Fragmented Harmonics Bio-Emission Thought Energy are the Source of Energy Parasitism

This is a topic for another quick video. When you feel a charge this is being expressed in the universe in some way. The focus here is the electromagnetic field response which may be linked to neurochemistry through the interaction of nerve cells in the sensory system.

In the same way the neurons and nerves of a particular system constitute a kind of ‘brain’ or bio-processing center for that system which then ties in overall to create a surface level or visible perceptual consciousness system and a deeper, invisible, or unconscious awareness system which is not accessed directly from the waking level or material level but is found through an abstraction layer consisting of codes, behavioral cues, subconscious programming, or universal symbols that speak the language of being.

In the case of these energies the word “negative” is often used, but this is not accurately descriptive. When there are simply energies that are associated in ways with reducing the body’s ability to heal, the focus of the mind, the clarity of the flow of energy from one ‘bio-computer system’ to the next, then there is stagnation and this is not conducive for continuity or wholeness of being. Non-physical or spiritual self-awareness is required to overcome low-awareness programmed behavioral responses like fear, fight or flight, addiction to desire, ego-based expressions or defense mechanisms and other behaviors and mental-emotional energies which view the self as a limited physical being.

When we view the self as a physical and non-physical being that is not directly limited or defined by the physical aspect or the experience that is presently in the visible, waking consciousness or foreground, then the resulting presence of self contains the inherent ability to overcome the limitations of the physical predicament. This ability to overcome simply through the presence of self is inherent to the nature of existence. However, along with that view is the possibility of the illusion. Without the illusion, the brilliance of having access to such a profound ability would simply be accepted without second thought.

It’s appropriate that one may develop through childhood while not giving much thought to the expansive capacity of the mind and heart (heartmind) being able to experience and feel within a range of nearly unlimited variation and enjoyment. This is liberation is then dropped out of and the self seemingly loses the protective energetic cocoon where all states can be transmuted, only to figure out again, if they walk the path, that this power was within all along and had never left this reality because this continuity and unity is the basis for reality in the first place.

Without the most supreme, there would not be the mundane and as such, one is free to choose the version of themselves they would like to align with. Therein exists the ultimate truth that everyone who does make the choice, who is there to make the choice, ultimately chooses to become the version of their self containing the highest potential of freedom through the act (or inaction) of making that choice of taking control. Through being to experience, observe and create through free-will and compassion. That is the self without hindrances or limitations that are born out of personal bias, fear and loss of self-control, lack of compassion, the dominance of ignorance or confusion over free-will and self-awareness.

The one with the highest free-will created EVERYTHING, out of mind. Such in the inherent nature of existence and consciousness. However, how you align your will with the will of THAT version of you is the key to harmonizing one’s waking, visible, conscious self and reality with the totality that exists beyond the physical limitations and contains a far more expanse potential for experience.

What I intended to speak upon by first beginning this post is how the nature of energy and self and how the stagnating energies that are left around the body cause pent up energy and stiffness which is the physical counterpart of the stagnating mental energies. This stagnation of mental energies is indicated by low-awareness thought-loops that are cast about the fragmented (non-centralized-self-referential harmonics of thought energy through self-awareness) mind-space, and these ARE one another and both REPRESENT one another as dimensional mirrors or projected expressions.

Thus, when there are energies of a certain order, ALL kinds of energies, these act to connect one to a REALM of that order of BEING in a unique FREQUENCY space. Essentially, the energies you feel internally are a form of life-force that connects to a complete realm populated entirely by these particular frequencies of energetic beings. The frequency NET of containment is a MIND-CONTROL net which then traps people within a MIND-CAGE that is reinforced through technology but starts and ends with BELIEF.

To CAST OUT those entropic energies, those disharmonies, those INVADER FREQUENCIES and THOUGHT-FORM ENTITIES that are literally PROJECTED EXTERNALLY IN, we overcome such energies in THIS COLLECTIVE REALM ENVIRONMENT.

Thus the more people OVERCOME these ENERGIES, BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS and THOUGHT-LOOPS within the self, then the more they are CLEARING the PROJECTED-EXPRESSIONS of such energies and thought-form entities IN THIS COLLECTIVE REALM.

As well, when these connects are permitted to stagnate through will-full ignorance and addiction or fear and loss of self-control and freedom-application of will-power of the mind not just the body, then ENERGY is being SIPHONED from the individual through a direct interaction with their ENERGETIC mind and feeling field-space which is reinforced through advanced technology and THIEF, PARASITIC CARRIER beings who are OWNED and CREATED simultaneously being OWNED and CREATED BY those humans on this level who sell out to those lower-dimensional, lack of free-will ways!


This is all always happening, right in front of us. We have direct and indirect methods of interacting on these levels. There were timewars thousands to millions years ago in which it was discovered by inhabitants here on this layer of existence that this realm is a universal simulation system on the verge of mental and energetic collapse. This is literally just like this society always has been, because it’s built on shallow ground and made to fail by being built on monetary, energetic and spiritual debt and cycling entropy or parasitism. Thus, those who parasitically siphon energy from the humans require more humans and require them to stay. However, if the humans are no longer here then the parasites themselves die knowingly and by their own action of holding them.

Thus, the hope is to retain a chance of continuing the process by permitting a certain amount of release while not operating on the level that directly enables their detection or self-destruction. If they are a discarnate programmed behavioral element gone into mutation through various parameters being no longer harmonized towards the recurrence of life, then they would not contain the free-will to continue into their own death but would have to try every last option including asking for help.


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