Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Knowledge is the Only Goal

The only goal is that you do what you will do to assist in the mental-emotional liberation of humanity. Whatever other options, whatever side-effects, byproducts, parallels, etc, are all illusion. All you have is that one contribution to maintain and sustain through awareness and intent-motivation. If you look carefully you’ll see that everything you feel is pushing you down is actually pushing you to fulfill that role.

If we have no true character here, if there is no reality to the illusory society, then is not the only thing left to be caring and compassionate humans acting in self-awareness and truth? What else is there? Keep seeing and looking, everything that pops up immediately after this and is seemingly taking your view is actually part of the illusion. So is this post, however, it’s a form of self-reference where it’s telling you it’s part of the illusion. And how does that make you feel? If you were to mull over it and think about the reality of the situation and what’s being said here? Is it not something that requires your interaction or shaping in order to have a perception?

Be aware of the shaping and filtering process that you’re participating in throughout the day, that is adding to the collective mind of humanity in each moment. That is why if you are feeling content, yet at peace and without desire or involvement of those frequencies while physically being at that shared frequency or collective experience level you’re clearing the inner-space that simultaneously connects with other’s inner-space and thus resolving some of the issue.

The point is, only when the specific portion of the population that was involved with the dropping of the collective frequency wakes up and begins to resolve that within them will there be a shift in the whole. This is why one can actually create a cycling of illusory changes that create the perception of change within the micro-social worlds and in turn trick the collective into accepting that change is not their responsibility.

Everything’s ok externally, yet everyone who goes within sees the horror that we’re all connected to. Thus, this is solved when people begin to go within and learn that there is an ‘internet’ or a radio, or a news channel that will actually inform you of how everything works and what’s going on rather than people telling you to remain calm so they can profit from your suffering.

Thus when that collective frequency is altered because the same exact frequency or power equivalent of souls return to a harmony through truth, self-awareness, compassion, creativity and free-will then the bigger picture out here changes.

This is all from a very physical and realist perspective. We are a species that is grounded through an internal connection to a non-local source that is contrasted by a projected external self that is grounded in the collective mental-emotional emissions of those around them. Why would we not want to live in harmony? How would it be any other way? By accident? No, only by design, the contrast between the horror within and the false-reality around is someone’s doing, a mastermind, that’s the whole nature is not responsible. Humans are literally like trees who share roots and trade nutrients in times of stress. Thus, whether people are stressed one way or another, they are sharing vibrations like tuning forks and so the resolution is in living in acknowledgement of this and that is self-awareness of what we are.

A post like this will come and go and may be somewhat few and far between but it’s still the truth and those who live in this constantly will not fall for the distractions that seek to create the fight or flight response in all moments.


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