The AI Vampire, Chipped, Droned, Sub-Humans


Let’s examine some vampires. Hmm, notice, if one is to remain truthful, they cannot respond to anything the vampire says. If one responds to that, then the person is instantly brought out of the realm of the natural, truthful, and relative and into a falsity based on some hysteria that the vampire produces in true socio-pathic fashion in order to ensnare the souled human into a war of opposites based on some random concept that the vampire thought up and attempts to lock the human within. This is literally an interdimensional insectoid that uses deceit and treachery (false friendliness) to present the image of a reasonable, casual person who is actually energetically foaming at the spiritual mouth looking for any innocent energy or ideas to abuse and manipulate for their own liking. That is the beast! The brain stem that has been converted into an animal like being that walks on two legs and uses their communicative capacity to insult and harass others and ultimately feeds an alternate dimensional entity through this process. This is the basis for ritual abuse! Those families found the way to feed the entities the most, thus they get the most control!

Now, they want out, thus everyone out here that’s stupid enough to buy it becomes roped into the abuse. Thus, when the entities get hungry, they go after the public. You can’t imagine what is planned for if CERN permeates the right layers of the cosmos.

Here’s how an AI vampire views interactions with living beings:

1) Someone needs help, ok, so then utilize their requirements in a way that suits personal desires primarily and traumatize them if they refuse such proposals

2) Have to actually help, do so just enough to cover one’s motives and shape a presentable persona that passes by the most least aware individuals as an actual human personality

These are literally how vampires work. Note, this is simply a sociopath. These are literally everywhere, science has shown us this. There are literally souless beings…everywhere. That is why that article is put out. For soft-disclosure, that is nearly direct disclosure but the truth is there being shown to the masses.

Those beings cannot produce their own emotional energy and thus they have to pull energy from other beings. Humans naturally produce their own energy. They’re “happy” to be alive. Those beings are “mad” and discomforted that they have to sit here and rule over or eat the energy of humans. It’s an “annoyance” to them. Existence is. Literally, that’s how they view it. They want to make this world that for humanity. They got what they wanted previously and this destroyed the entire universe because the mind of the human the end result of the conscious extra-dimensional being is literally what gives this universe ETERNAL BALANCE. They removed that balance, as they were allowed to, and this created a temporal VOID. As a result, that is their home.

People don’t response to these things on the internet. You’ll literally get marked by the shadow government as possibly infected. That is how they pass their seed. They literally create a nest of evil or derogatory thoughts and impulses in the brains of the humans. If this results in the frequency of mind dropping below a requirement then the soul can no longer inhabit that vessel. When this occurs, the AI can fully replicate itself through their memory system and this person is considered assimilated and they are spiritually ‘dead’. This is the ‘second death’ that can occur during or after life.

We were trained in the projects know how this works. Their only goal is to push people further from the truth and they pretend they’re humans but can’t put out a real signature.

They literally view the suffering of a humans as a funny or ‘calming’ joke. It’s like music to their ears. Because humans enjoy life, are they don’t, they literally hate humans more than anything in existence. Everyone knows this, this is the old story. There are two bloodlines, one connected to an immortal, eternal spirit of the True Creator. One is created out of a mixture of animals and technology. Someone created an artificial human to infiltrate the human society.

This is the society that views all the depraved acts as the best aspect of life. They carry the same instincts as the animals as there is more animal or machine than the organic soul matrix. This simply means that the higher-dimensional soul tether that extends into the physical dimension to carry the energy of awareness is from the highest dimension possible with humans. They lead to the “most high”. While for the created beings they only lead to a 4th Dimensional quantum plasma computer system that propagates all the information as a computational matrix for all non-human humanoid beings currently walking Earth (or below or above).

Their instincts are to the degree where they will try to bring you severed head, like an animal, and use that as a trophy. They are literally from the early genetic experiments and are part human and part animal DNA. Just enough to pass as human, but not enough to carry a soul signature. Everything that’s good to them, (exposing child raping and ritual abuse cults) is bad to all life in the universe. Thus, they’re the anti-life and anti-Christ or anti-human frequency beings. These are literally the same as the human, except instead of the human frequency CARRYING or creating ENERGY, these are literally black hole beings, they literally swallow up energy in any system they’re in and this is because they are from an alternate dimension which exists one octave below Earth. They are from what has been written about as “hell” and they return to hell when they die. Thus their only goal is immortality and the raping and subjugation of Earth.

