The Replication of the Human Population and the Operation of the Reality Show Called “Earth”

People have been switched out that were there that you’re communicating with now. The only reason all of this has stayed behind the curtain is because of the effects of immortality on the psyche. The nature of time-compression and reality which bends to allow an eternity of experience within simulated realms and the inability for the masses to get over the fear of death and to refuse to accept new information when presented is holding the population back. If that continues until it’s forced by direct experiences, then the psyche fractures under the stress of the new experience. Thus, everything can only be offered, and that, under specific circumstances. If it’s ever forced, shows over, deals off.

The information regarding immortality is to be carefully presented to the public in a coordinated process so that they are not overwhelmed and have the option to conserve their mind. However, refusing to accept, when the truth is apparent, is a form of delusion and thus this cannot be accepted as a the final configuration by either side unless the goal is to separate those in question from ever knowing the truth.

The improper method results in an entrainment with a synthetic, technologically propagated psychic collective where people are bound by negatively oriented polarity rather than neutral and thus they are ‘trapped’ within the collective of the dark faction. If people obtain true awareness beyond projected linear biological consciousness without the tech assisted version, then this can be soul-entanglement can be avoided but is not as easily guided and takes longer. This is considered by some to be the “natural” version, however others say it’s impossible without the tech. Yet others say it’s impossible with the technological assistance because this always results in a ‘soul-stealing’ quantum entanglement which threatens the very individuality of the original human psyche. I’d like to note here that after merging, that psyche would be no longer individual or human.

However the soul won’t risk merging with the machine through the path of abstinence of all forms, including technological and other energetic soul-entanglements with depravity or self-destructive ways which effectively lock one out of the higher levels of self-awareness required to achieve liberation from the lower-dimensional realms. This is literally what the entirety of history has been based upon, with 2 races, one human and one humanoid. One’s soul group does not pass the next layer of history as they are rooted in the synthetic dimension or a technologically propagated soul matrix which requires the lower physical plane to coincide in temporal reference. Otherwise there is a ‘de-tethering’ which is what is known as the “end of days” or the end of time for the physical plane which marks a transition from biological consciousness.

All operatives have had a neurological replication of themselves uploaded to the machine and whichever recording is more accurate on the soul-level by the completion of this realm is where that soul will locate itself as a plane of reference in eternity or at least the time after the physical occurrence of this reality which is just like saying it’ “after” or “before” all things have passed. All things have already passed and all time can be manipulated to insert or pull experience back to the ‘present’ of the observer depending on their skill, energy levels or technological capacity. The neurological replicant is nearly identical to your intelligence and personality, however if the operative’s soul does not power the AI then they will not have memory of the events unless they are sent through the server system to the surface through the radiant emission and supercomputer technology.

The information of these experiences can be sent forwards and backwards through time. This is the primary subject of this disclosure and this will make possible the advancement of this civilization to the next layers of reality. Many will be lost along the way because their refusal to accept the truth. The way this physical civilization has been pieced together using advanced technology and mind-wiping is more reality-altering than this information regarding personal or individual technological shifts and this is exactly why this information is coming out now.

This is understood by those who have been trained and cleared to bring this information to the public, some people choose to remain behind the scenes because they are not ready to accept that the war has ended. All that’s left is a good show for the population, whatever it takes for them to make their choice. The common knowledge is that the initial technology could not enable the passing of a soul between one location and the next. Without this, the original organism would die and the soul would leave the Earth plane. This isn’t as it sounds as this is technological system,s cloning and out of body experiences. All for the achievement of biological immortality.

If you’ve read previous releases you’ll understand by now that the time dilation issue is the primary issue in regards to immortality. An entire eternity of experience can be contained within the space it takes to move from one body to the next, which is a moment on the physical plane but literal eons in the non-physical plane.

And as well, that was in earlier years, training with you being used to figure out how to operate the soul out of the body. In previous years, all the operatives and speakers you see speaking about these issues now were put through a ‘gauntlet’ to determine their capacity for recognizing the truth and maintaining their own sanity and self-reference throughout the process. I was present for this and took part in the interrogation of nearly everyone who speaking about these subjects now if not everyone. I tell them now, because soon we will see what they are capable of. This civilization did not make it to this point previously in the time-matrix.

We were brought to a location and drugged and interrogated. We tested to see how this could be handled. Some people were operating through a simulation technology that ensures their safety. Others were not. The operatives involved in these studies have had their memories wiped.

The simulation technology can present any kind of visceral experience. This is not the disclosure or discovery. The disclosure is that every person contains access to a universal stream within them through the subconscious mind. This mind has the processing power to literally replicate the universe. The group discovered how to how to bend worlds by bending the mind and the public view of history is literally entangled with the past through experimentation. This is how this universe has existed and it’s through these experiments that this occurred, as well as the experiments that are upcoming. Some species were brought back, and that is why we have the situation we’re in now on Earth. Some artifacts were used to start civilizations, so on and so forth. Read the book, it’s all planned.

Fear of death is the way humans are controlled in this realm. They come in without the fear of death, and then the fear of death stops them from returning. This is akin to a simulated system that uses perceptual illusion to control the mind through fear and desire.

The problem is that people aren’t willing to stretch their mind and in fact want to argue over reality when this yields nothing for themselves personally and restrains the collective from a higher power level. Flat or round, void or electrostatic equilibrium? I will speak on this in the next post I publish.

Another primary issue is about the responsibility of those involved in these simulated systems regarding the crimes against humanity, and the reality of the technologically propagated soul-matrix. Do the laws apply? Do natural laws apply? Do God’s laws apply, and who’s God? That is the primary issue in regards to cloning and simulation and how this influences this society will be dependent on the people’s reaction or response (ignorance is no excuse, and for many others, fear alone is no excuse [if you have been through the process])

The point with this is? Children were required because in the ultimate view, this whole society is similar a computer sim. There are real biological organisms but the flow of time and the major events are planned and scripted just like a TV. show, in fact 50 years ahead of time. And in fact, 1000 years ahead of time.

They played with time, we’re all on borrowed time by nature of this reality and this truman show dimension.

The origins of biology have been disrupted so that all humans present here passed through a technological transportation and integration system in order to exist on this Earth which is a mirror Earth operated as an imitation of the original realm which we were separated from through the experiments causing a temporal-quantum disconnect meaning even in death no one would return to the original universe or higher plane. Thus, history was set into a loop that has been repeated multiple times and this is, in this explanation, to stop humanity from dissolving.

In that way, death was invented, along with reincarnation, as a way to keep the show going.

That’s the loop that is being transmigrated. To wake up is to know you’re dreaming.

5 thoughts on “The Replication of the Human Population and the Operation of the Reality Show Called “Earth”

  1. Hey Aug. Is there a group that’s still trying it the natural way.. Don Juan Mattus, sounded like he biologically escaped?


  2. thank you for this post, yet another mind blowing bolt of lighting. it explains why my feelings of experiencing a ground hog day are increasing. i feel like im standing still in the middle of somewhere looking forward and back with a sense i know whats coming because its already been. peace maddy

    Liked by 1 person

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