Electrogravitic Quantum Field Coherence

If you think about memories, possibilities, or focus your thoughts on an aspect of reality and these normally cause a heightened emotional response, then these exist as an entanglement in higher space link these moments together in a conceptual or direct information form within you and in what is considered space. Space is an orb around you that shifts to contain the environment.

There is no other location in the universe to you other than a few feet around your body which you can direct verify through the sensory process of your body or energy field unless the field is not operating the way that is de-activated.

This space seemingly exists outside of us and thus events in memory should exist somewhere in ‘time’ as a n plane that has moved into an abstract angle of perspective from the plane or angle that is present ‘now’ in the universe. That ‘now’ is a kind of concept of its own and does not exist as any particular ‘now’ but as all knows in existence. This is unless one is referring the ‘particular’ now that relates to some aspect of the situation that they are preparing for, but in that sense what’s actually being referenced is not the ‘nowness’ of the present moment of that entire situation but usually one or a few aspects of objective variables in specific such as “Now there’s a knock at the door.” Whenever focusing directly on the “nowness” of the moment in itself, such a view becomes somewhat of a technical, philosophical, metaphoric abstraction of the moment where the meaning is used into a kind of quantum blueprint from all realities.

This is relative, and possibly more so than the definition of “now” as when a particular event is happening. Not only is this event bound to an end if there is a beginning.

Now I’m going to take this post completely into a new realm, I will return when necessary. The children who participated in the underground base studies literally participated in the creation of new universes as alternate dimensions.

These universes occurred when universal simulators were activated using the combined mental processing of multiple people along with a supercomputer system that could process the information in real-time and extrapolate and extract the required information to reconstruct the universe.

Apparently this takes place every so often because we are running on a kind of back-up server for the universe that a particular branch of a civilization manages the process of. In a previous event in history, experiments were held which altered the flow of time by introducing a quantum spiral, a toroidal mutation in the electrogravitic field of the entire civilization. Every mind in the civilization was altered, every collection of DNA, every life.

This is because all minds are connected through a field that is primarily outside of the perceptual range of biological senses. However, the lower base desires and senses usually contain information about that 2-6 foot field of space and energy around the body. This is a radiant energy field that extends from the head and spine. All the organ systems contribute to the field. Either the entire purpose or nature of this field is to induce energy and keep the organ systems alive, or the entire purpose of the organ system is to enable the operation of this field. The total function may be both, which directly violates any preconceived sense of how space/time and biology operate, as the field would’ve had to have been present at the very beginning of biological inception and this would also have to then interface with the organ system directly in a way that would increase the likelihood of being a predisposed aspect of the biological system. With both relying on the other this is also another layer to the synchronicity similar to the surface life on the planet being random yet requiring something so precise as the exact angle and degree of the lighting and heating cycles down to the moment.

The idea then, is not that this is a random occurs, or that this is planned, but that all life is 100% guaranteed and that life can occur in a variety of environments and formats and simply result in a slight variation of human being that would eventually populate such areas. The great shift in perception here is that concept that the human DNA can vary in such a way as to remain human, yet to introduce all kinds of physical biological and energetic strengths that can overcome a a virtually astronomical amount of potential environmental and nourishment related imbalances. The concept is that for every other possible variation of the light, heat, mass and nutrient orientation humanoid life would still have ‘reinvented’ itself in a way that remains human but can effectively adapt to nearly any kind of situation on a sliding scale of how much the energy system is activated to carry out what are otherwise nearly entirely physical processes.

The idea is that with a higher percentage of the energy system activated, of the morphegenic, electrogravitic distortion field around the body, the higher there are chances of a physical biological requirement being overtaken and provided for by the functioning of the energy system itself. Essentially, the body and mind or feeling field (bio-mind, soul) becomes a kind of UFO, with its own central vortex and ambient radiant bio-electrogravitic emission field capable of producing temporal and electrogravitic distortions that can alter the very organizational structure of molecules, elements, and sub-atomic arrangements of the energy in matter.

Thus the more the energy field of the body is activated through the mind-feeling, then the more that field can be exerted on the surrounding environment and influence the ability to absorb nutrients and focus all the way to the ability to literally overcome the requirements of certain biological processes and conscious boundaries of information and perceptual limitation. Think unlocking the power of the unconscious mind through the conscious exertion of free-will.

That was largely the focus of these bases even if they were based upon inducing a state of shock to then loosen up the boundaries to get them to shift. Now, this is not excusing the irresponsible versions of this, however this is saying that those versions are covering up the real truth which is that humanity has an inherent power that is very capable with focus and technique.

