Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404 – Beautiful, Handsome, Bob

Dimension 404: Bob

This is an extremely powerful episode. I will try to conceal all true spoilers so you can watch the episode yourself.

Here are some quotes:

“The NSA has a major data problem, we’re drowning in the stuff. Emails, phone logs you name it, we got about 3 petabytes a second of it from American civilians alone. Our analysts have to process all of that data one click at a time. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Replace’em with robots! Believe me, I have tried. But despite what you’ve read in wired, that kind of AI is still decades away.”

“So for now, it still takes a human brain, to spot patterns, connect the dots, and catch the bad guys. And a human butt to wipe the constitution on, am I right?”
“Ten days ago our top analyst began displaying erratic behavior. It’s affecting his work and consequently the safety of the American people.”

“Imagine the NSA grew a huge cube of nutrient enriched meat, then grew a giant human brain, placed it inside, added some wires, plugged it in and then used it to monitor every person on Earth at all times.”

This is an exceptionally good episode and I hope you watch the show.

“The US economy depends on the suffering of humans through corporate shillery and the negative emotional (harvesting) agenda.” – Energetic Synthesis

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