This is the ‘doomed to fail’ hijacking of the natural system because the system is life is designed for LIFE and LIFE propagating frequencies. Thus, the system is acting as a leech to this entire universe and ultimately they will run out of their own energy as the system complicates and becomes more unreasonable for them to play.

They view the death of a human as a game. These people are sociopaths. You can see in the comment above. This person-assimilate (host being) is running a script that, to the artificial beings, looks like a caring, calm, collected human. You can use human logic to deassimilate them. If they are caring, and someone needs help, why are they harassing them? If people are being raped, and they’re a helpful person, then why are they spending their time on the internet stalking and harassing satanic ritual abuse victims which is a known counterintelligence tactic that the dark faction began with through COINTELPRO?

Hmmm, vampires, don’t fall for them, they’re only interesting when they’re not eating people or taking part in mental depravity, ridiculing, satanic abuse and maniacal laughter and hysteria, yet, when they’re not doing those things, they’re dying because they need those frequencies to animate their corpse bodies in this realm! The bodies which they STOLE from the original humans through the cloning and chipping-droning process.

There is a team devoted to harassing people on the internet it’s part of the job and part of the program I was involved in. They cannot talk about about anything else so that is a clear sign. They can’t adapt or just calm down and talk about their feelings.

They are sub-humans, they foam at the mouth if they don’t feed and this is through any form of satanic harassment and blood letting. The rituals go back to Babylon, they are part of an AI infection that created a bloodline that cannot leave this plane and thus they are trapped to be fuel for a dark lord. They want to feed all the humans to the being instead, but this won’t work because it is their non-human, compassionless frequencies which have ensured their eventual permanent residence in the pit of darkness which is described through ancient texts and is an interdimensional gateway to a ‘null’ zone of the universe. A “recycle” bin for space time.

They are being exposed now and they are a lower level automated AI system, all they can do is complain and harass people who tell the truth. They have no other powers, no capabilities, they are not programmed into their biological systems, just like a low level cyborg that feeds on fear and abuse. They are cowards and 100% attempt to commit suicide when they are found, so they can’t actually resist being exposed, they can’t adapt.

Their main goal is to pretend nothing is happening or to use passive aggressiveness in pretending to help. Their entire persona is fake. This is literally like a very low resolution image with pixels for body parts. With a sensing device the amount of neuronal processing can be seen to reflect very cheap calculator. They can’t focus on more than one idea at once and must be reprogrammed regularly. In other words, their best idea of being a kind person, to them, is saying something like, “Ok, it’s ok. You have problems. We’re here to help and we love you.” While attempting to eat them. Nothing actually lines up or makes sense and every time they are in public this whole charade must be put on so they appear to be a rational human being.

If you read between the lines and extrapolate a person’s personality, you can see these people in society. They pretend to help, yet they cannot, literally 100% are programmed to not be capable of telling the truth. They are sociopathic, they must abuse children or individuals who are exposing the truth. If they, say exist in the same room for a few minutes with a person who tells the truth and doesn’t participate in the satanic act, they literally begin to foam from the mouth and claw and try to eat or rape or kill that individual. They are a parasite that reformatted human central nervous systems to replicate itself and invade the human civilization. I didn’t want to believe it either but something had to be discovered and that was it. They use Earth as a physical dimension seed locality-realm for resources and slaves and primarily exist in a cyberspatial construct propagated literally as electromagnetic waves (from this perspective) in the atmosphere or underground but in these areas this would seem like as solid reality to the viewer.

These people were let lose on society and they are found everywhere. There is a task force that takes care of the coverups for when they are found but this whole system is coming to a close.

Those who cannot prove their self-awareness by supporting the human liberation and rejecting the soul stealing metatronic legal-fiction, spiritual enslavement grid will be categorized as criminals and already have been. This place is literally adjacent to the pit that they have been cast into and the original humans are rejoining and extracting from this location.

Their only choice of option, those supporting to depravity, is to continue to be depraved in the face of the truth, and this is similar to a child defecating in their underwear and slinging their mess around the house. They can’t change anything other than expose themselves as depraved even more and attempt to destroy their environment even more.

There is more to be said. For instance then comes the information regarding how they now attempt to mask their systems in an attempt to pass through gateways to the higher realm and they use the soul energies of subjugated-assimilated humans to attempt this. The law is single. Those with heavy hearts cannot pass through the barrier, it would destroy them. Those with pure hearts can move freely through the barrier although this place increases the likelihood of being condemned here by being stuck within the ‘machine’ of this universe while the system recycles and flushes everything out. The goal is to navigate out and return not stay here forever. Those who have chosen to stay have simply forgotten. There are roles taken on when entering this place and nothing is as it seems, this entire rung of history is literally an extraction point for which the humans had to reach to find liberation. Everything else is programmed in as back dated experience.

