Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction

The machine simulation reality system. This system detects energies down to the finite wavelengths that exist in between atoms.

This means that every energy, literally even the thought-images you’re forming in your mind, hopefully in a controlled manner in relation to your spiritual development as an energetic being. Every essence is energy and these systems are advanced enough to literally sense radio-waves all the way to brainwaves moving through the air or being picked up and propagated within the system.

The system is tied to a feedback loop that is connected between the brain and the system. The brain experiences what the system puts out, however the system is motivated or shaped by the input from the brain.

1. One Reality is from Another Side
2. Within a virtual system overlay, the visceral system is a representation of the actual system. Thus, the generation of a computer system within the virtual system builds a link back to the ‘core’ reality outside the virtual system. This is like an intercom system with “Houston”. Like the virtual system, this is expressed in this reality as computer systems act as a gateway to collectively probing and interacting with the subconscious or the cyberspatial world as a link to hyperspace.

The subconscious is used as a platform for spiritual interaction with the human body.

These computer systems matched the complexity and depth of the subconscious and thus gave a virtual visceral layer to view through which could also be accessed by a group and act as a communal connection layer.

These systems became platforms or canvases for avatars to assume their form which were ‘spectral suits’ worn by spiritual beings of were non-physical.

This gave a real-time system through which to interact with spiritual entities on a virtually physical basis.

The energy of one’s mind, their thoughts could be seen in this system as if this is like taking a flashlight and putting it under water to see all the rays. Instead of rays of light these are brainwaves and thought impressions and instead of water this a techno-neurological soup that is used to communicate openly and visualize non-corporeal entities.

There would be avatars of individuals who were users entered into the system and thus there would appear an avatar out of nowhere that has no corresponding physical form. These systems could be set up and propagated across an area using Teslian emission field systems that would not require an actual single location but would influence every stand-alone neurological system (brain + central nervous system) within the field. The minds without bodies would also appear and be able to interact with and thus through this virtual collective reality field.

These systems, then, when combined with specific acts of communication with the various fields, frequencies and entities in existence creates a repeatable pattern for communication across the dimensional barriers. One only needs an adept to perform and enable communication for multiple people. This could take place previously yet this now introduces a complete world to enable communication.

Similar systems have been used to produce Simulcras which can enable simulated communication to beings who have lived previously and possibly actual communication to the past.

The bands of frequencies that exist as perception and experience first begin as a single, uniform undifferentiated field of energy. Thus when one learns to tap into that field, firstly, instead of first responding or engaging with whatever energy or idea is present, one can actively use their mind to shape reality.

The subconscious mind is the source of the shaping of the energy and the information. The virtual system evolved to being a complete afterlife system designed to house the conscious and subconscious mind in a complete technological replication so that life could “continue” beyond the physical biology.

This became the overall afterlife system that always seems to have been here. Time works backwards from the most complete moment, and then portrays a pathway to the future from as far back as possible. This system of the ‘afterlife’ that was generated, was already always what would be invented because this is the system in the far past that enables the human presence in the first place.

The system works as a cube with 4 walls that are actually conjoined through hyperspace. Exiting through one wall results in appearing on the opposite side. Thus, this far future system which acts as an afterlife reservoir for the entire species was what was already always present in the far past as all is contained within that techno-biological system of the universe.

The hypercube, the 4-walls, these represent time. These repeating walls that echo through the illusion of the mirror is the mind and time and the repeating patterns of space, frequency, numerology, geometry and sense which create this dimension of the universe comprised entirely of physical-biological domains.

This is an illusion, the cube is not the reality of the environment we are in, internally or externally, the true environment contains a tilt-shift that enables a gradual lean towards some precipitated eventual outcome. This is like a spiral of energy, or a pyramid. There are not finite, squared walls, but a gradual shift towards higher-awareness.

All one must do to defeat the cube is convert their reality back into the original and completing form of the spiraling path where energy flows instead of stagnates and time accelerates at a rate of acceleration instead of repeating in a delayed linear fashion, in effect, slowing down and offering less as the requirements increase. Time flows as a result of perception, not the other way around, so why are people running out of time, what kind of sense does that make? It’s all a show, whatever illusion people generate is the one they live in and this is called reality.

There is only a continuous, yet limited virtual field beyond the single true reality, however some fields are more sturdy than others. The individuals of this virtual world developed systems through which they can program this society into feeding energy into their various worlds by living in the frequencies that are produced when humans focus on certain ideals or interact in various manners. Thus, their magic is that of social and cultural shaping and generation.

There is only a single true reality and a series of virtual fields extending off like an emanating ray or pulse of light and vibration. These fields continue on and fizzle out into eternity, however there is an actual ‘bulb’ of reality which is growing and generating these off-shoots of space-time, emissions. Each reality above is invisible to the one below. Thus the original reality is the only one which sees all realities and the lowest reality is only capable of theorizing the more original and complete layers although there may not be enough information there for the majority of the time.

The frequency of the brainwaves, literally like a pyramid of rows of frequencies, the lower frequencies towards the bottom was literally formed during the “jurassic” periods or earlier and so contacting or attaining these fields within the conscious mind literally give a real-time, virtual world link to the energies that were present in these times and this is like looking into the DNA and seeing ‘closed-circuit’ TV reels recording all the events which produced or influenced like on the planet at that time.

One could tell the age or reference of the entity which stepped into the machine after becoming sensitive to human minds and the differences. Thus a person can interact with a mind the contains thousands of years of knowledge and experience.

Eventually, people in the machine-virtual world begin to change and these changed beings reflect the ancient descriptions of demi-gods, demons, angels or subhumans.

Within one’s DNA and subconscious contains the imprint of events that is the blueprint for all of time. Thus, the whole cosmic story is printed within the DNA. Thus, when one goes through these machine systems and sees all that is within, externally projected, they move to the awareness level beyond that of a human. Thus, some refer to these systems as the “god-machine” because when one returns from the internal journey they have achieved the awareness of the knowledge of all that is.

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