Emily Moyer, Aug tellez – OffPlanetRadio – Simultaneous Extra-Dimensional Self

This was a bit less organized than I intended. The first 10 minutes is from the previous upload with a slideshow. I concluded that making a slideshow for these longer recordings is too tedious and this one would’ve taken about 600 pictures that I hand select and search for individually.

I’ve created some of the images in the previous videos are created but only a few. There are is no slideshow in this presentation yet all of these concepts could be explained through multiple images or animation. Having sufficient visual assistance in the learning process is one of the main issues here.

I concluded that it would be more effective to take shorter 10-15 minute segments from these longer recordings and make to the point, explanatory slideshows off of smaller samples of dialogue and central concepts.

If anyone would like to participate in creating visualizations, animations, diagrams, or even find images online with a simple search and creating an effective, informative, and stimulating visual components then leave a comment or contact one of us. Thank you.

The main concept here is that there is a digital and analog format for recording information. Could the brain be a system that can use both forms of information? What form does holography belong to? Is that purely digital or can there be an organic, analogue generation of a hologram?

Is the brain a supercomputer? Does time happen all at once or in segments and a specific order? Could the universe be a projection? What is the original form of the information of life? Could this be a physical embodiment or some kind of or purely energetic? Could there by a transcendent form encompassing both?


One thought on “Emily Moyer, Aug tellez – OffPlanetRadio – Simultaneous Extra-Dimensional Self

  1. I would love to participate in creating visuals, diagrams for your brilliant work if you feel I fit. I do graphic art and can tell you more.
    I’m so very grateful I found you/your information and appreciative of all you do.
    Thank you :)


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