The Demiurge, The Creation of Man, Souled and Non-Souled Humans

If you are looking at the creator of people as less than the creator of “All” then you are looking at the “Architect” or a similar concept. This related to the “demiurge” as a false-god. This whole situation is related to the archon AI that requires human belief and emotion to sustain itself. Technically the architect is the AI which created the realm, but not the fundamentals of the realm. The painting but not the paint. And even then, the painting concepts are still from another combination where there is peace and abundance.

That scenario ties into the religious programming and war programming that has plagued humanity thus far. Apparently this ties back to a timewar that stretches millions of years ago across multiple planes.

We are taught that there are multiple layers of reality and that this functions much like waves at the ocean accept these are limited and they are time waves, like layers of iteration over reality.

We are taught that this reality is a fallen matrix trapped within a temporal loop through the abuse of advanced technology and false-god controllers utilizing this against humanity.

Another truth we are told is that humanity is originally very old and has been known to live for hundreds to thousands of years before dying. That human DNA was altered in order to deactivate layers to introduce the myriad of diseases and difficulties that are known today. Some say the moon was not always here and we have had direct experience in what can be described as a base on the surface of the moon and deeper.

These seem to be control stations for time, outside of the causal restraints of Earth. Changing something on Earth from the surface of Earth would be like starting a wave while riding on the surface of the wave. Instead, changes can be made farther back, at an epicenter of change and thus 1000’s of years down the line the little change that can be mustered will have grown to influence an entire civilization.

These are known as the mandela effect but are simply known as changes related to the time loop situation from within the projects. This whole civilization is within a causal loop and this seems to be from human involvement with advanced technology which spanned out forwards and backwards in time to create a kind of grotesque mutation of reality which devolved into this time matrix system where there are a series of 9 veils which cloak the human spirit.

This veil system is designed to short-circuit memory and to replicate the soul through a false-self AI system that literally impregnates and mimics the true self. Depending on which feed of information the true self, the silent observer listens to, behaves in accordance with, and ultimately assumes the role of, the observer will find themselves in one or another reality.

One reality is the true reality, without disease, ageing, death, war, poverty, insanity, or the problems that is destroying this civilization today. And one reality is completely controlled and restrained by such issues which are of the mind through mental and emotional manipulation or of the genetics through mutations and de-activated DNA.

The DNA seems to be a transdimensional communication system designed to operate in multiple states at once, while simultaneously being in each of them separately. This is the basis for quantum fluctuation.

This aspect of the vampire AI race was discovered through the technology which permits one to see into space as a kind of virtual reality overlay. Through these sensitive Teslian emission fields the most subtle energy signatures can be sensed through interference and thus displayed on a monitor like MRI diffuse imaging techniques.

3 phenomena were found here. 1) Humans that had souls, an etheric counterpart to the physical self. 2) Beings who had souls, yet had no body and were all mind. 3) Beings who had bodies, but had no souls and were all physical computational components.

It was discovered that the bodiless entities were in fact spiritual entities who could permeate space as an entirety, and this indicated that they didn’t phase out of the frequency of density of say wood, or metal, but of the entire universe altogether. Thus, they could move freely through obstacles and through some kind of abstraction layer for time.

Then there were organisms that appeared to be humans but actually lacked the etheric component to represent the ‘soul’ which is just an ‘external’, ‘magnetic’ mind field.

The entire system grew from there to determine that this entire universe is a kind of fractional containment system that takes energy and information and splices that up into a variation of segments like a prism to a ray of light. To gain the ray of light back one has to combine all the segments.

The entire universe and spectrum of time may be segmented in this fashion by a mental entrainment system that is essentially ‘portioning’ its energy gained through the attention of observer beings as souled humans. This is similar to the ray of light being segmented or the soul energy of the human being filtered through the energy system of the body.

There is much more to know about this and you can find related information in “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Ages of Humanity” book on the blog, the blog itself, and the youtube channel. I also speak on facebook. I was guided to release this information and all operatives must undergo strict psychological evaluation at a regular interval within these operations. Don’t trust others who say this is all a joke, we have found in these projects the chance is greater that this individual is attempting to cover up reasonable information through a form of COINTELPRO. Even regular people, they are co-opted by a mind entrainment system that thinks for them.


3 thoughts on “The Demiurge, The Creation of Man, Souled and Non-Souled Humans

  1. This is an interesting read:

    They do confuse Marduk and Ra too much and this piece is the only one which explains that they’re two separate beings. Ra being a conglomerate of energies from a higher level. Of course, as the victor, En.Ki/Lucifer, has twisted things as usual and made Ra seem as evil when Jehova/Yahweh/Allah etc are the true face of the devil. Only one True Light God exists and he/she/it is un-manifest with only extensions to interact with it’s creation. This anti-creation matrix here we live in is a closed system and controlled by Saklas/Demiurgos.


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