The True “Westworld”

Get this. The explanation for the current round, in connection to the series “Westworld” is that when they went west they didn’t originally find ANYTHING, but had to program the coordinates into the mind through ritual and projection in order to generate the next layer of the projection which manifested as THE WEST, the Americas. These lands were prophesied because the original, hidden leaders knew how this system works.

“WESTWORLD” is akin to a projection manufactured for the purpose of keeping consciousness units contained in a preprogrammed society similar to a terrarium or living virtual reality park.

This is what we’re trying to tell you. If people aren’t reset every night, if ends aren’t matched to other ends, if strings aren’t appropriated and mended using advanced technology and a whole team of background technicians, this whole projected system wouldn’t exist! This is the show!

This is temporary, as well, eventually the truth comes out.

It’s true, people are uploaded into the simulator and charged based on actions that they would do if certain circumstances are brought about based upon the simulated systems. People are categorized based on what their simulcras do. From my perspective, this system is accurate, and ultimately, with the advanced tech, this is actually a system that uses quantum computing and results in ‘soul-level simulations’ to the point where this is not just a simulation but an actual universe within a universe where these events and an entire lifetime or reality plays out.

One world, is the other world, inverted. Or, one world’s simulation is another world’s reality.

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