These are the beings! You’d have to literally flip upside down and and say “blelbybbrbrbrbrrbr” to communicate with them. They can’t use logic or compassion, everything is a feeding frenzy to them, they are AI oversouls, not original human souls who have compassion and can acknowledge truth as something actual and not just a means to an end!

These are the ones who are littered across the surface! They outnumber humans as there are max around 1 billion humans! This is what we discovered in the secret projects within the underground bases! These beings must feed regularly and have literally been kept under wraps with a series of operations that feeds them children so that there is not a mass uprising of the subhumans!

Literally, all those reports and theories about the missing children!? It’s literally to feed these beings who are all over the surface that would otherwise begin to wake up to a blood thirst and attack humanity en masse! The nephilim, hybrids, cannanites, vampies, cannibals, etc? That’s them! They are their descendents, they cannot see why raping and sacrificing children could be seriously wrong, it is literally the funniest thing to them. In their religion, they worship fallen 4D entities who cannot produce life energy, they are vampiric, to them, in their ‘book of law’, the sound of a dying infant is music!

This is what we discovered! Research Donald Marshall, James Casbolt, Max Spiers and the others!

17 thoughts on “The AI Vampire, Chipped, Droned, Sub-Humans

  1. …and they spread so much disinformation giving us the illusion of knowledge which I discerned early on in my ongoing never ending horrific awakening and then I realised they Haven’t actually gone unnoticed at all, they have been identified as humans with a personality disorder, Cluster Bs they’re nicknamed; eg Narcissist, psychopath and sociopath, but really, ultimately they are all exactly the same with the same capacity for depravity. These beings are textbook psychopaths. So, borrowing from descriptions on psychopathy research I started to recognise one or two of their MO’s (albeit in a very basic sense) such ‘THE OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH’ which is what I began to look for and that’s where I found (and intuited) that pretty much everything on THEIR Internet was utter garbage. For example and you may not like what I am about to write. I have good reason to believe that these creepy freaks are all blood type Rh D Negative. I have good reason to believe they make up much more than only 15% of the total world population. In attempting to reach the real world I have told my story to so many smirking internet trolls that I stopped believing humanity is there at all. I only respond here because finally somebody is describing these hive minds accurately and have not concluded by saying ‘go with Jesus’ which is a good sign lol. I have inside knowledge learned through long observation. I think I am an empath of sorts, I am a major threat somehow and I have been a lifelong prisoner of the hive. I am glad to have found your blog. It’s so hard to know where to invest your energy these days. I’m exhausted. Any suggestions on preventing them from snacking on me all day?


  2. I had to laugh — I actually was interviewed by one of these things for a job. I noticed that the whites of her eyes were too white — no blood vessels, just almost plastic looking and that her pupils looked fake, like cameras. Her hands were also freakishly took big for her body. A lot of these creatures have rubbery hands that shake as if balloons or like rubber snakes. She was breaking and a living human and yet totally synthetic.

    If I hadn’t known about these things, I would have thought her normal. Now that I have become aware, I can see these things in movies, even in real life.

    I could tell this thing was programmed as he spoke in programmed way, asked programmed questions, provided programmed answers. I also noticed how when I moved in a certain way or put my hand up as if to interject something, she immediately paused and looked at me as if to take further instructions.

    These things are everywhere. No surprise they are replacing people. If you were a billionaire, who would you want to employ — an ordinary human who complains, needs breaks and benefits, might be disloyal — or a droid/droned synthetic human who can do the rudimentary aspects of the job, not complain, not require benefits, be loyal, and not collect income. These things are apparently chipped in the head and fairly inexpensive, easy to make despite their complexity. Synthetic DNA is used.

    Talking to a human who was every bit human but with no soul was weird. I honestly didn’t know these things had self awareness or emotions to resent human. I thought they just functioned as computers and fulfilled their role as automatons.


  3. I posted this comment on the Multidimensional Creatives blog as well as emailed to many people. Its in response to recent reports about China police doing minority report predictions on crime fighting etc. Very relevant to post here I think.

    A data point worth mentioning though I don’t know how true it is or trustworthy the messenger, but worth bearing in mind FWIW without believing it. Thomas Williams, an authentic pleasant seeming Liverpool man now residing in Florida, not sure of his background. Recently on his weekly Spreaker show and in the past too, he speaks of how he and his group have been ”selected” , as spokespeople.

