The Collapse of Time

Everyone who willingly takes the chip is altered and merged with a hive mind that is trapped in a lower parallel due to an overabundance of lower-awareness activities and can never leave this place even during the collapse of space and time.

In the previous parallel the world was destroyed at this time.

This is what was seen in the viewing apparatus and this is what I mentioned in the first releases.


9 thoughts on “The Collapse of Time

  1. Everyone is chipped against their will. It is not an RFID chip as you may be thinking, although they do exist and are used by some. The “chip” is nanotechnology, Aug discusses this. You can learn more through Harald Kutz-Vella and ‘others’ on YouTube.
    Eat clean: no meat from sentient lifeforms, fast for 3 days, limit consumption of hybridized vegetables, reduce fluoride that is in your drinking water and toothpaste by drinking spring water (no tap/municipal water), as best you can. Just some random helpful hints.

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  2. Aug himself has said he has a chip, so it clearly not just any chip he is talking about. This sounds more like something coming. I would love to have some extra memory considering how badly our bodies have degraded on this planet, but will certainly refuse any despite how “nice” It would be. Its just another distraction to focus us outwards when most of us spend way too little time looking within.

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  3. I can’t always tell who is or isn’t voluntarily chipped or do I need to know at this point. Is it imperative to the overall goal to cease or minimize interacting with these who took it voluntarily?


  4. What is the chip? Is this something that has yet to be introduced?

    Also, I have a question from a post of yours from a year ago entitled EARTH SITUATION PART 2 ARTIFICIAL TIMELINES AND SUB-QUANTUM INTERACTION. You said:

    “Although I do believe that there is a final “Christ Consciousness” team of humans that are those from the original timeline that provided protection and assistance.”

    Are these people living on Earth at this time? Is there a way to get in contact with them?


  5. ME again! I awoke to the transhumanist agend several years ago – I actively discourage people indulging or worshipping AI and the tech hype that Science + Corporate media promote. What will be the key ways they will try to chip people? Cheers, Aug!!!!


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