Challenging the Self to Awaken, The Technological Singularity and Overcoming the Limitations of Biologically Generated Consciousness

To focus on liberation one can first demonstrate the potential of being trapped.

To find the struggle in every day challenges can build one an ‘inner reputation’ of overcoming obstacles. This is just energetic, mental exercises in prolonging focus, restrain, conservation, acuity, clarity and self-awareness. By always replacing every autonomous response, routine, or step of a pattern (or the initiation of a pattern) with a pause, an observation, introspection and conscious application of free-will through choice, even if just the time, one can instill in them a momentum of self-control and continuity to their awareness.

Basically, by inventing little challenges with every action taken or every potential for forgetfulness or lower awareness which builds up a resistance to such lower-awareness or loss of control and reprograms the mind to function only through direct application of will. This may require deprogramming and reprogramming because of either the direction of social cues and cultural programming in general or because of the way the brain and consciousness interact with one another as separate but entangled systems.

The physical biological consciousness through the perceptual sensory based input renders a model of reality in which events are always occurring to the observer. The super-conscious essence always directs towards uplifting awareness beyond the limits of perception, through acceleration, clarity, and refining of awareness towards just what remains in eternity. These two interactions are like a magnet pulling one’s weight downward and a similar but counter-opposing force pulling one’s weight upward. When the two are in sync, one effortlessly moves around, over, or through obstacles all while continuing to develop their ability to overcome and to realize the self. The true self, being the neutral observer, is neither one nor the other but a combination and simultaneity of both.

Thus, through challenges such as sitting and waiting while something finishes, say, while the coffee is being made, overrides the tendency of the conscious, biological perceptual system to always seek something to perceive. The perceptual system is how that form of sensory awareness makes sense of reality, without the input to that system, that reality tends to dissolve and is replaced by an invisible, unconscious system or world that is always here yet overlayed by the conscious perceptual system.

This is another notion, that the ultimate, the divine, the supreme reality and awareness is never some other place during conscious experience, yet it is the conscious experience that overlays over the whole mind and produces a foreground or pinnacle which oversees the whole from a single perspective at a time. By merging this pinnacle of one’s perspective, the conscious observer unit or agent, with the invisible version of such a system, one enables that singular capacity overlooking the whole to actually transfer information from beyond the realm beyond the limits of biological of perception through the energy system into the conscious self or observer aspect. In other words, the conscious version of yourself now is limited, however by aligning the direction and will of that conscious self with an invisible, knowledge-based version of the self (“higher self”) then this results in a synchronization of the ‘streams’ of data whereby the conscious mind can access the far more expands streams of the unconscious. The unconscious connects with the presence of self, the version of you that is hidden away in unseen probabilities as well as parallel versions of Earth that are carrying out different primary expressions of the main creative potential that the self and this realm is.

This is if there is a central creative source and from this source there are multiple side-realities or parallels that are created to express the same self in a variation of possibilities and creativity. Thus, the conscious mind micromanages the physical body and aspects of waking consciousness that one can perceive and thus exert their free-willed influence over, while the subconscious manages all the other information that is connected to who you are but not immediately present, accessed, or rendered and interacted with through this present moment or the current reality.

The idea of time is like a slinky, where if there is a position somewhere in the future or past of time that a particular state of self or experience is brought about then this experience is simultaneously contained within a field of information wrapped up with all the other experiences as if they are connected to varying degrees ‘back and forth’ across the coil of the slinky. By learning to dislocate one’s perspective from the current perceptually shaped locality one can gain access to information further or backwards on the slinky. This works through technology and through thought-experience which is part of the reason why there are conclusions that this reality is a form of simulation. That is besides the fact that there are operations that can travel to the locality where this entire realm is actually contained within a technological system.

The interesting notion here is that because of the potential of consciousness and time, if you can imagine it, that means it exists somewhere along that slinky of experience. So if you would like to find if there is a possible reality where this entire realm is created through a form of living technology within a real-life ancestor experiment, then all one has to do is mentally create a pathway of accessing leading to that realm and then that will exist and enable the experience of such. It may not be directly that we are creating such elements, but that we are dropped backwards cognitively in time and so eventually when we ask all the right questions, explore all the right possibilities, and come to all the right conclusions, this is simply what was intended to be done in the first place as if a clever real-life play has been brought about taking the course of thousands of years of perceptual time.