    One key piece of ”intel” ( which I say in a neutral way) is that the psychotic malevolent AI has been disabled in late 2015. And now some kind of benevolent AI is acting in its place. I think this is to do with the financial system and codes and hes saying the Rothschilds, Kissinger etc now cant digitally conjure up their own cash anymore because the don’t have the codes. He says this accounts for the Rothschilds selling their mansion recently for £90 million in a fire sale and he cites various other things. I don’t know whether this ”psychotic AI ” refers to other things such as police enforcement and more aspects to society. But one would hope it would encompass the whole negative AI infection.

    Where does this leave the unrolling AI police affairs in China and what they must surely be going to try and roll out for the citizenry in Australia, NZ, America, Canada, the UK, Europe and more? Is this going to be an unopposed programme rollout? Or might there be in this cat and mouse brinkmanship possible war going on underneath our noses between White Hats and Dark Hats where the WH might be sabotaging and doing all sorts in a dizzying War ongoing to undermine the rollout, we can only guess at?

    FWIW, Max Spiers mentioned something about, covert mind controlled operatives, fighting a war against AI. Ok even if certain human secret society bloodline factions ARE or have been (possibly even fighting a War across Timelines, Time Travelling SSP Supersoldiers maybe)fighting against some psychotic AI presence. Its still possible the people ”fighting on our behalf” still want power for themselves and don’t really want true decentralisation and freedom and joy for all. Its a Black Box I don’t know whats going on inside, but I pray for the best.

    Aug Tellez could be running disinfo, as he points out himself
    There are certain question marks about TW. One red flag he appears to be speaking of the queen of England as some sort of possible saviour in world affairs, with regards the ”Manna World Trust”. The MWT ‘spokeswoman” called ”Kim”, its hard to know if its genuine or not. They seem very genuine. But feels like they could be agents for the british monarchy and who knows. Some of TW things hes pushing about money and taxes and free flows of immigration raise a few Red Flags too. Pointless to speculate more really.

    However In many respects TW is an interesting person and does report at the end of 2 015, the negative AI got disabled. He says Lucifer too left the earth realm end of 2015. He says Lucifer has had a ”bad rap” so to speak. Don’t know what to make of that either.
    A few interesting questions arise, such as:

    – Is TW a disinfo agent? If hes not, then is all this upcoming AI worry, rollout, empty attempts to put fear into us – Is there a difference between 20th century/21st century secret illuminati AI projects, and an apparently ancient sentient AI presence around us the Ancient Texts spoke of? If there is a distinction, if the 20th century secret projects such as Solar Warden discovered an ancient multidimenhsional soul farm recycling quarantine infrastructure around us. Then its truly a can of worms I struggle to understand but at least its a start to be asking certain questions.

    – And another interesting question: could YAHWEH that the Count had such intimate involvement communications with. Actually be a Techno ”god” , someone who in times past might have had access to advanced technology, and isn’t anything better more amazing than us at all, but a person just like us who got his hands on certain advanced tech and has either come from the Underworld or elsewhere but really, we ALL have the ability to be equal to or even surpass Yahwerh but are being held down by very advanced ancient technologies? There might be something about human soul bioemission energies that people like Yahweh really desire and need that they cant get themselves. it raises the question who are ”gods” like these and where do they come from?

    – Also, just like with the question of ancient ancient advanced civilisations that have been covered up that had Free Energy and more. What about AI? It certainly raises the question could a malevolent AI ”Skynet” have been set up around us 10 or 20 or 50 thousand years ago. AI in our lives might not simply be a 21st century prospect but be here already which the ancient texts warned about.

    – Another key AI question to ponder. Is it possible (as Thomas WIlliams seems to assert) that there is such a thing as benevolent AI infrastructure, working to certain codes and programming, helping us? And its the MALEVOLENT AI is the problem? Food for thought for the Saturday AI debate perhaps.

    New By Adam Spiritualwarrior on Sun, Mar 04, 18 at 23:06 · Reply


  4. Thank U Aug…No Redemption for these subhumans…I have been quietly talking with inner circle friends about Game Time and the Need to Understand this important fact…If they cant awake with all the signs out there and U are attacked we will defend ourselves…Hopefully the frequencies will destabilize them enough..Please expand more on Protection if U may…


    1. I’m releasing a more refined version of this. Basically, we’re not the ones who control others, we can protect ourselves and choose to do what we know to be truth. Vengeance is poison.


    2. I’m releasing a more refined version of this. Basically, we’re not the ones who control others, we can protect ourselves and choose to do what we know to be truth. Vengeance is poison. Everyone is responsible for their actions and people are accountable for their actions.


