Serious Topic – The Desire to Know the Truth is a Requirement – Time is the Mind-Virus

The conscious mind is purposely fractured to reprogram. The mind that is accustomed to the ‘mainstream’ reality is designed to fracture when confronted with the truth. Self-Awareness is the key to deprogramming. The ego is key to emotional, personal bias and selective attention and these aspects create the false-reality through a false sense of self.

More or less repressed trauma indicates the degree of psychological programming and this is inherent to the human born and shaped through the sensitivity of childhood. The human biology seems inherently inadequate to enable awareness of reality. The true, original form is capable of extra-dimensional awareness.

The conscious mind always seeks to make one’s current view seem like the all encompassing reality.

There are robotoids, non-humanoids, chimera beings, hybrids and sub-human organisms.

The Interdimensional Army

Unless the human collective is brought to self-awareness through the presence of self-awareness and free-will of the individuals then there is risk that the entire species would suffer from the results of genetic deterioration and an eventual ‘fizzling out’ of the social diversity and free-will. A shared, individual collectivism must take place, rather than a dissolution of the individual into the collective or the loss of the collective cohesion through the complete discord of the individuals to one another.

Quarrelling, fighting, arguing, debating over the destruction of this civilization and the mind-control methods is only going to foment division and intolerance of the diversity. That is literally the erasure of individualism in initial stages.

Time flows outwards from the source and the second or moment is ‘longer’ the farther back in history and accelerates the ‘closer’ one gets to the source of change which is actually coming from the ‘future’ which is a computational source.

The linear space-time conception is a projected format while the actual occurrence does not follow the same linearity or perceptual consistency that is found in the conscious, waking perspective. This view is generated through the biological system which is formed from perception. The perceptual system is akin to the viewing apparatus that is ‘viewing time’, but in the same sense this is also creating that view. This is like a camera in a dark room which, when looked through, shows the viewer an entire landscape. Outside the camera, there is no landscape, but an ‘underside’ to a projection system that is inherently linked with the biological perception system. In other words, the outside of the camera is not the landscape, but the interior of the functioning camera parts such as gears and magnetic tape.

Outside the perceptual system is not a landscape, but the interior working of the universe which is the same as saying the outside of the camera is the inside of the brain, except instead of the biological system, the true outside is the energy of the mind which is akin to an extra-dimensional landscape of pure energy and timelessness.

Time is manipulated through the manipulation of the public mind which acts as the projection relay system for that projection system mentioned earlier. This is why the collective mind must come into self-awareness so that humanity can become actively, consciously involved in the process of both creation and experience.

The linear version of time is a result of the mind-virus which literally wraps the soul in a multidimensional veil that creates layer after layer of illusion that keeps the whole mind split into two, a conscious and subconscious, short and long-term memory, waking and visionary.

Death was invented on Earth through the fall of man. The original system is an abundance system, the old world system is a scarcity system.

There are those who believe this world of death was created by a manipulator from the higher levels.

Immortality is inherent, yet is threatened by the false-reality which replicates the original. One who gives themselves to this false-world never leaves. The mental liberation of humanity from the false-reality is imperative.

Not fully covered in the video:

Where there are open possibilities, there is like a potentiality ‘vacuum’ which is then waiting to be filled or expressed or tapped for its potential. This knowledge can be used, along with belief or intent, to generate new pathways for experience by literally unlocking hidden potentials by programming them and bringing into experience the desires qualities or variables of unlimited hidden potential.

This is through tapping into the power of the subconscious mind through the conscious mind by navigating the layers of the mind and transmitting information across the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious in a way that the subconscious will ‘register’. The communication with the subconscious mind is the communication with the universe.

Nothing leaves this plane. Only pure awareness travels on. This is the time of the unveiling. Everyone who refuses to know is doing so out of their own free-will. Everyone has the self-responsibility to know the truth and align with their true will. Those who align with the will of the One True Creator are the liberation.

Truth, compassion, free-will, creativity, knowledge, and self-awareness are the foundation of the true reality and the true self.

We discovered all of this in the bases, the truth is hidden in deception. Fear is used to restrict the truth to only those who intend to actually know the true self.

Creating one’s perspective out of fear, desire, or lower-awareness is a trap of creating one’s demise or a false-paradigm which is the negative image reflection of the true self. This is the game of the ‘adversary’ and people do this automatically unless they have overcome fear. This is exploited by the dark faction and the interdimensional parasite infested operatives who feed the energy harvesting system.

Through this, when there is fear or lower desire the human is literally incapable of seeing the truth and the mind fragments into a bi-optic system that results in only a partial view with glimpses of reality similar to a schizoid or MPD personality disorder. This is the quality of this history. If humanity does not find liberation then death will not be a reprieve.

There are two sides to this existence, the physical plane and the non-physical. The spiritual knowledge and pure will allows one to operate on both sides simultaneously.

5 thoughts on “Serious Topic – The Desire to Know the Truth is a Requirement – Time is the Mind-Virus

  1. Aug, big thanks for your contribution. This video helped me make a huge jump and connect more dots. Some paranormal (yet more real that “real” life) experiences that I’ve had suddenly make sense thanks to you.


  2. Hello Aug — If you had not had the extreme (way beyond most people’s perspectives of life) experiences that you have had, along with the memory recall, and you were considering the same content that you are putting out, coming from someone else, wouldn’t you be wanting more than spoken and written words for validation? Or, put another way, would you just take someone’s word for it that all is as they are saying it is, regardless of the fact that what they are saying flies in the face of everything that’s anything?


    1. You can produce verification all you want, I did and that is why I was involved in these projects. I stumbled upon the truth simply by looking for the truth in and around. See the latest post, the secret space is within you, thanks.

      If you have an investigative mind or basically critical and deductive reasoning you can conclude either every nation in history and existence has a band of merry pranksters planting reports of ‘strange beings’, ‘paranormal events’, myths, legends, energy, mind, soul, spirit, etc etc etc. Or that there is something we’re not taught.

      If you then factor in the extra-dimensional view of the universe, you’ll see we’re just one species interacting in a much larger universe composed of multiple layers just like the human body and mind and Earth.

      You can find the truth, the truth is all around. There are lies, but if you have a focused mind then they will only outline the truth. That is even how the conscious mind actually works, being unable to grasp the divine, only an outline is formed and from this outline we map out what we cannot grasp through mortal senses. The reality is vast.


  3. Regarding the first video…. Could it be that “inserting bits of reality into the future” is no more effective than “plagiarizing God”… Which in the sum total may be nothing more than self-hypnosis of the dull and lazy (souls). Lazy souls would have long since perfected total-consumerist-materialism and have abandoned prolific-creativity.).

    Hereby, the accomplishment of liberating reality, would occur only for the self-imaginative, the self acting, the self creative souls who reel in the timelines, skillfully and intentionally, (instead of consuming time passively as a drunk, with inflows alone)?


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