Self-Awareness and Harmony, Infighting and Distraction, Mind-Control Agendas

Focus: This is not the full presentation of this information.

  • False religion, doing nothing. Judgment, guilt.

  • True return and bloodline relativity.

  • Supercomputer systems.

  • Bloodline energetic protection or tethering

    Ancient Spirituality

  • False Creator, Energy Harvesting, Wars and Deception

  • Christian Remedy

  • Health and Cleanliness

  • 3 Phase Harmonization of Energy Consciousness and Soul and Extra-Dimensional Spiritual Awareness Beyond the False Light Trap, Metatronic Soul Grid

  • Activates Upon Exiting the Realm, Must Be Traversed like a Trap, Maze, Labyrinth

  • Unconscious Agreements, Manufactured Consent

  • Mind Control and Spiritual Harvesting, Depravity

  • One True Creator, genetic modification, harvesting, created beings, non-human entities, pit of darkness

3 thoughts on “Self-Awareness and Harmony, Infighting and Distraction, Mind-Control Agendas

    1. We were told this is a kind holographic insertion in to time, a false-invasion used by beings who have been seen using advanced technology to wave a kind of genetic and resource based warfare upon humanity and Earth in previous times. Previous times also doubles as far future times.


  1. Beautiful thank you, Aug. Being so overwhelmed with all the info coming at us… I had decided to do the only thing that I know how… Is to try and live from my heart… with Love and compassion for everyone. Just need to work more on the JOY aspect. Thank you again


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