The distractions from toxic food and environment all the way to literally participating in toxic interactions or behavior literally cloud the judgement, the ability to see within and thus through the potential space of the abstract informational layer to bring about heightened states of energy activation through that collective organ system interaction.

When the organ system functions in a harmonious way in which no single group or part over powers the rest but the whole operates in a pyramidal, functional way to bring about an ascension of focus. The information flux of the present moment stream changes from a wide, dull angle diffusion to a proportionally “alive” angle arrangement which causes the stream to rush forth as if a thumb is pressed over a nozzle-less water-hose. This effect brings about a resulting temporal cyclone effect where the layers, the expansion path, the rush of the data stream begins to fold over itself in conical layers. As this happens one simultaneously wraps the aspect of the stream just behind them in time over and around the present perceptual scope as that information lingers and repeats itself as if on a kind of consciousness replay or delay. Then, the seemingly opposite result of that is that the future stream that is still wrapped up in the hose, two pulls down into view and seemingly wraps around your field moving in the opposite phase. Thus, depending on the phase of the interpretation or decoding of the incoming and outgoing stream, one can literally pull repeating cycles of information from the past that have happened as well as information from experiences immediately proximal yet have not happened yet. And this goes on with the depth and complexity of the proportion of focus and intent that is diverted towards wrapping up that stream and the hose and getting the information to flow in a kind of spiral pattern while first accelerating the flow with the proverbial pressure of the thumb over the opening. One usually performs this with a kind of internal technique that allows one to redirect the focus through application of will-power and control over each internal movement or thought along with the knowledge of the non-physical organizational structure of the energy body and the circuitry of the electrogravitc-magnetic energy of the bio-mind or the energy field of the soul.

By merely inducing a state of delay by focusing in on a repeating cycle of memory and awareness breaking about a natural feedback loop one can begin to automatically initiate these cycles of effects.

These naturally occur, as all of time is in one of these systems that is designed to interact with itself in such a way so as to carry information about itself through these non-physical ‘port-holes’ through non-physical informational space similar to the patterns of congruence in numerology, gematria, mathematics, and geometry.

These machines and the adepts enabled a spontaneous yet controlled activation of the highest levels of energy activation and the resulting electrogravitic distortion fields. This enabled one to literally become dislocated from the present physical perspective and move on a kind of sliding scale to or from the present.

Mind and imagination is literally the abstract field layers out from the sub-frame of reference.

The original morality that guides your thoughts and intentions here will guide you in the abstract version which extrapolates out into extended realities each occurs in a simultaneity with the present moment as if they are filaments of light extending outward instantly from each present moment each living out their eternal spectrum of a potential reality or universe from that point on, each at a varying abstraction layer from the centralized sub-referential plane which is a common theme of your experience.

It’s as if we are in a big cartoon system composed of layers within one another with all things and experiences in location, all space and times all within one central ‘container’, which acts as a boundary. In this system, all energy is contained for an eternity. There may be other eternities, but the traveling to those eternities is carried out by soul and spirit, not the physical body or identity, at least not without activation to an extra-dimensional scale. in synchronization with the conscious mind. Through this, the will becomes an extra-dimensionally measured influence upon reality, rather than just a surface level, mental, momentary or temporary scope of continuity of being.

In this reality-cartoon, extra-dimensional experience canvas, all experiences are eternal but the self-awareness behind them depends on the frequency of will as either a temporary, lower-awareness desire or the pinnacle of the cosmic one as represented by the presence of cosmically available aspects which operate across the whole spectrum of realities. In this, the ideas that are experienced are bound by the operation (or lack of which) of the free-will of the individual. The whole awareness includes both that which is seen consciously through the biological perspective as well as that which is invisible to that biology and exists outside the perceptual boundaries. The possibilities are inherently beyond the physical, waking consciousness. Along with this, that which exists in the ‘invisible’ is beyond a mere extension of the occurrences in the physical from one abstraction layer. The total reality is as if the invisible potentials hold one complete universal spectrum of possibility for every single moment the conscious mind physically experiences.

One thought on “Electrogravitic Quantum Field Coherence

  1. Please reread your writing for clarity before posting. The first sentence doesn’t flow or finally make sense.
    I love what you’re doing and writing but way too often am stumped by a sentence that doesn’t work as a sentence. This is important because your words are important and it’s extremely important that what you write is clear. Any lack of clarity makes it harder to follow your already advanced levels of thinking. No need to make it harder. Thanks, Aug.
    Also, if you have time for novels try Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. It’s Sci-fi set in the future and shows what happens if we become virtual, cloned, synthetics, etc. It’s prose style and imagination are excellent.


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