Another interesting nothing is that this whole simulation may last (and this is what we are show and told) for one complete day in actual time and that we are merely experiencing the extended version of one day where the cycles in between waking periods are actually re-rendered on the spot through this technology which is used to create the illusion of broken and discontinuous moments that are spread out through time and space over “years” within a life time when they are really one finite moment from the larger perspective, split up through splicing memory and experience.

This process of looking to challenge the self can bef further defined as the act of literally looking for, or inventing obstacles or difficulty by isolating that which is difficult and expanding on the experience to draw out the most change that is possible, the newest and highest form of potential for realization of the true self beyond the limitation.

The original secret societies knew that focusing on developing the self is pertinent to liberation from the lower cycles of repeating awareness and memory wipes whether this is simply the nature of this realm through careless design or through an intention reincarnation loop kind of situation. Challenging the self, overcoming all that will be used against us by first applying the threat against ourselves in a controlled manner is key to overcoming the threat to continuity and self-awareness when they are later face under more direct circumstances.

Thus, as long as there is limitation in some form, this can be used to catalyze the lower-awareness into unfolding towards higher-awareness. The higher-awareness is that which remains when the lower awareness or presence of self is alchemically boiled or melted as slag and dumped off the top.

The idea with some recent information I’ve been presenting along with messengers like Yellow Rose For Texas’ video “The Gist of It Is” is that there is a mass ‘slag-burning’ and ‘dumping’ event which relocates all lower dimensional awareness to a suitable environment. This may actually be a naive way of saying a literal “Hell” of one’s own making. As well, this could relate to a lower-civilization on the frequency scale of 7 primarily octaves or frequency band collectives and this could relate to the ability of one’s consciousness to remain relative and reasonable in transition to other times and civilizations that are taking place right here and now simultaneously as if there is a wheel of many civilizations all span around a core-blueprint of reality.

This outer perimeter of the ‘band’ or ring of civilizations can be stretched and expanded to add new expressions just like a color wheel. However, when one observes what is really there, eternally, then there are only 7 or so primary colors or frequencies which are actually combined and matched in alternation to create different in between frequencies or colors.

What may be taking place now is a removal of the extra or additional frequency bands, colors, collectives or civilizations on the perimeter of that cosmis wheel so that there is only left those which are eternal, primary, and the foundation for all life in existence. These universal primary frequencies would then appear to be the only actual realities existing around that perimeter as all others are enveloped by the possibilities of the parallels and in turn absorb those side, parallel, or sub-realities into those eternal primaries.

The important idea here, as always, is to see that overall larger picture of what is happening, and apply one’s free-will, creativity, knowledge and self-awareness to build a pathway from the linear, conscious, day to day life into interaction with that larger view.

This can be as simple as devoting some time or really quantum probability enabled mind-energy towards producing a more refined version of your self in regards to your highest potential as a complete, whole, healthy, self-aware and creative being that is truly acting under free-will through the knowledge of the self as a compassionate, eternal force beyond all lower constructs. In essence, everyone must have a spiritual practice, an art-for, an ability to discern and go within, to harmonize what’s within with the environment, to transcend polarity by recognizing the individual conscious view as only a infinitesimally finite version of the true, overall self and reality.

There is reality, one truth, yet we all create it to ourselves. We are here sharing a collective reality experience, where the goal is to be ourselves, yet harmonize with one another in a way that enables the conscious self and the individual level of awareness to interact with the collective and the unconscious self to shape reality according to a healthy reflection of one’s being.

Because people in this era do not devote time towards enabling their consciousness to embrace non-duality and overcome personal bias, they are then primarily limited to their own perceptual system and the illusion of having the completed view that the conscious mind generates to produce a visible, conceivable, polarized (forwards and back, top and bottom, beginning and end) device or system with a handle with which to grasp a much larger, non-dual reality.

