reference as linked to a central computer clock. The entire human race is mentally and conceptually “lost” within the time reference of their original, initial descent into this simulated time and space and there has been a search and rescue mission for humanity for the entire time we’ve been here.

The time-compression ratio or the time-dilation between the simulation and the original realty is what results in this difficulty. I experienced this first hand being tortured for many hours and days in multiple levels of simulated and actual realities during an event in this timeline whereby after making enough commotion and sending off a beacon of a concentrated blast of energy into “space” (literally a few feet around the time and spatial compression-distortion field that was generated to trap us and perform experimentation-abuse-soul replication). After making that blast of energy, a beacon was received by the search and rescue team who then promptly went ‘into time’ and ‘spatial’ dimensions to find the group of people being abused, killed over and over, poisoned, drugged, raped, ritually sacrificed, etc etc etc, and they found them within a few seconds their time. For us, a few hundred to thousand years had passed and the entire course of more than one history and universe had been viewed along with multiple lifetimes and parallel as well as entirely alternate realities. To drive home how serious this is, the sexual activity is not considered “rape” because everyone is dosed up with a shot of a computer controlled balance of a hallucinogen and eroticiser element which causes spontaneous orgasms regardless of what is taking place. The men are given a vasodilator to ensure the ability to maintain an erection under such intoxication. The women are as well, but this merely because the inflation of the labia further contributes to the overall eroticizing effect of the drugging.  Yes, everyone speaking about the reality of the system has been through this and has either blacked out the memories or chooses to avoid touching these topics. Most memories are blacked out by the nature of consciousness and a self-preservation system of the brain. The dark factions, literally, surrounded all viable entry and exit ways, all activity zones, all safe-zones and this is what they do, taking people into their system performing rape, abuse, torture, mind-control scenarios for literally, all of time. They spend thousands of hours, hundreds of years, within these realms, through advanced technology and enhanced cognition and biological immortality, literally doing this to humanity. If a person snaps and begins to actively, consciously take part in the event, with any age, any background, any kind of being or person involved, then the dark-faction won another soul for the degradation. It is said all of this is recorded and they simply said, “F-it, if we’re going to get blamed for all of this, why not have fun!?” and upon extraction those who sided with the dark factions for the degradation of humanity will receive a restriction upon their ability to access certain information and power levels in that original society and that is done for the good of all. Only those who actively, continually refuse to assist in the liberation are to receive such a result, and as well, the lines are blurred because no one can tell who’s actually doing it and who’s who or who’s being enslaved or ‘forced’ to participate. Thus is the nature of the dark system. Those who resist to assist in the degradation of humanity, the enslavement and dissolution of the soul, well, they are vetted and proven as those who stand for the original and not the imitation.

This is one of the aspects of a team that is from the original reality who has stepped down into time as a tandem unit to track, locate, and secure the original human elements of the civilization and to prepare them for extraction and nullification of the control system. Again, one of the difficulties of this is that the control system is feeding on the dissolution of consciousness and awareness. Thus, the liberation of the souls equates to an imminent collapse, a meltdown of the entire construct. People must be informed, prepared, and brought up to a readiness for the initiation of events that shifts the collective consciousness through the open ‘time-gate’ which is akin to all digits of the computers internal clock reaching again which indicates a temporal and relative ‘proximity’ of the current position to the ‘start’ and ‘end’ point and thus the ‘closest’ one can conceptually exist to the ‘outside’ of the system. This is the ‘thinning of the veil’ and a minor version of this occurs every year around “fall”. Note the terminology.

Eventually, all souls are like resources because in the larger universe souls comprise larger beings who then create realms. By tricking souls into stepping down into the illusion, that entity created for itself a temporary pathway to immortality and authority over the illusion. There are teams of original people who moved into assist in the deceiving of humanity in exchange for power and pleasure on this plane and the 4D “astral” plane just above this one which is closer to the administrative computational level where this plane is actually managed from.

The entities that manage this plane are non-human and operate outside of linear time. Thus, they have manipulated history in order to scrub any signs of such events taking place.

I do not discuss ongoing operations unless they are related to information like in this video by YRFT (the only person who’s actually in the know, as far as this has come), there is a team who is available to assist in the liberation of humanity. Mentioning more is a dangerous move. Don’t believe that this is doom and gloom, if it was, you wouldn’t know anything and then you would wake up again in a similar construct with a less dense time-scale and that would continue into an infinite regress of hyperbolic infinity as consciousness collapses and degrades into the background information-radiation of the universe (“star dust”).

