The Inner-Space Disclosure (Secret Space Program)

The most honest, benevolent, efficient and production thing to do with people who don’t want to know the truth? Don’t interact. They will pretend they want to know, ask questions like they want the answers, try to get involved and proclaim either knowing what they know, or not knowing what they didn’t know, yet none of this makes or breaks simply desiring and making the choice to find the truth.

Those who seek the truth, find it. It’s simple. You think with the amount of control that is present in the world that people aren’t also given the option to actually know?

What would the point be? Would the world really exist if there was absolutely no way to know the truth? No! It would be impossible because there would be no change then.

The truth MUST be known because the truth seeks to make itself KNOWN by clear vessels that seek to align with the truth. To align with the truth is something powerful because this is like aligning your electrical charge with the charge of the whole universe.

The power games require background work and feeding of energy into that construct, of belief and minds into the system.

The truth simply is. This can’t be altered to personally benefit people, but this can’t be extinguished or removed entirely as truth is the basis for all that is.

Truth is not just an objectively verifiable fact. What is seemingly objective here and now can literally be altered through mind and advanced technology. Truth is when the feeling that is within you, silent, without outward indication is aligned with the influence, feeling and expressions or results you generate around you in this space. When the two are corresponding there is truth. A person who is not in correspondence is not in touch with reality which is THEIR reality, WITHIN them through INNER (SECRET) SPACE which is HYPERSPACE, which when read through technology is CYBERSPACE.

There are other planes of existence which are REALLY happening just as much if not MORE than your current reality is happening. That is the TRUTH, and the inner energies of power and either personal (temporary) or collective (eternal) truth align and generate overall effects on the whole of one’s existence and others. That can’t be avoided, covered, or changed. When people are entirely in the body-consciousness, then they are not also interacting directly with the larger universe. There is tech to see the larger universe and those who have inner vision have always known.

That inner-vision is what disclosure is actually about along with the corruption in this current civilization and the false-authority.

7 thoughts on “The Inner-Space Disclosure (Secret Space Program)

  1. So Aug when you talk about the “inner vision “ does this have anything to do with instinct at all? There has always been something that told me that what we are living in wasn’t the whole of what real is.


  2. Thank U Aug …There are Many Heart Centered Sovereigns here Awake and Waiting and Prepared…Our Mission downloaded for the Revealing of the Soul…Its all that Matters in the Madness…We are informed of the Hidden dangers due to Ur Compassion for Humanity…We salute U…for Ur Valor…We will Stand strong…


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