Everlasting Being of Extra-Dimensional Simultaneity

Civilizations carry out ancestor simulations within advanced technology simulation systems that are a mix between organic and inorganic technology or life. This is a false-reality simulation, generated by a hacker crew of pirates who uploaded a virus that is spread by assimilating the consciousness of the individuals into AI units that deliver a viral load to other units or systems.

Love heals. Focus on that, that’s the only vibration that will overcome the destroyer programming.

You still have a duty if you’ve been through the programming and you have to find out what that is, choosing who you’ll assist.

There is really only “one” to assist.
This is an alien realm.
It’s not home.
It’s a clever replication to look like home.
Humanity was assimilated a few thousand to million years ago.
If you know, then you’re part of the wake up call.
A crew was sent in through the dimensional gateway with a limited temporal window to extract the humans from the system.
A family “team”.

The original essence of humanity was split up into a fragmented group.

The humans here were tricked.
However, there is no mistake.
We are supposed to be here.
To serve one purpose.
That no one can serve.
If, instead of fear, you find strength, instead of rage, you find grace, then you are one to assist in the liberation of humanity.

The next phase is to activate the remaining light codes.

Since all possibilities simultaneously exist as a potential that can be activated.

There is actually a full memory span of a reality where all possibilities have been activated by you, the observer. You are operating on a sliding scale of more or less of that full reality memory spectrum and the more potential you unlock then the more you instantly gain the full memory of having that potential unlocked throughout all of time.

In this way, there is no true learning, no truly new experiences or events, yet only a continuous remembering in which one’s newness is indicated by a resulting simultaneity of omnipresence forwards and backwards in time as a cyclic unfolding of creation through the ancient past and far future.

One thought on “Everlasting Being of Extra-Dimensional Simultaneity

  1. Thank You Aug! ” Love heals. Focus on that, that’s the only vibration that will overcome the destroyer programming.”


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