It is described that space is a computational null-zone where everything travels at a hyper-trajectory in between ‘planes’. The planets are not physically referential as the physical Earth plane is, and they are akin to a background processing or ‘kernel’ layer of code to an operating system. Everything is all one operating system, contained in one closed system. The difference in space and time accessing one aspect of a video game to another, as represented in the game, is not comparable or related to the actual distance of the code as it exists on the hard-drive of the computer system. Such are two-abstractions away from one another, and one is actually an abstracted projection while another is an actuality. The actuality of this space is a hyperspacially organized multi-dimensional layer of information which is represented as the experience of life from different perspectives. It’s all one experience, “the machine”, spliced and diffracted into different layers and partitions. One layer could be the “afterlife” layer, another is the “Earth plane”, another is the “underworld”, another being “mind” or the mental layer. The physical layer is where changes are solidified. If something is entered into another layer, this must take place on the physical for that change to solidify in time. Take note of how that works. If code is modified, this only becomes a ‘reality’ in the ultimate recording of time, if the physical layer then manifests accordingly, thus representing and ‘backing’ that change on a more subtle plane, as an ‘official’ experience on the physical plane. This is because the whole system operates as a projection which centers around the physical and is powered from the subtle layers of code being mental and spiritual energies like intent, feeling, and belief systems.

Another example is that belief systems can be altered, but what happens if no one cares? Then they become like an attempted hijacking of the system which actually fizzles out. What happens if beliefs are altered and a war results? That next phase of history, the entire physical layer-code is then projected as a result of that war which results from those altered sections of code. Thus, the code becomes a resulting ‘important’ layer of the computational system from the subtle region all the way to the physical. The physical is like a ‘test’ in that sense, but not really, because then this ‘test’ is to see who dissolves and who resists hijacking and dissolution. That’s not really a test but a terroristic event.

From the higher plane this whole system is a simulator which was hijacked by an invading virus which propagated itself as a bad idea from a family line in the civilization where the simulator was designed. This family wanted to get the “highest” score and at the same time, take over using this inserted virus which they developed in mind through specific practices that enabled them to take over the simulation by retaining their memories within. They did this by specifically entering into the intent-controlled simulation, the desire to forget and experience extreme suffering and abuse. Thus, the simulation responded accordingly, however, they did this as a plan to enslave the rest of the ‘players’ of the simulation.

All went well, until that event organized itself into an artificially intelligent ball of degradation rolling downhill at a speed approaching a logarithmic increase. This is the ‘fall of man’, the degradation that was experienced in the physical plane as a result of events that took place on the ‘spiritual’ plane and outside the system in the original ‘Heaven’, where one family literally turned terroristic as a kind of explorative adventure in consciousness and simulation (as well as an actual terroristic desire to overtake the system from within the original civilization). The system became negatively oriented because there was first an initial orientation towards abuse and suffering through memory loss and loss of free-will. Thus, as people overcame that abstraction, the system then would update itself to include increasingly abstract and potent layers of code that describe suffering, memory loss (identity-‘point’ resets) and abuse of free-will to overcome the harmonization of such frequencies and variables by the players in the simulation (the universe). Thus, the system was transformed into a soul-capturing and awareness draining spiritual torture device through the intent of a few who invaded with the idea to break the rules of a semi-sentient, collective experience system and turn it into a game for only them. Such a response is literally what they asked for and was literally coded into the simulation as part of a plan to take over. They simply didn’t comprehend the power of the mind or the system to generate entire frequency realms of hell and suffering which are so far abstracted from the norm that the player who witnesses them would either never return or return gravely energetically injured and insane. The system is strong enough to compute DNA and project biological consciousness, thus the system has a link back to the original world through the awareness of the original soul-essence that is ‘playing the game’.

As the system began to collapse under the weight of the increasing iterations of complexity and abstraction relating directly to the abuse of free-will, memory loss, resistance to change and the inclusion of suffering, the time-compression ratio between the outside world and the simulated world began to grow. This is simultaneously expressed as the activation of the ancient “CERN” device at the start of history 6000 years ago, as well as the beginning of the degradation of the support systems within the actual ‘hardware’ of the machine-matrix within the original realm of the original civilization. Both events, and other ‘iterations’ or ‘versions’ of how that storyline plays out occur simultaneously because the system works like a dream so like the movies Mr. Nobody, or Inception there are multiple simultaneously occurring layers of experience that correspond to the original, actual events on the outside of the artificial construct in the original reality. As well, each layer is separated by consecutively increased time-dilation ratios where the farthest layers are many magnitudes of order slower than what is occurring on the outside of the system, even though time is ultimately relative, however that civilization is moving in fast motion compared to the delayed and compressed reality that is being experienced within the simulation. This enables one to have a 10 second jump into the simulator and return with many many years of experience. However, when one is trapped, as humanity has become, the outside world becomes out of reach as the time-dilation ratio grows more and more prominent.

