The Mental Liberation of Humanity: Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Knowledge, Harmony, Creativity and Free-Will

If you want to assist in the mental liberation of humanity, focus on aligning your will with that of truth, compassion, self-awareness, knowledge, harmony, creativity and free-will.

We must awaken the human collective mind through those to activate that factor.

This is the answer. There are two paths to activation, one lower one higher. The lower is through selfishness, materialism, hedonism, greed, etc. The higher is through the initial principles mentioned in this post.

The lower awareness has ruled this plane for this entire cycle. When the awareness of the collective is awakened, and humanity becomes self-aware (they are not currently, only a few individuals here and there) through the higher awareness, then the lower awareness that plagues this species, hate, aggression, fear, lust, war, mind control will no longer have any power to control the people. The “tricks” won’t work any longer.

We must develop a way to instill this into our lives here and now, and into the collective. There are many pathways, but no single names or sure paths. It’s all subjective. Truth is free, compassion requires compassion and produces compassion. “Free-energy” of the spirit. Be empty and allow all possibilities to come to you!

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