The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze

Notice how with this information there is yet another layer of occurrence or explanation for what is happening is added. That’s because that’s how everything really is, a multiple layered simultaneous occurrence of many parallels together. Each layer is like a new explanation or metaphor for what is happening in another representation. This leads all the way up to the central ‘metaphor’ which is closest to ‘actual’ and is what all other layers or explanations branch from.

Earth is an Earthship for hyperspatial travel. People enter into stasis so that they can experience real-life dreaming throughout eternity as the ship is guided through the overall frequency of the collective mind. The original sun is a transdimensional energy receiver and emitter. Energy moves from the higher level to the lower level and is emitted as heat in the physical universe.

The energy then feeds the physical life within information that allows them to “update” their fields to keep in sync with a cosmic source and thus remain ‘relative’ or alive. The cosmic source feeds the sun and the humans on Earth are fed by the cosmic source so their energy is then absorbed by Earth which then interprets the cosmic energy.

This Earth is the imitation Earth by a dark faction of beings. The original Earth still remains beyond the time matrix, outside of the broken time loop.

Reinvent yourself to utilize the cascade of change.

Utilize exercises designed to control emotional charge, to refocus breathing, enhance concentration while also de-focusing and relaxing.

You are the operator of your vessel! If you have the control and power to navigate to higher awareness, then the good reason to begin casting away the attachments!

The attachments are to the material world, but also to the material self or the false-sense of desires and fears! This image is not truth, the image is not you! There is also the notion that every image must be like a mirror reflection and therefore images alone, the self-image, is always NOT TRUE, because one can’t get an accurate enough reflection through such a system! This is like saying your body is a part of the universe. Therefore, by using your body to view the universe, you can never view the whole thing because you are a part of it.

This occurs for the self as well! If your experience here is part of your self, then by viewing more of yourself in an attempt to see the whole view, you’re adding more than you’ll have to back and introspect upon or review, simply by looking and seeing something in the first place! Thus, a vicious cycle is formed whereby the more you look for yourself, the more than is to see!

The matrix is two things, mind or control system
The simulation is made of mind, the control system uses mind against spirit.

The simulation is a method for hibernating through deep space travel without going insane.

People went insane.

Ultra deep space interdimensional entities breached the wall, chaos beings.

Chaos is smoothed out by the simulation, yet introduced in a simulated manner. These beings couldn’t hack the matrix, thus they want to destroy it.

If the simulation-maya-matrix is destroyed without an eternal resolve through what is called ascension but corrupted through side theories and disinformation, all programs and all original beings die. If the simulation, that is. If the mind control matrix systems are destroyed, the chaos beings cannot cause unpredictable suffering for profit and thus they are smoothed out and people regain a spiritual orientation over this simulation-maya.

They generated such chaos within themselves that they control the matrix or destroy all beings within it.

The darkness of space is so vast that those who got caught looking up and just staring out usually went insane, at least temporarily.

The power is so vast, the truth of this reality so threatening to our fragile way of viewing existence that we must first prepare our self and even that preparation must entail preparations and so on.

The universe is a supercomputer powerful enough to spit out possibilities faster than you can comprehend them.

The simulators last indefinitely. To those in the simulator the organic life is intermediary, temporary. Every so often new organic life is formed to generate additional information for the simulators which can last throughout tens of thousands to millions of years.

The basis or constant is the simulated realm, like an unbroken line on top, while there are minor dips down into linear, organic time every so often which provides raw material or information for the simulated realms.

Give appreciation for what you have. I’m literally beyond myself with joy because I have a little rectangular piece of wood with a slot I sanded into so a camera-phone can be supported by in with about 3 seconds set-up time! And previously it was just a larger piece of wood that was a lot more imbalanced and would fall over often! That’s all I needed to be appreciative, along with the basics like food, water and shelter. Even these are starting to bend out of the normal parameters because of some changes that seem to be happening with the energy lately.

Be appreciative whether you believe a sociopathic programmer demi-god created this place or you’re giving appreciation towards the One True Creator. Give appreciation and use everything to your advantage!