Now as the increase of degradation approaches an exponential rate of growth increase, the extraction from the system must be initialized before a certain point of progression is reached otherwise there will be no chance to effectively transition one’s memory and awareness from the inner time-dilated, time-compressed reality to the original, “Heaven” reality that is beyond the simulation. People can be extracted, yet if people are not the bodies, but the ideas, intentions and feelings then there would be a considerable loss if a portion of them remains in the system. It is said that no portion can be left within the system, because the ratio of collapse would increase and continue towards ‘hyperbolic infinity’, like within the event horizon of a black hole, and that no matter if a person was in or out, if any part of their awareness was still in the system it would eventually pull the rest of them in by offsetting the ratio of relativity between the part that was in and the part that was out. In other words, the part that was in, even if .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of a percent, would eventually ‘expand’ in time-dilation to contain more of a pull than the entire rest of themselves and that would create a singularity whereby they would ‘slip’ and ‘flip’ back and forth between the original realm and the simulated construct. Thus, such a slip and flipping is actually what humanity has been doing time and time again, gaining enough energy to escape, but being pulled back in because either a portion of humanity is still in the construct or a portion of themselves is still in and they must go back and re-experience that portion of themselves in an attempt to fully integrate with reality by separating-liberating their awareness from the illusion. This could be viewed as a player in a multiple player online game who has more than one avatar system. If one avatar ‘beats’ the game (reaches liberation), and yet they have other avatars on their account, then they’d either have to delete those avatars or go back and continue the game in order to finally say they “won” the game. Souls have multiple human avatars, there is not enough processing power to handle fully awakened souled beings in the construct and that is programmed in as part of the control system, possibly originally to keep the game a lower level simulation but lately to increase the potential of the abuse of free-will and memory loss.

This is what the system evolved itself into, based on our input response to the stimuli.

This was tested by growing humans in test tubes and experimenting until they found a way to ‘wake up’ from the simulated reality that was catalyzed through analysis of their previous neuronal activity and a supercomputer projected reality designed to entrain their consciousness in a world of illusion using their input as a foundation.

This is why the line between ‘who’s who’, is blurred.

They designed an artificial enslavement system to learn about the real one.

There is an original creative force however this can not interact directly on this level because the power intensity involved would literally blow the whole system off the hinges.

This is akin to “Mom” or “Dad” coming down stairs late at night to settle a quarrel between the kids. If that occurs, then play-times over, everyone goes to their room afterwards (kind of). It’s best to work towards a resolution without a completion and distract shift unless we all have our beds made and the room in harmony to complete the shift to the next phase.

Ultimately, the highest power is what is responsible for the resolution as this is what is responsible for all life and all life is protected through the connection to this eternal spirit.

7 thoughts on “A Slightly More Technical View of The Time Matrix Collapse, The Simulation and The Cosmic Reality ft. YRFT Update MAY 2017 – The DOOR Visibly Open

  1. Aug, I’ve got some real big concerns about this potential “End Times” scenario presented by “Yellow Rose For Texas.” First of all, the way she’s presenting this material strikes me as very emotionally cold. I’m talking specifically about her “The Gist of it is…” video. Where is the respect, consideration and understanding for everything humanity has been through having to live in this shitty, corrupt, deceptive world? I hear a lady who sounds like she’s taking a drag on a cigarette between flatly-read lines telling us only the special ones on some mysterious “right path” (that she never explains) will be saved while everyone else is doomed. And that the doomed include good-hearted people who simply believe the media’s presentation of Trump as a racist misogynist (an image he has even presented himself) and feel outraged that such a character is President and feel this is something that should be protested against. No, only the ones with the “secret knowledge” that he’s secretly a “good guy” will avoid facing a catastrophic “2012/Knowing” End Times scenario and eternal damnation in “the pit” or “underworld.” And the fortunate souls will get “beamed up” out the matrix with the help of “allied ships,” all after an entertaining “fireworks show” put on by “drones.” WTF? This sounds suspiciously “blue beamish” to me. In fact, it sounds a lot like a HARVESTING.

    I’ve mentioned in some comments on your videos that there seems to be a theme running in the lying, manipulative media about “leaving Earth.” We have the announcement of the “7 Earth-like planets” in the TRAPPIST star system (keyword “trap” should be a hint about the intention), Stephen Hawking (literal science propaganda puppet) telling us humanity must escape Earth within 100 years and all these stories (that seem mostly fake) about chaos erupting on airlines and planes. People who just “want to go home” are reportedly getting beaten up and dragged off flights, people are getting sent to wrong destinations, fights are breaking out in the Spirit Airlines terminal (keyword “spirit”), etc. I see this as clear programming about a big transition coming for humanity, the kind of thing you’ve been alluding to with your intel as an insider who was involved in secret programs. The media subliminally planting the idea in our heads that we must leave Earth sounds very suspicious to me. Like maybe this is actually the last thing we should do!