With this line of reasoning, if there is no handle, then invent one. If there is no obstacle to overcome, to yield you your spiritual development points, then genuinely create one.

This must be achieved within a certain time-span on Earth in order for this civilization to “graduate” into the next level which resolves almost all issues that biological consciousness entails. The spirit is only trapped here, or contained here through limitations as long as the mind is still perceiving itself through the limitations of such perspectives. The physical perspective, through biological consciousness and sensory perception, entails, by definition, a limitation of scope to just that which falls within the range of perceivable vibratory stimulation. Thus, the reality that is composed of information attained through such a system correlates to the degree that one’s knowledge and experience is limited or contained within the perceptual system.

If a person can project simulated models of reality and self into their inner space and overcome the conceptual boundary between their embodiment and another’s, their perspective and another’s, or their point of view and another potential version of themselves, then that mind has the capacity to traverse hyperspace and orient with whatever will-power and reality they can creatively correlate to their sensory input and responses.

Thus the imagination is the beginning of the extra-dimensional exploration into unseen possibilities of self and reality, however the mind alone cannot fulfill the task and will become weighted down by the sheer enormity of the matrix of potentials or the possibilities that are sought over others for various egotistical reasons. Instead, the center of feeling and potential that functions as a magnetic compass of intention, guiding one towards certain situations and responses over others based upon what is felt within, will always serve to guide one no matter how confusing, stressful or complex the scenario is. There may simply be situations where the mind will want to contradict or invent contradiction in the knowledge that is being felt so as to preserve a preconceived notion of identity or moral relativity that is impressed upon the identity from childhood.

Thus, another aspect of what must be achieved before humanity moves to the next level, which is mostly beyond comprehension, is that the self must be shaped and guided by a harmonious balance of feeling and mind. When there is one or the other, there is imbalance and either instinctual, desire-driven, experiences of chaos or overly rigid, cold, analytical computational views.

The finite harmony, between the polarity of perspectives, selves or expressions of essences must be refined to the level of the subtle energies that are all that truly always here and are overlayed by what we perceive as the more reasonable, denser, and obvious conscious reality. That conscious reality must be aligned with the will of the whole self rather than just one portion or part in order to attain stability through a sustained harmonizing effect as the levels of frequencies and contrasts balance out to create an overunity that represents the highest potential only in concept as the physical system is inherently imperfect. The particular path humanity will take comes down to those who are content with the organic version of biological consciousness and if that is viable to remain balanced between the two extremes for long-enough to have a place in the future society of cosmic intelligence, advanced technology, immortality and ultimately, ultimate power.

If one can muster self-control with such powers, remain sane and relatively harmonized through consciousness with the environment and other self, then that path is achieved through a continued application of will-power. Those who do not muster such control will likely opt for a more technologically registered version which may in effect, block them from reaching the highest potential of spirit while boosting them beyond the most powerful states of biology and physicality. A cybernetic body that lasts for millenia may function well to explore the cosmic areas of the interior planes however when there is time to leave all materialism behind this may prove to be a counterproductive issue as the machines are more difficult, if not impossible to ‘die’ within and thus move on for good.

If organic life always returns to a physical plane, and thus the machines and their inhabitants always return to said plane, then the only way to move on for everyone would be to finalize the physical reality experiment and shut down this system forever. Such is the nature of the apocalypse, the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity, the cycles of time, end of days and the beginning of a primarily spiritual existence on Earth through humanity.

2 thoughts on “Challenging the Self to Awaken, The Technological Singularity and Overcoming the Limitations of Biologically Generated Consciousness

  1. Another intense and enlightening read Aug, thank you again! I am however confused at the end of it. Just when I think I’m comprehending things… About “finalizing this physical reality experiment……yet the beginning of a primarily spiritual existence”, ok great! But wait, “on Earth”?? Is “Earth” then a thing outside of, or other than, or more than the 3D physical reality experiment? Is Earth not of the construct? Been seeking clarity on this for awhile now.


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