3 thoughts on “The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze

  1. I posted this same comment on your YT video, so sorry for the repetition.

    Thank you, Aug. This is my favorite video of yours so far. Helps explain lots of lingering questions, but I still have more! I’ve been going back and forth on what to make of all this info you’re releasing. One big thing I still feel very uneasy about is the depiction of “The Event” by “Yellow Rose of Texas” in her “The Gist of it is…” video here:

    You said her info backs up what you’ve been told and I’ve expressed my concerns in some comments on your blog. The idea of people getting pulled out of their bodies by beams of light energy with the help of “allied ships” after a fireworks show sounds, at best, too Disneyland for me. At worst, it sounds like a false light rapture/harvesting. So I just don’t know what to make of that. Same with the idea that “normal people” who merely innocently believe what they’re told by the media and react to it in a sensible way (e.g. Trump protesters) are somehow on the “left-hand path” and will suffer some cataclysmic End Times reality and that those who stay neutral and balanced and don’t commit to either “eye” will somehow be “damned.” Those scenarios seem grossly unfair and nonsensical to me unless I’m somehow not understanding them correctly.

    And what makes me even more concerned is I have seen numerous stories in the lying, manipulative media recently that appear to symbolically reference “The Event” and “The Choice” people will supposedly be forced to make. I’ve explained my interpretation of a number of these seemingly allegorical news stories in comments on your past videos and blog posts. I’m going to be compiling these observations on my own blog, if you or anyone else are interested. I’ll just add my most recent observation here. I believe the alleged bombing (which I also believe was most likely fake) at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena contained some direct references to “The Event.” Here a few examples (more will be included on my blog).

    Take a look at the Manchester Arena map:

    First of all, the arena itself resembles an spheroid sun/eye with labeled “exits” on either side similar to what YRFT explains in her video. The explosion supposedly took place in the foyer near the Metrolink Victoria Station in the bottom left corner of the map. YRFT describes the “left-hand path” as being west (left) and down. And then there’s the “right-hand path” at the upper right of the map that reads “Exit Only” with another path at the lower right for Trinity Way (Christ consciousness?).

    And then there’s this photo:

    We see a woman in the Victoria station foyer where the bomb went off covering one eye. Next to her is a “Self Service Tickets” machine, a possible reference to “Service to Self” aka the “left-hand path?”

    And then we have this footage of Ariana Grande performing on stage just before the explosion:

    The song she’s performing is called “Bang Bang” (bombs) and we hear her sing “Wait just a minute, lemme take you there…” (down the left-hand path?) while we hear screams in the background. We see “little Ariana” onstage with “big Ariana” on the screen behind her with laser lights shooting around. This reminds me of YRFT’s description of “The Pull” where our “doubles” (“bigger” higher selves) pull our “mirrors” (Earthly “little” lower selves) using beams of light energy to pull us out of our bodies so we can “merge” with them and exit the matrix.

    Anyway, there’s a lot more that I’ll explain on my blog. I saw numerous similar references to “The Event” and “The Choice” in the recent vehicle attack in Times Square as well. So basically, since the media which we all know is only there to deceive and manipulate us is possibly echoing ideas YRFT has put forth, this naturally makes me feel suspicious about the whole idea that already seemed very sketchy to me to begin with.

    One of the big problems is that we’ve been deceived and manipulated so much in this realm and mostly in ways that are not overtly “evil” that I can’t see how I could EVER trust any supposed “benevolent” forces or groups that may get involved and claim that they’re here to help us. This includes any supposed version of my “higher self” that would try to pull me out of my body and through an any sort of “exit.” You’ve talked extensively about how they’re able to map and replicated consciousness using advanced technology, so how can I know that any supposed benevolent entity, even one that looks, sounds and feels just like ME, is not a trick leading me into a trap? If there are indeed benevolent forces, then they MUST understand how our ability to trust has been totally demolished at this point. And surely they have had plenty of “time” (which doesn’t even exist in their realms, apparently) to think about how to deal with this HUGE problem. Could you possibly do video or blog post on that at some point? The issue of TRUST?

    Sorry about the lengthiness here. This turned out to be more like a blog post than a comment. I just wanna say that I see you as very trustworthy at this point as an individual. But I can’t say the same for the groups you’ve said you’re working with. I just worry that they could be using your shining light as an attactor somehow. I think my caution is understandable given the state of things and everything humanity has been through. I hope you understand and offer a response at some point. Thank you.


    1. Another possible reference to “The Pull” from the Manchester Arena event. At 0:31, she says “We heard the explosion, everybody turned to the LEFT (left-hand path), screamed and started running.” Also note the arrow pointing LEFT and DOWN on the split-screen beside her:


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