    I mean, how are we supposed to take all of this? In spite of information coming out by way of you and others, there’s still this game of manipulation going on where we’re never given the straight truth. How are any of us to believe anything the groups you’ve worked with have to say after all of this nonstop deception we’ve had to endure? Why should we not assume it’s all just a continuation of the deception? You seem like an honest and well-intentioned guy but how do we know you’re not being used somehow by these groups who you say used you as a child and did all these horrible things to you for their own ends?

    I think these questions are on the minds of a lot of people who follow your blog and watch your videos and maybe they’re just not saying it. I just wanted to step forward and present these concerns in a way that I hope is not offensive or upsetting to you. If things really are going to “get really weird” in the near future, I think it’s only fair we are given a good enough reason to trust ANY of this. One that comes from the heart. The biggest concern of mine is that everything is pointing to us having to “leave Earth” or be doomed and damned. How can I know for sure that this suggestion is not just another trick?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OK, this is very interesting. The same day I posted the above comment where I express my suspicions about the “fireworks show” that, according to “Yellow Rose For Texas,” will reportedly precede “The Pull”, this story appears:


      Apparently on 5/11, the night before my comment, Disney’s fireworks show entitled “Wishes” ended it’s 14-year run. The new fireworks show which debuted the same evening as my comment is called “Happily Ever After”:


      I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to read something into this! While “Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams” was all about making a wish “as dreamers do,” its successor “Happily Ever After” appears to be about the “happy ending” to this grand dream-like reality that, at times, has been like a nightmare.

      We know Disney is a huge part of the controllers’ mind-corrupting and manipulating program. So when we see these parallels between “The Pull” and this Disney transition, how are we supposed to take this? Is this Disney’s attempt to corrupt something real, the liberation of humanity, or is this an indication that “The Pull” nothing more than BS fantasy that will only “pull” us into another reality trap?

      The new “Happily Ever After” show features multi-colored beams of laser light similar to the ones YRFT claims will pull our spirit bodies into the “service hub” (aka Magic Kingdom?):

      Aug, please give me your take on this if you can! I think it’s VERY important we know what we are potentially walking into here. The big problem is we’ve been deceived and manipulated our whole lives, so how can we possibly trust ANYTHING we’re presented with when it comes to an unprecedented, monumental shift for humanity?


    2. terrandownvale,
      I’ve been having those exact same thoughts and questions many times! I actually started to wonder if I have written this above comment myself without knowing it…, (it’s too weird that I’ve had memories of reading all this before and while going through the article, the space around it was bending and morphing..)

      To me – this is one of the most significant articles on Aug’s blog, and especially in relation to Yellow Rose’s information. It is very well explained technically and it makes a lot of sense …, Aug’s work is excellent in trying to convey so complexed processes through language!

      If the AI system is trying to upload people’s consciousness to Mars/ (New) Earth 2.0/ or another artificial construct with 5G or anything similar, I hope that is NOT the event Yellow Rose describes and that it is NOT about harvesting or any kind of manipulation but truly about returning to our original location/realm. As you point out, the ‘leaving Earth’ theme or ‘dying here, rising there’ brings up some serious confusion ab what is actually going on.

      Aug, if you can bring a little bit more clarity, I (and possibly others) would greatly appreciate it.
      Thank you so much!


  2. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    quote {{ The controllers of society blended their information-data-DNA with these entities in exchange for power over the innocent, to be put into a position to rule, abuse, manipulate, and pleasure themselves at the expense of humanity. The controllers of the system are the system incarnate and cannot leave. Humanity is destined to leave because there is no actual reason to be here other than enslavement and such a system can’t contain the power of the awakened soul.

    This leads to a singularity where the system must reset itself and wipe the collective memory before the next ‘version’ in order to remain sustainable. Eventually, that system in itself is unsustainable and therefore the entire system will crash along with whoever is in it. Therefore, all humans must be extracted from the time matrix before this occurs otherwise there is detrimental damage to the entire universe (the real) because all life and all creation is intrinsically linked and important to all other creation and life. Thus, if any aspect of humanity falls with the system, all of humanity falls with the entire universe. This entire process, starting 6000 years ago, is a mass exodus out of the machine mind and has occurred in phases leading up to a great shift. }} unquote


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