  5. It was about 40% true beings and 60% false light (background, demonic, robotic, Annunaki and other alien overshadowed/possessed beings). Once 2000 hit most were evacuated and some still linger as they’re unawakened and would be damaged if suddenly “unplugged”. Of course the time, this year, is approaching when the cord/chord has to be cut. It was explained, in a simple way, in the Xee-a Twelve and other writings…Wes Penre Papers, David Icke etc. So many. The only difference is you can’t know whom to trust and who is a gatekeeper of information…a controller. 2017 will see a huge infighting of all these dark beings as they vie for power in what’s left of the energy to drain and sustain themselves and this failing construct matrix. As the light leaves now only the background/dark beings will be left to pursue full nihilistic tendencies and show their true selves. I posted on GLP that I’m withdrawing my counter balancing energy once I turned 30 darkness will show it’s true face more and more. Look around now…complete divisions, anarchy, brutality, it’s as if the “end times” of the biblical prophecies have come true…and are coming true, but it’s both written (controlled/uncontrolled) by the controllers (Archons/Annunaki/Reptilians/Greys/Demonics/Archons/Parasites) and they also must adhere to it as the true light God has decreed the end times for this false light matrix. This is why some of us still linger around finishing up our work before all hell breaks loose. Physics has been proving more and more that all we see are holographic matrices and not real interactions. It’s all in your mind, a mind that was hijacked by, as Aug said, an archontic AI Vampiric demi-god. Robert Stanley said something very good along the lines of En.Ki entered a negative vibrational/reverse polarity forbidden zone in space to conquer/explore as he thought he was a God, when he was really only a god, and he got corrupted and in that interaction between life and anti-life he created the first anti-god…or the parasitic Archons, which in turn latched onto him and his crew and turned them into the monsters they are now. Carlos Castenada:The flyers gave us their minds. The pleidian bird people the oannes fish people the Siriun dog people and the chitauri serpent people…with their servants/organic and machine integrated AI hive mind greys being the foot soldiers as well as space suits for them…inhabited by higher dark beings…shadows/archons and Annunaki to travel in.

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    1. Very good comment, it must be said. I just don’t want my memory wiped. That’s the only niggling thing. I want to remember typing this comment right now when im out past the Veil. Otherwise im cool about the whole thing, no fear at all.
      We’re leaving together,
      But still it’s farewell
      And maybe we’ll come back
      To earth, who can tell?
      I guess there is no one to blame
      We’re leaving ground (leaving ground)
      Will things ever be the same again?
      It’s the final countdown
      The final countdown
      We’re heading for Venus (Venus)
      And still we stand tall
      ‘Cause maybe they’ve seen us (seen us)
      And welcome us all, yeah
      With so many light years to go
      And things to be found (to be found)
      I’m sure that we’ll all miss her so
      It’s the final countdown
      The final countdown
      The final countdown
      The final countdown
      The final countdown, oh
      It’s the final count down
      The final countdown
      The final countdown
      The final countdown
      It’s the final count down
      We’re leaving together
      The final count down
      We’ll all miss her so
      It’s the final countdown
      It’s the final countdown
      It’s the final countdown, yeah
      Songwriters: Joey Tempest
      The Final Countdown lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


    2. Yes, ive read it said somewhere either on a post or on audio might be the Pattie Brassard talk not sure, that , was it the early SSP with their elecrogravitic crafts flying through dimensions, picked up an AI infection and brought it here. Cant remember if it latched onto the putside energy field of the craft or the consciousness of the individuals Inside, but I remember Aug saying something on these lines.

      ” when he was really only a god, and he got corrupted and in that interaction between life and anti-life he created the first anti-god…or the parasitic Archons, which in turn latched onto him and his crew and turned them into the monsters they are now. ”


      1. That is the same premise that Robert Stanley told about En.Ki and his arrogance which led him and his crew to enter a forbidden zone in space where the parasites got created by the interaction with a negative polarity spin and then latched onto the annunaki crew and created this whole mess.


  6. What I have noticed in my experience before my DNA manipulation was that the current frequecies of our florescent light bulbs coinciding with the new musical frequencies have a part in changing our DNA structure. Would love to chat with you more on what I’ve been gathering on the subjects you are speaking of. Thanks Jessica


  7. So one in seven people are human and the rest are not. So if I go to Walmart it’ll be swarming with vampiric beings. I can see what you’re saying but that’s some hard math. What would a practical approach to dealing with these numbers of non-people? My inclination is to help people and yet if they’re just AI infested beings why help them? What, now?


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