Modern-Day Witch Hunts and Spiritually Sensitive Children

It’s no different than the witch hunts. Because some people are capable of verifying a reality that others lack the capacity to understand, the others would like to remove those sensitive and aware ones from society and punish them for their ability.That is why there is a control system. Don’t get involved and don’t get emotionally entangled in the charades.Tell the truth, be honest to others and yourself about what you feel within and what you do in relation to that out here.

The children from the projects were utilized because they were sensitive and capable of interacting with the hidden reality. Thus, the highest form of evolution of this species was converted into poison for the collective through espionage, experimentation and ritual abuse.

Of course, the explanation is that most people will succumb to the coming changes and to have a portion of the species that is capable of interacting on the level that will be required when everything changes is a contingency plan that is more important than any loss, personal grievance, monetary obstacle or temporary suffering.

4 thoughts on “Modern-Day Witch Hunts and Spiritually Sensitive Children

  1. Hey Aug, when I couldn’t find your email addy so I was going to contact you on twitter but I am somewhat of a luddite when it comes to social media & don’t want my email accidentally posted so I figure this is a better bet. I made a comment on the video that you did with Emily the other day regarding my studio & possibly doing some animations, research of imagery or whatever else you might find helpful. You can reach me at:
    I look forward to hearing from you. So much I would love to say but I will leave it at THANK YOU AUG for your incredible courage, for filling in some of the missing pieces for me as well as providing validations for the things I “know” &/or have experienced but had no way of discerning if I was indeed on to something or if that was corrupted info. I have been looking for these answers since I was a very little child. So much gratitude & love!!!


  2. Related to this subject, I have to ask again what exactly is “The Rock” and why do you see it when you wake up in a cloned body? If it’s some kinda geode-type thing then I’ll definitely have some more questions!


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