Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (1983)

Brainstorm (1983)

I did not include a preview because all the clips on youtube give away the entirety of the movie and make it so there is no point to watch. Watch the movie if you want to know how it really works.

Actually, here is the preview, I turned off related videos so you won’t see the spoiler videos people uploaded.

The neurological activity can be recorded onto magnetic tape and played back with the use of a helmet that contains the electromagnetic system.

At a party, a sex scene is recorded in the helmet and everyone at the party plays the events over and over in their minds. “Hey, it sure beats dirty magazines.”

This is literally part of what resulted in the holographic fractal mind-virus where sexual depravity, violence and addiction all merged into one frequency of experience that resulted in spiritual degradation of the human.

“That’s called the hat”.

“What’s it for?”

“With a thing like that you could finish the 7th grade in about 5 minutes.”
Later they figure out how to access memories that were not recorded. Then they can access real time projections of consciousness which can literally form a feedback loop of one’s own mind and the machine.
When the users experience a memory of a high emotional charge they instantly feel the projected response. This is the deceptive nature of the technology.
This is the same technology from the projects being displayed to the public through the media over 30 years ago. This technology was also used to test a person’s ability to discern reality from hyperreality as this entire realm functions as a form of simulation technology whereas we are in the ‘past’ experiencing memories of events that already happened and the only way to see the truth is to see past the ‘emotional charge’ which is deceptive in nature. This doesn’t mean to not enjoy experience, but to realize the illusion of permanence.

Without giving away too much, later, a man is found suffering on the brink of consciousness with the machine looped over and over playing the previously mentioned sex scene. They are literally depicting exactly what went wrong, the danger of irresponsible use of this technology. The man’s (of course) brain was permanently altered. Upon removing the device from his head, he begged and fought to have it replaced so he could remain in that state indefinitely. The system required no physical work to experience the sensation of sexual arousal. This is the techno-drug abuse, the ‘future’ reality which can be hell or heaven, or both as one.

Later there is a military testing scene where a man is piloting a jet craft. This is literally showing you what went on in the projects. The wars can be avoided and fought in simulation. Then they can be done away with altogether. Yet the final frontier is actually the subconscious mind. Thus the only war is literally within through the discernment of illusion, ignorance and fear with actual reality and the true self.

The story complicates so much and leads so directly into a true telling of what actually went on in the projects, when they view the recorded death experience of one of the characters. An interesting part here is how the machine was rewired to ensure safety to the one viewing the recording.
I must say, I haven’t watched the movie until now and was writing this review in real-time as I watched.

This is the most profound soft-disclosure yet. The scene which displays what happens is something one must literally see for themselves.

There are ‘reality’ bubbles. You’ll have to watch the movie to see what we discovered. (or read the book)

At one point in the film there is a screen which depicts some recording levels, they are:

Project Brainstorm
Technical Evaluation Series – Classified
Warning: These are full sensory tapes and can be extremely harmful to user
Tape Index → Coercive Imprinting Series
Fear States
Early Trauma – Random
Early Trauma – Selected
Dream States – Neg and Pos
Physical Pain Threshold Series
(Subdivision – Moderate to High)
Catalyst Field Series – Anxiety (Moderate to Intense)
Negative Memory Retrieval (Moderate to Extreme)
Psychotic Episode
Depression (Moderate to Extreme)

If you were ever looking for such an initial, direct soft-disclosure of this technology then here it is.

This is literally out of the projects:

“In a few moments you will have an experience which will seem completely real. It will be the result of your subconscious fears transformed to your conscious awareness. Warning, this state must not be played by government personnel. It can be extremely harmful and result in severe trauma. You have 5 seconds to terminate this tape.”

The clip the follows is very ‘intense’. Even speaking about the movie is a form of direct disclosure of classified information!

“Alex turns the whole thing over to some covert operation called Brainstorm Project. He’s taken my work and turned it into something bad. I can’t believe this, they’re using my invention for brainwashing people.”

The next scene is literally something so directly out of the projects I will not even mention it here! If you simply watch the film, you’ll understand (the beginning) of everything.

The unknown aspect is this. In a world where everyone’s mind will be connected, it is a good idea to get a grip on who’s who and how the mind works before losing control as a result of the sheer number and complexity of the masses.

Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (video post)

8 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (1983)

  1. Aug, I’d like to correspond with you if possible. I am the daughter of the maker of the film Brainstorm and have had some early childhood experiences I would like to discuss with you.


  2. Another interesting show/movie to watch is childhood’s end:the overlords…doesn’t get any more blatant than that. Jupiter ascending is also a very in your face disclosure.


  3. I love how well you represent the information. Although most will find your writings too deep or technical if they’re not at a high level of awakening already. Let’s make 2017 the last of this nightmare here. One way or another. I did post on GLP that once I withdraw my counterbalancing energy, the darkness will show all it’s splendor and so far every day that goes by the more this false construct resembles an episode of the twilight zone.


  4. F.Y.I. Lion’s Gate Films was the stolen brain child of a high target Toronto T.I. actor, writer and performer. Same old story of gaslighting, stolen children, child and family service collusion and gangstalking.


  5. Seeing this, knowing what I know now, creeps the shit out of me. Did Natalie Wood somehow find out that this tech was real? Is that why she died? So many unanswered questions.


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